Orioles Notes: Pena, Pitchers, Reimold, Gregg, Crain

Let's round up the latest from Charm City, courtesy of The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec

  • Scott Boras' asking price for Carlos Pena remains "really high." The first baseman does have interest in Baltimore.
  • Zrebiec hears that Andy MacPhail has made several calls to teams with starting pitching depth. Both he and manager Buck Showalter would feel more comfortable with another veteran arm behind Jeremy Guthrie.
  • The Orioles aren't shopping Nolan Reimold, but they have at least gauged his value around the league. Reimold hit just .207/.282/.328 in 131 plate appearances last season before being demoted to the minors, and Zrebiec notes that they'd be selling low.
  • The Orioles are "pretty interested" in Kevin Gregg, and they have an offer out to at least one free agent reliever besides Koji Uehara
  • The team is hoping to meet with the representatives for former Oriole George Sherrill during the winter meetings. "I had a horrendous year. I couldn’t get my mechanics right now matter what I tried," said Sherrill, who had a 6.69 ERA in 2010. "I’m ready to bounce back and help somebody no matter my role."
  • Jesse Crain is said to be seeking a two or three-year deal similar to Joaquin Benoit's.
  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports wants to know what the Orioles are going to do this offseason.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    for hitting below .200, he should get no more than 5MM. and that might be a little high. homeruns are over rated if you dont hit 40 on a regular basis. he is overhyped.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      he has GG defense though.

      • And draws walks. His BABIP luck was bad this year, but he should rebound to post around a .240/.360/.450 line with 30HR power and very good defense at 1B.

    • slider32 5 years ago

      Forget about Pena, the Orioles are going to have to be inovative. Maybe they can get Lee 1b.

      • basemonkey 5 years ago

        If this was 7 years ago Lee would be innovative. Now he’s a declining stopgap.

  2. Eric 5 years ago

    He strikes out an awful lot too

    What is with the Orioles going after players with high strikeout rates?

  3. Lol @ Jesse Crain. He’s not nearly as good as Benoit, and Benoit didn’t even deserve the money that he got.

  4. slider32 5 years ago

    The Orioles might want to make a trade with the Nats for Desmond.

    • Rickli 5 years ago

      I like that idea but also would like to trade for Bartlett if he can put up 2009 numbers

      • phizz127 5 years ago

        I prefer Bartlett over any of the available shortstops… however, the Mets have Reyes available now possibly, so I’d consider that one since they have good relationships with each other.

        • Rickli 5 years ago

          They would want the moon for him since the market for SS isn’t very plentiful

        • basemonkey 5 years ago

          It’s been stated pretty clearly that the Mets are willing to listen to offers for Reyes, but he’s coming off some question marks, and, they aren’t willing to take less than top value for him.

        • BWOzar 5 years ago

          There’s basically a zero percent chance the Orioles compete in 2010 so why would they give up the pieces necessary to get a guy like Reyes now when they can sign him as a free agent in the off season?

  5. Rickli 5 years ago

    O’s need RH power. Players that posses that: Werth, Beltre, Konerko, and Reynolds.

    The Royals seem to be re building, and had very strong interest in Felix Pie last year.

    So the O’s should trade Pie, Arrieta/Tillman, and Mahoney to KC for Billy Butler, a RH power bat at 1st base!

    Next since there is a hole in LF, they should push for Werth, more RH power!

    Then they should trade for Reynolds. (I’d like to see Beltre but I’m trying to think like MacPhail would).

    Then re sign Izzy and Uehara and pick up Sherrill possibly Jenks



    • baseball1 5 years ago

      Interesting. I would honestly not mind that, although it is highly unlikely.

      • phizz127 5 years ago

        Interesting line-up, but honestly we can forget about Werth coming back to the organization. As for Butler, not likely either. I’d think more about Pena and and even Beltre before I looked at either of those. Reynolds is pretty much a shoe in.

        • slider32 5 years ago

          I agree, Werth is out of the question, he won’t come to the Orioles he is going to a contender.

          • AndrewFlokaFearsRickli 5 years ago

            He will follow money and years just like Beltre. John Heyman says the O’s are a fit for Beltre in a recent tweet…

          • phizz127 5 years ago

            I would love to see Beltre sign, but again we would look an an Albert Bell situation. They are still recovering from that and it’s more than obvious. AM and PA just need to put up more money and say “look, we want to contend.. we already can as shown by Buck in the last part of the season, but we want NAME players”. Some have interst and some don’t.

          • FlokaFears 5 years ago

            Told ya guys…he went to the Orioles of the NL: the Nats. Rizzo has a pair, McPhail needs to grow a pair and spend some money

      • Rickli 5 years ago

        Well we know that we can get Reynolds (I’m 95% sure we will) so if the Royals do that deal, I think they would counter with more but would settle for that package, and we break the bank for Werth, we could get it done and have a 1st place team if our pitching takes the next step

        • basemonkey 5 years ago

          The Os won’t break the bank for Werth. They would probably be willing to break the bank with a game-changing player at some point in the future when they are close, but is Werth that player? Are we that close? I’d say, if a Pujols or Adrian type of player became available after a number of the young core have breakout seasons, then we can talk about that “Frank Robinson” acquisition, but until then, I think it’s a waste. And, Werth is good, but he’s not that kind of player.

    • I like your ideas, except for the Werth part. There’s almost no way that he chooses Baltimore instead of Boston or Detroit. He’s gonna want an almost sure chance at playoffs and the Orioles are a ways away from that. And on the Billy Butler trade, the Royals would probably try really hard to pry Matusz away from the O’s and that’s where the talks would probably end….and instead of Jenks who will want a multi-year deal, wait for next years free agent class for a closer. Heath Bell, Papelbon, Broxton, Capps, Fuentes, Valverde just to name some of the better closers that will be available.

      • Rickli 5 years ago

        Werth was already a winner, he will look for money and years, if we give him the best offer he will cone here. And if Adrian Gonzalez could be had for 3 minor leaguers of which only one is a pitcher with a 3.80 career minor league (2 years) ERA, we can get Butler without giving up a MLB pitcher. Britton and Pie for Reynolds would get the deal done

        • Rickli 5 years ago

          I meant Britton and Pie for Butler, actually that might be too much…

          • phizz127 5 years ago

            Britton, no. Pie, injury prone but still a no. Honestly, I just don’t see where Baltimore would be interested in Butler. We aren’t the front office, but I still don’t see where his name is brought up much… if at all.

          • FlokaFears 5 years ago

            What? How could they not jar interest in Butler? He is a slugger who is young, hasn’t reached his full potential yet, and is under team control.

            Oh and he is a first baseman!

          • cubfan4life 5 years ago

            He’s more of a DH than a 1B. Reynolds is going to cost them at least 2 prospects. I think Lee is the guy that they will end up with at 1B this year since he is a MacPhail guy (he acquired him when he was in Chicago). Resign Izturis or a comparable SS. Perhaps Cristian Guzman? Then they need a veteran to pick up some of the innings load that Millwood left. Jeff Francis could be a fit since he seems closer to being back from his injury and he showed success in a place where pitchers usually dont. Also see if you can deal Reimold and a prospect to Washington for Willingham and bring in a RP or 2. Perhaps Balfour and Gregg?

            That gives you a rotation.
            SP Guthrie
            SP Matusz
            SP Francis
            SP Arrieta
            SP Tillman if not traded

            A bullpen with 1 or 2 FA arms plus Gonzalez, Simon, and likely Uehara

            With a defense of
            RF Markakis
            CF Jones
            LF Willingham or Reimold
            3B Reynolds
            SS Izturis or Guzman
            2B Roberts
            1B Lee
            C Wieters
            DH Scott

            and a theoretical lineup of
            1. Roberts
            2. Jones
            3. Markakis
            4. Reynolds
            5. Lee
            6. Willingham/Reimold
            7. Wieters
            8. Scott
            9. Izturis/Guzman

            Pretty solid. Not going to win the division but getting over .500 should be the first goal. Start winning and bigger name FA will want to go there again. With the guys they have coming up it could be an interesting year.

          • BWOzar 5 years ago

            Why would Washington accept a 27 year old mediocre defensive corner outfielder who couldn’t make it on one of the worst teams (by record) in baseball this past season for a near-All Star caliber player like Willingham?

        • Now, realistically speaking, this is what I would do if I was in charge of things in Baltimore:-Sign Carlos Pena OR Adam LaRoche to play 1B. Both are sluggers and have good defense (Pena has a GG). The thing with Pena is that he might be too expensive so then I’d look at LaRoche to fill 1B. He had a very solid year last year despite the number of strikeouts; he hit .261/25 HR/100 RBIs and played 151 games. So he’s got the numbers AND he’s durable.-Make the trade for Mark Reynolds. Again, even though his strikeout numbers are awfully high, he is almost a lock for 30+ HRs and 90 RBIs+. And his average will rise and get back to the .260s like it was in 2009 so shouldn’t be worried about that.-Sign either Matt Guerrier/Jesse Crain to a 3 yr deal. The O’s need a reliever that will be effective and eat innings. Both Guerrier and Crain have shown they can do that.-Resign Ty Wiggington on a 1 yr deal with option for 2012. He still has a good bat and even though he isn’t necessarily good at any position, he can play plenty of different positions OK. He would be the utility guy off the bench.-Resign César Izturis for a 1 yr deal. He has a good glove and when getting Reynolds and LaRoche to go along with Jones/Markakis/Roberts/Scott it would be okay to have a weak #9 hitter that is a better than solid defensive SS.

          • BWOzar 5 years ago

            A few quick points:
            – Why are you so certain Mark Reynolds is going to rebound to the .260s? He’s a career .242 hitter and with his extreme K-rate and batted ball profile he’s a lot more likely to be closer to that career number than over .260. I agree that he’d be a nice buy low candidate, but considering his cost and skill set is he really worth basically giving up on Josh Bell?
            – There are almost no relief pitchers worth a three year deal because relievers fluctuate so much from season-to-season. Especially decent, not great, pitchers like Guerrier or Crain. Gonzalez was a much better reliever than either of those guys, but how is that contract looking today?
            – RBIs are a function of lineup and opportunity. There is no ‘skill’ in Reynolds or LaRoche or anyone else that generates RBIs. Players get RBIs because of the hitters around them in a lineup. Good players often have a lot of RBIs because they bat after other good hitters who are frequently on base in front of them. Nick Markakis had only 60 RBIs last year with a .297/.370/.436 line. In 2003, to take an extreme example, Tony Batista had 99 RBIs off of a .235/.270/.393 line. I think we can agree that 2010 Markakis is a better player than 2003 Batista in every way, but Batista had good luck with opportunities.

          • Reynolds would be going into a new team, new ballpark, new feel for the game. It happens all the time and when I said it it was a hunch. And Guerrier and Crain are different in Gonzalez by a lot. Gonzalez only had that one good season before he signed with the O’s, Guerrier and Crain have consistently had good seasons IN THE AL. And you’re seriously trying to tell me that LaRoche and Reynolds wouldn’t have RBIs in that lineup?? With Jones and Roberts (in the whole season) in front of him? That should be an easy 100 RBI season.

      • slider32 5 years ago

        Heath Bell would be a great move!

    • slider32 5 years ago

      I think you try to sign Derrick Lee, than you make a trade for a shortstop,either Desmond or Bartlett. I like the idea of Reynolds at 3b. Beef up the pen with either Balfour, Crain, or Rauch.

      • Omazing 5 years ago

        or all 3 lol. I doubt they’ll settle for a 34 error guy for SS with all of their young pitching that needs defense. I am 99.9% sure nobody has brought the name Bill Hall up for SS. He had a 1.2 WAR this year. Izturis w/ his stellar defense had a -0.4 WAR. I guess Desmond would be an upgrade as he had a 0.6 WAR.

        Not only can Hall play SS but 2B, 3B, & OF. Roberts had his herniated disk injury last yr. No telling if he’ll be healthy all year. What if Reynolds does come to Baltimore & struggles miserably in the AL East. Well you could bring back Josh Bell but he too hasn’t proved much…Bill Hall can do work. There’s always somebody getting injured in that OF too. He would make sense to me. He hit 18 HR in 344 AB…& has hit 35 HR in a full season. He’ll give ya at least 20/yr. I don’t think Cesar will ever pop more than 3.

  6. phizz127 5 years ago

    Pena is interested… all I need to hear. Sign him AM!!!! Have the new coaches work with that patience at the plate and he’ll be a good addition to the O’s as AGon “may be” to the Schilling Sox”.

    • Rickli 5 years ago

      Pena is lost and is in decline, I’d rather trade for Yonder Alonso, the blocked 1B in Cincinnati by Joey Votto. He is younger and has a glove.

      Pena is in decline. And is LH.

      O’s need to stop settling for mediocre players.

      We should have gotten in on Gonzalez, Casey Kelly the centerpiece had a higher ERA
      than Britton! We could of traded Britton, Avery, and Mahoney for Gonzalez and beat the Sox deal easily, but instead we want mediocre players.

      • phizz127 5 years ago

        Ah, Alonso. The forgotten player that sadly no one brings up anymore. I agree though, and I’m not being sarcastic. He brought to attention recently but under Votto because of his success. He would be good acquisition, again though I think I would rather just give Pena a shot. One year deal, two year option. Couldn’t hurt. We have no shot at Fielder, the Brewers want too much pitching and we can’t give it to them (we can’t, but we CAN’T cause the price is too high).

        • Rickli 5 years ago

          IMO Prince Fielder < Adrian Gonzalez, AGon is healthier, witch makes him more valuable. They might be ranked the same in terms of value but certainly the O's would have to give up more than what the Six did for AGon…

          • guest_54 5 years ago

            “AGon is healthier”

            I’m not disagreeing with your overall statement that Gonzalez is better than Fielder, but this seems like a misstatement regarding their health. Gonzalez has played in exactly 2 more games than Fielder over the past 5 years and Gonzalez is coming off of shoulder surgery. If you are projecting future health; maybe, but it’s so difficult to do that because Fielder COULD BE the exception to his body type and have a long and healthy career while Gonzalez COULD have had surgery to repair the first of many injuries that derail his career. It is just too speculative, IMO.

        • slider32 5 years ago

          The Orioles might have a good shot at Fielder when he becomes a free agent. All the big market teams will have 1bmen by then.

          • FlokaFears 5 years ago

            True but he can DH for someone who has a slugging 1B

          • FlokaFears 5 years ago

            But here we go again, do we sit back ad wait till he is a FA, and sign a stop gap or man it up and focus on winning in 2011?

      • slider32 5 years ago

        I like Alonso but I’m not sure he’s ready.

      • basemonkey 5 years ago

        I like the idea of the Os needing to stop getting mediocre players, but it’s mostly because they’ve been waiting for the young guys to come on. I think they’d love to fill out the whole team with high cieling young guys at every position, but it hasn’t worked out that way, and the last decade has been about restocking the farm.

  7. Not every power hitter is Albert Pujols. Of the 18 players who hit 30 or more HRs only Pujols and Vernon Wells struck out less then 90 times. Of the 18, 13 struck out at least 110 times.

    But I can see an issue with the O’s picking up Reynolds and Pena. People would be sad to see them pick up 2 guys with under .200 B.Averages. Not me though I’m happy to see 2 guys that combined last year for 60 HRs and 170 walks. Huge upgrade over last season. Offensively and Defensively. But I really have a feeling that Pena will be a National. Seems like that was their main plan all along and thats why they didn’t keep Dunn.

  8. carlos 5 years ago

    is scor boras drunk?

  9. FlokaFears 5 years ago

    Rosenthal tweeted that Reynolds would put up 50 HR at Camden, if he could put close to 40 up in the NL west with that pitching and playing in a huge stadium he can put up close to 50 in Baltimore. Dudes got power, you can’t teach that.

  10. Six_Eight 5 years ago

    O’s should do what they can to get LaRoche, even if you have to offer a 2 year + mutual deal.

    Trade for Reynolds but his contract and overall ability should make him a buy low candidate, not this crazy talk of Britton or Tillman or Bell.

    Why are the Orioles so crazy about finding someone after Guthrie? They already have Matusz. The other guys after him are good enough.

    And there is enough relief pitching out there, not sure why the Orioles are looking to go cheap in quality but likely expensive in cost (again).

    • Fruitbowl 5 years ago

      “Why are the Orioles so crazy about finding someone after Guthrie?”

      Exactly. Guthrie/Matusz/Bergesen/Arrieta/Tillman/Britton are all better than whatever deadbeat over-aged loser they could convince to go to Baltimore. The, “we need a one-year stopgap starting pitcher,” crap that MacPhail is peddling is getting old. Dude is way too conservative with his young players.

  11. Six_Eight 5 years ago

    O’s should do what they can to get LaRoche, even if you have to offer a 2 year + mutual deal.

    Trade for Reynolds but his contract and overall ability should make him a buy low candidate, not this crazy talk of Britton or Tillman or Bell.

    Why are the Orioles so crazy about finding someone after Guthrie? They already have Matusz. The other guys after him are good enough.

    And there is enough relief pitching out there, not sure why the Orioles are looking to go cheap in quality but likely expensive in cost (again).

  12. darkstorm97 5 years ago

    Royals fan here. The only way we’d trade Billy is if we got Montero from the Yanks in a Greinke trade. With Ka ‘ aihue on the roster and Hosmer coming up in 2012, we’ll have to move someone eventually.

    BTW, what happened to Nolan Reimold? I didn’t get to see many of the Royals/O’s games last year. But the year before he seemed like a .275, 20+ homer guy for sure.

    • layziedes11 5 years ago

      Personal issues seemed to = Performance issues (google it). He is the type of player u want to see succeed on the field. Always plays hard with great hustle. His power is equal to Reynolds though he has the better eye. The potential is definitely there. I hope he gets the chance to bounce back this year…in Baltimore.

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