Pirates Interested In Scott Olsen

The Pirates are "deeply interested" in former Nationals left-hander Scott Olsen, writes Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The Bucs are known to be looking for pitching this winter, and they have a particular need for left-handed starting help after the club designated Zach Duke for assignment last week.

Olsen posted a 5.56 ERA and a 1.96 K/BB ratio in 17 games (15 of them starts) for Washington last season.  He spent some time on the DL due to continued soreness in his throwing shoulder and had his 2009 season cut short due to labrum surgery on that same shoulder.  Health issues aside, Olsen has shown only flashes of consistency in his six-year career (a lifetime 4.85 ERA), but he has value as a low-risk/high-upside signing.  Matt Sosnick, Olsen's agent, tells Kovacevic that Pittsburgh is "one of several teams that have expressed interest in Scott."

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  1. DempseyK 5 years ago

    Statistically speaking, this is like signing Duke’s evil twin for 1/5th the money.

  2. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    Please no. They need to remember that they got rid of Zach Duke for a reason.

  3. Tacho Bill 5 years ago

    Well, he’s been hurt and inconsistent, so he’s a Bucs pitcher for sure.

  4. Breeno 5 years ago

    What is the point of signing this guy? They might as well have kept Duke! Stay away!

  5. Exposfan 5 years ago

    They should back off and go for Pavano or better than that Vazquez.. If you give away money to Olsen, you simply mirror what Maholm can do. And by acquiring another lefty ofr x# of years, you push back Morris and Locke..

    I still think they need only one SP, but it gotta be a good one. That’s why I’m wishing they go for Vazquez even if the price is high. You might as well get a chance to trade him at the deadline.
    And maybe someone needs to open up my eyes on Ohlendorf, I just can’t see why people still picture him as a viable option.

    Pirates pitching staff wishlist for 2011:

    Resop/Park/Gallagher/Hanrahan/Ledezma/D.McCutchen or Martinez and Meek

    • Breeno 5 years ago

      Ohlendorf is a good picher, I think the 4 era speaks for itself

    • Breeno 5 years ago

      Ohlendorf is a good picher, I think the 4 era speaks for itself

  6. danthebaseballman 5 years ago

    You think Vazquez would be better than Pavano. I’m a Yankee fan, and after watching his season, you would rather take Pavano. Believe me!

    • javy just freezes up in big markets. he has always been good in the nl east. pavano has been more unpredictable. he pitches well the years before a new contract.

      • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

        Right on. Javy in NL = Great, Javy in Chicago = Mediocre, and Javy in NY = Disaster

  7. Gumby65 5 years ago

    Duke out and someone like Olsen in?
    This would be “change”.
    Apparently, it’s supposed to be better.

  8. bigpat 5 years ago

    A minor league deal wouldn’t be bad, as he’d probably perform the same as Duke for a fraction of the price, but I don’t see the upside with this guy. He’s been injured and has regressed badly, I can barely remember his last good season. His stuff was diminishing when he was healthy, I don’t see him ever being an effective starter but he has a pretty good slider and could probably excel in the bullpen.

  9. Smrtbusnisman04 5 years ago

    Pirates, if you sign Olsen, please make it a minor league deal.

    I would put him in the bullpen, making a spot start on occasion

  10. This one is clearly about money, Duke was in line to make more than what Olsen is going to get. I guess it makes sense to save a couple million bucks when you’re getting essentially the same thing, but remember, Olsen is a world class d-bag. He’s a horrible teammate, having fought with multiple players from his own teams. Personally I would never sign a guy like that, I don’t care if I needed the innings or not. Let someone else take the chance. If the Pirates want to save money they should just bring up someone from the minors to fill the hole Duke leaves. It’s not like Olsen is going to help them contend and they cut Duke to save money, why pay Olsen anything? It’s a waste of money.

  11. good luck with those drunken tirades.

  12. Rich 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t bring him in at all. He isn’t good, and he’s especially not good enough to deal with his idiocy.

  13. joeycrist 5 years ago

    Olsen is another Charlie Morton and you Bucs’ fans need to ease up. I am a life long pirates fan and have endured the losing as well but you all wish one offseason would come along and a magic wand will be waived and the Pirates will win the World Series. It does not work this way, especially for the midmarket or lowermarket teams. Olsen is wayyyyy better than Zach “Lame” Duck. Duke’s only value to this team was him and his wife helping in the community, similar to Jack Wilson, and your contributions will not be forgotten, but neither will your terrible 3 seasons following the stellar rookie campaign. He has one pitch and its a change up. This means BP fastballs and marginally bad sliders will be feasted on by rightys and lefties alike. Olsen has more velocity and a better frame. His pitches have movement and if he can put together a few games then his confidence will carry him as it did in Florida. The guy pitched for two of the poorer teams in the NL during his tenures there. I like the move and think he would be a decent fit with the Bucs and what are you guys smoking thinking Morton gets a rotation spot over Ohlendorf? Ross had a bad year last year due to lack of preparation due to injury. He gets a full spring in and look out next season. Vazquez stinks, he is losing everything that made him great and should pitch next season in Milwaukee or Arizona where its even more obscure than Pittsburgh. Lincoln can’t handle major league batters because he cant hit any spots he just throws and hopes.

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