Five Teams Interested In Wily Mo Pena

It's been awhile since he's seen time in the big leagues, but after a strong finish to 2010 with San Diego's Triple-A affiliate in Portland, five teams have expressed interest in Wily Mo Pena, MLBTR has learned.

Pena, 29 in January, was once a top prospect with the Yankees and the Reds. In 2004, the right-handed slugger belted 24 home runs as a 22-year-old and notched an impressive .843 OPS. Injuries limited his playing time in 2005, but he still hit 19 homers in just 335 plate appearances.

In 2006, he was traded to Boston for Bronson Arroyo, where he hit .301/.349/.489 over 304 plate appearances. Wrist surgery and other injuries limited Pena's playing time again that year, and he started off slowly the following year in 2007. He was then traded to Washington for a player to be named later.

Pena's time with the Nats got off to a great start, as he hit .293/.352/.504 with eight home runs over 145 plate appearances to close out the 2007 season. He started off terribly in 2008, however, hitting just .205/.243/.267, and hasn't appeared in the Majors since.

Power is always a hot commodity, and Pena's most recent stint in the minors saw the thunder that once made him a coveted prospect return. He raked to the tune of a .324/.390/.556 line with nine home runs in 159 plate appearances and has caught the attention of teams in both leagues. Pena also saw time at first base in 2010, which could appeal to potential suitors.

Injuries and inconsistency have always plagued the slugger, but Pena's power provides a great deal of upside with minimal risk.

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  1. any1 know who the teams are?

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      My gut tells me you can cross the Mets/Reds/Nationals/and Red Sox off the list…Maybe a team in need of a bat off the bench of a 1B/OF platoon or bench option…The Marlins? Rangers? Cardinals? White Sox? Twins?

  2. Utley4God 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Phils get involved.

  3. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    I just picked him up for my 2014 Mariner’s team in MVP Baseball 2005. He’s a beast in that game.

    • jwredsox 5 years ago

      Him and David Wright

      • Ian_Smell 5 years ago

        Oh man Wright is so good in that game. I had to put him at shortstop one year because I already had a really good third baseman. Now I’m in the mood to play that. Thanks.

        • jwredsox 5 years ago

          That is the only baseball videogame I play. It is sooo nasty.

          • Ian_Smell 5 years ago

            I know, me too. I’ve been pretty much been playing it nonstop for the past week.

          • You're Killing Me Smalls 5 years ago

            Is that the game with Manny on the cover?

          • Ian_Smell 5 years ago


          • You're Killing Me Smalls 5 years ago

            Man, I remember that game used to play it all the time on PC. It was the first baseball game I owned…

          • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

            I just can’t take baseball video games. I start yelling at the players about basic baserunning/fielding. Then i releise it’s just a game. Then i play somthing else because for me no video game can ever be close to a real game of baseball. How i wish i lived in florda and could play year round. I’m stuck sleeping with my bat and swinging in 30 degree weather.

          • You're Killing Me Smalls 5 years ago

            Haha, I understand that, you probably wouldn’t like Call of Duty then, unless you have a headset then the yelling is quite amusing…. :)

          • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

            Yep thats about it.

  4. Pena for Bronson Arroyo… I still laugh when I hear that trade brought up

    • PookieGonzales 5 years ago

      you just have to put salt in the wound didn’t you.

    • Fever Pitch Guy 5 years ago

      You and me both, what a blunder by Theo Epstein. He traded a 28-year-old pitcher with a below-market contract who had never missed a start, a guy you could count on for 200+ innings and 14+ wins … pitching in the AL East no less. At the time his value was very high, and all Theo got in return was a brutal outfielder who never lived up to his potential.

  5. safari_punch 5 years ago

    Yankees new full-time DH

  6. Rhendricks 5 years ago

    As a Card’s fan, he seems like someone to at least give a look. We need someone that could come off the bench and provide a little pop and he may fit that bill. Not sure what his asking price is, though.

  7. moonraker45 5 years ago

    Jays need a 1st baseman

  8. longtimepadrefan 5 years ago

    You can’t just write there are 5 teams interested without naming at least 1 team.

  9. airohpue13 5 years ago

    Oakland? Seattle?

  10. 8 I am shocked there is one team

  11. inkstainedscribe 5 years ago


  12. Israel Piedra 5 years ago

    got to be mostly NL teams in on this. Not consistent enough to be a DH… and no AL teams wants his defensive liability on the bench…

  13. Israel Piedra 5 years ago

    got to be mostly NL teams in on this. Not consistent enough to be a DH… and no AL teams wants his defensive liability on the bench…

  14. Backup_Slider 5 years ago

    I guess Pena’s first mistake was signing a minor league deal with a team that had such a loaded outfield in terms of power. He’d probably have earned a September call-up from just about any other club besides the Padres.

  15. joeycrist 5 years ago

    Pirates should platoon him with garrett jones

  16. here comes hendrys next dumb move…starting at 1b a position he has never really played..Wily Mo Pena!!!!!

  17. studio179 5 years ago

    Willy Mo Pena. The name does roll off the tounge…and to the bench…and to the clubhouse…then out the door.

  18. vtadave 5 years ago

    Really? I live in Reno and attend many Aces games. Who is your friend?

  19. Mr. Pinches 5 years ago

    I think Pena needs to stay in the NL where he is more likely to see guys that have only two pitches and he can grab a hold of some fastballs. He was just way too easy to get out on anything breaking low and away.

    I really was rooting for him to get it together in Boston.

  20. woadude 5 years ago

    You know watching the AFL championship game, someone else looked too easy getting out on breaking away and low pitches….Bryce Harper, i know this kid is only 18 almost 19 but he looked lost seeing as he is “the chosen one”

  21. Backup_Slider 5 years ago

    Geeeeez. Harper only posted a 1000ish OPS in a prospects-biased league, miniscule sample size not withstanding. Let’s not overly dissect his individual at-bats until he at least gets within a long fly ball of the bigs. While just about everything about this guy seems to smack of arrogant punk, I don’t imagine that he’ll struggle much with the offensive side of professional baseball.

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