Odds & Ends: Hampton, Prince, Berkman, Miner

Links on an intensely busy Monday for the Rockies

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  1. RepOak 5 years ago

    Well that’s a good sign at least for the A’s. At least he is willing to speak to them

    • DickAlmighty 5 years ago

      I’m guessing Berk has no interest in Oakland. Probably using them to gain leverage in order to get more years or more money out of his desired suitors.

      As an A’s fan, I hope I’m wrong, because he could be a good addition if he admits he can’t play the OF anymore and commits to DH’ing. As a realist, I think I’m right.

    • i think the atlanta braves should fork up the money and go for a.dunn. then the will have sum power to go with uggla hayward mccann jones. may cost be hell they will have him for four yrs.

  2. Melvin saying that he hasn’t decided means that he plans on trading him in my opinion. If you were really trying to sign him, you’d say in the media that you were going to do everything to keep him. he’s as close to saying he’s trying to trade him as he can be without driving down his value

  3. What is Matthew Leach’s comment saying that isn’t already a given when discussing real St. Louis free agent possibilities. Type B free agents too are rarely considered in the Lou even though no draft pick is actually lost

    • stl4ever 5 years ago

      If that comment is true of what Johnny Mo said, then I just became terrified of STL’s off season. This front office does so many about faces that you can’t believe what they are trying to do anymore!

      • stl_cards16 5 years ago

        St. Louis has never been big players in free agency. I don’t know why anyone thought it would be any different this year. The St. Louis way is usually to pick up the player they want via trade, and then lock them up long term. Edmonds, Rolen, Big Mac, Holliday………

  4. DK57 5 years ago

    tejada: that is all

  5. Good to see JC Boscan back with the Braves. He finally got his Major League call-up this year, and from what I can tell, he’s a wonderful mentor for the guys in the minors. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him take a coaching role with the organization after his playing days are done.

  6. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    Brent Clevlen is the man. His skills aren’t amazing but he was just another example of this Braves team that cared 10X more about the team than themselves. He made a phenomenal catch but it ended up ending his season due to the injury sustained while pulling it off. Great guy…

    • snapcase8p 5 years ago

      It amazing how many former Tigers prospects the Braves pick up or have. Guess they’re hoping we let go of another JJ.

  7. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    -I truly think that the Brew crew should go ahead and trade Prince now. They have zero reason to think they will compete in 2011 (haven’t made and don’t appear that they are going to make any major signings). They have zero reason to think they can afford to extend Prince. While they CAN get a good package at the trade deadline I think they can probably get a little more now since teams will have the benefit of Prince for a whole year. If he gets off to a great start in 2011 his trade value won’t increase enough to make a difference IMO.

    -I can’t see why the A’s are targeting Berkman so much. He’s a switch hitter w/ bad knees who struggled to hit from the left side last year. He’s not very familiar with the AL and he would probably be a DH only type. If you’re cool with a DH only type then why not Vlad (.296/.386/.621), Manny (.316/.419/.527) or Thome (.292/.432/.546) who all have hit well in Oakland and are familair w/ the AL?

  8. j6takish 5 years ago

    When are the A’s not looking for a DH?

  9. safari_punch 5 years ago

    Did Mike Hampton blow all his cash? Does he honestly think he can offer anything to a club?

    Go away and stay away.

    • NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

      he blew all of his cash on magazines and crossword puzzles to keep himself occupied while he was rehabbing from all of those surgeries. The guy has been under the knife more than he has been under stadium lights.

    • MLB_in_the_Know 5 years ago

      Honestly, I think it’s more of a pride thing. I highly doubt he is in it for the money anymore, he just wants to prove that even after all the injuries, he can still pitch. To fall from a great pitcher with the best contract in the history of MLB pitchers to a scrub no one wants because he can’t stay healthy has got to do a lot of damage to him mentally. I can’t blame him for trying to come back.

  10. JTrea81 5 years ago

    Andy MacPhail needs to have a chat with Doug Melvin at the Winter Meetings. The Orioles can help the Brewers find the pitching they seek and the Orioles can get their cleanup hitter and first baseman.

  11. invader3k 5 years ago

    The problem with all the “trade Prince” talk is that there hasn’t been one team substantively linked to wanting him. The White Sox have been vaguely rumored to be interested (going back to the July deadline), but that’s about it. I really don’t think there is much market for him at all.

    Either we’ll start to hear some serious trade rumors at the Winter Meetings, or Melvin will go into 2011 with Prince at first base. May just have to suck it up and take the (hopeful) draft picks as compensation.

  12. He’s obviously not a star at this point, but Hampton would be a nice pickup as a 12th pitcher/pinch hitter type, like Brooks Kieschnick in his last couple of years.

  13. – White sox acquire 1b/DH Prince Fielder from Brewers in exchanged for LHP J.Danks, 1b/3b D.Viciendo, & RHP A.Reed.Sox lineup:C- FLowers(8)1b- Fielder(3)2b- Beckhan(6)SS- Ramirez(7)3b- Morel(9)LF- Pierre(1)CF- Rios(2)RF- Quentin(5)DH- Konerko(4)


    UTL: M.Teahan
    IF: B.Lillibridge
    OF: A. De Aza
    C: R.Castro
    IF: O.Vizqel


    LHP M.Buerhle
    RHP J.Peavy
    RHP G.Floyd
    RHP E.Jackson
    LHP C.Sale

    Brewers Lineup:

    C- Lucroy(7)
    1b- Viciendo(6)
    2b- Weeks(2)
    SS- Escobar(8)
    3b- McGehee(4)
    LF- Braun(3)
    CF- Cain(1)
    RF- Hart(5)


    1b/3b M.Gamel
    OF C.Gomez
    IF/OF J.Inglett
    C G.Kottaros
    OF C.Dickerson

    LHP Wolf
    RHP Gallardo
    LHP Danks
    LHP Narveson
    LHP Parra

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      That sounds like an awful lot to give up for 1 year of Fielder. I’ve been hearing a lot of trade proposals involving young pitchers with mlb success included in trades for 1 year rentals and almost none of them ever really come thru w/ Edwin Jackson being the exception. Whoever is traded for Fielder or Agonz probably won’t be established mlb’ers.

      I was listening to Onley today on Sports Center discussing Fielder and his thought was that Fielder won’t be traded until the deadline because right now teams don’t want to give up young pitchers. I can understand the reluctance to trade away blue chip pitchers. That being said they should still trade Fielder for the best package they can get this winter.

      a) Teams might be more desperate in July but I doubt any would be desperate enough to do a 180 on their stance on giving up young pitchers.

      b) If they can stock pile prospects, regardless of their position, then they might be able to piece together a deal using surplus to acquire mlb pitchers down the road and one can argue that those acquired prospects are going to closer to mlb ready than the 2 comp picks they’ll get if they let Fielder walk as a FA.

  14. tiduss 5 years ago

    I don’t think the A’s will sign Berkman. Unless he is willing to be a DH. I feel like he is meant to be a DH at this point in his career anyways. But thats his decision.

  15. invader3k 5 years ago

    Well, I don’t disagree with you. Melvin seems to have gone more and more to the “loose lips sink ships” type of philosophy with negotiations over the last year or two. I think he’s said he’s felt burned when talk of trades and contract negotiations have gotten out in the past.

    That said, you would think with such a big hitter, some talk would be coming out at some point (look at the rumors regarding Justin Upton, for example). I do agree we’ll probably hear more at the winter meetings. I just am not going to hold my breath.

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