Possible Fits For Manny Ramirez

Agent Scott Boras intends to find Manny Ramirez a one-year deal as a full-time designated hitter for 2011.  ESPN's Keith Law said the slugger has lost bat speed, but "even Reduced Manny has value because he'll get on base at a strong clip and show doubles power, so the only question for suitors is whether they can put up with the injury risk and the potential for drama."  Which teams could fit as suitors as we near January?

  • Orioles: Their plan appears to be to sign a free agent first baseman like Adam LaRoche or Derrek Lee and continue using Luke Scott as the primary designated hitter.  Still, as recently as December 8th the Orioles were open to using Scott at first base and signing a DH.
  • Rays: Manny remains a viable option for Tampa Bay, though they could try Dan Johnson at DH if they bring in a first baseman.
  • Blue Jays: The Jays committed $2.5MM to Edwin Encarnacion as a cheap DH candidate, so despite Manny's affinity for John Farrell and Toronto they are probably set.
  • Royals: Using Kila Ka'aihue at first base and Billy Butler at DH would be a reasonable plan, so there's no need for Manny.
  • Twins: They've still got Jason Kubel and a possible desire to re-sign Jim Thome.
  • Angels: It's hard to see the Angels adding Manny, with Bobby Abreu and Juan Rivera already on the roster.  He doesn't seem like their type of player, either.
  • Rangers: Vladimir Guerrero is still a free agent, so there is an opportunity for Boras to jump in and try to place Manny with Texas.

Teams such as the Blue Jays, Athletics, and Mariners are now off the board for Ramirez, leaving the Rays and Rangers as the two legitimate possible matches.  With Thome, Guerrero, and Johnny Damon still looking for work, the Manny situation could get interesting.  Boras probably won't be able to find more than $5MM for Ramirez, who has little leverage.

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