Podsednik Declines Option, Becomes A Free Agent

Scott Podsednik declined his side of his mutual option with the Dodgers and will hit free agency. The Dodgers exercised their side of the option for $2MM two days ago, but Podsednik topped 525 plate appearances this year, so his contract gave him the choice between a $2MM salary or free agency.

Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times reported (on Twitter) that Podsednik turned down his side of the option and MLB.com's Ken Gurnick reported on Twitter that the Dodgers picked up theirs.

Podsednik, 35 in March, hit .297/.342/.382 in 595 plate appearances for the Royals and Dodgers this year.  He spent most of his time in left field, tallying 1078.6 innings there.  Given the weak free agent market for left fielders after Carl Crawford, it's not surprising that Podsednik chose free agency.

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