Tigers ‘Confident’ In Market For Galarraga

The Tigers believe there’s a market for Armando Galarraga, the right-handed pitcher who agreed to a $2.3MM deal one day before getting designated for assignment. Since few viable free agent starters remain and a number of teams are looking for pitching, Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski says he’s 'confident' the team will be able to move Galarraga.

“It’s not like I have a for sure deal, but I do have enough clubs that have asked me about him,” Dombrowski said on a conference call with reporters.

If the Tigers demote Galarraga to the minor leagues, they’re responsible for his $2.3MM salary. If they release him, they’ll be responsible for part of his contract, depending on the date of his release and whether another club signs him.

The Tigers also announced their one-year deal with Brad Penny, the pitcher who ousted Galarraga from Detroit’s rotation. Penny missed the last four months of the 2010 season with a shoulder strain, but the Tigers have put him through physicals, examined MRIs and determined that the 32-year-old is in 'tremendous shape.'

“When Brad Penny is healthy, we think he’s a good pitcher,” Dombrowski said. “And we think he’s healthy.”

Though Dombrowski acknowledged that there’s always some risk involved when signing pitchers, he said Penny has the upside to be much more than a fifth starter.

“He does not have back of the rotation stuff,” Dombrowski said, before praising the right-hander’s mid-90s fastball, breaking ball and change-up.

Now that the Tigers have added the two-time All-Star to their rotation, Dombrowski says the team’s rotation projects to be better than it was a year ago. Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello are still developing, Justin Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the game and the Tigers believe in Phil Coke’s ability to transition to the rotation.

“We’re happy,” Dombrowski said of his team’s offseason. “I think a lot of clubs say that and I’ll be a lot happier if we’re playing late into October.”

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  1. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    Well Dave, I know Armando isn’t going to net anything spectacular, but at least get a decent prospect back. We could have really used the depth Galaragga would have provided us with.

    • ToledoFan 4 years ago

      We do have some depth for starters

      Crosby (if ready)
      Turner (long shot)

      It would have been nice to have a proven starter in the wings, but we have enough talent to get by i think. We can always trade for a 5th guy at the deadline if we are in it and we need one.

      • Crosby is nowhere near ready… either is Ketchner, Furbursh or anyone else you listed besides Oliver… and even he will struggle…

        • ToledoFan 4 years ago

          Like I said. This only comes into play if one of the starters goes down early in the year or if Coke or Penny are just really really bad. Unfortunantly, as luck would have it, the Tigers lost pretty much all the in house 6th starters they had this offseason.

          Figaro (aka 161)

          Like I said, It would have been nice to have a 6th man waiting for insurance, and if the Tigers are in it and a starter goes down, they have enough pieces to limp along till they can trade for a back end starter at mid season. Maybe DD trades Galarraga for a swing man/long reliever who is cheaper or is blocked from a starting job on another team.

          This isn’t the end of the season. Coke and Penny and the rest may very well do well in the rotation. This is just putting together another backup plan, having lost your current backup plan.

      • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

        That isn’t the depth I’m talking about. I would keep Galaragga around so we don’t ever have to start Albaquerque, Brad Thomas or any other scrub. Turner needs to stay in the minors all year, and Oliver proved he needed more seasoning too. Crosby is no where near ready, he just had TJ surgery.

      • ballmich 4 years ago

        No offense, but this list isn’t even close to accurate. I’m pretty sure Ketchner is not longer with the organization. Alburquerque isn’t a starter. Crosby really hasn’t pitched in a year and is slated for A ball. Thomas may be the long guy, but unlikely they ever put him in the rotation for anything more than a spot start.

        More accurately the depth as things stand currently:

        Enrique Gonzalez
        Chris Oxspring
        Andy Oliver
        Thad Weber
        LJ Gagnier
        Charlie Furbush
        Brooks Brown

        I think if the start aligned perfectly, you might see Turner in the last half of the season, but pretty unlikely.

        • ToledoFan 4 years ago

          Well, I’m not an expert. I was going off the list of guys I remember being starters in Toledo last year who did well. I suppose your list sounds better. Though I am not familiar with Oxpring or Weber.

    • Smrtbusnisman04 4 years ago

      I’d give you Ryan Doumit for Galaragga. he’s a great option for DH!

      • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

        We have about 4 DH’s as it is…

        • Smrtbusnisman04 4 years ago

          Who exactly? I know Martinez and Cabrera will split time at DH, but Boesch is your RF.

          • The Venezuelans Martinez, Cabrera, Guillen, and Ordonez will be splitting time at DH, with VMart getting most of those. Maggs will be the every day RF with Boesch getting a look here and there. In no way is Boesch the every day RF. Boesch and Wells could possibly get days at DH as well.

      • pirates20 4 years ago

        Dude exactly what i was thinking! It would benefit both clubs. The Pirates with their pitching rotation depth, and the Tigers could always use an extra bat (possibly a DH option like you indicated). I only hope this deal could come to the forefront. I’m sure all Pirates fans can back me on this one. It’s a must to get Doumit out of Pittsburgh.

        • airohpue13 4 years ago

          Having a guy to come off the bench and DH when Victor is catching for that salary is not worth it at all.

          • pirates20 4 years ago

            Wow…. how could I forget that the Tigers signed V-Mart. You make a valid point then. Still I’d like to see the Pirates monitor this guy, and try to work out a possible trade. We need all the help we can get in the pitching department.

          • Armando and Scott sizemore for Neil Walker! Let’s do it!!

      • I hope Ryan Doumit has a career year for the Pirates in 2011!!

  2. jphenix2002 4 years ago

    I can’t imagine there is much of a market for him at this point

  3. METfan201 4 years ago

    Il give u fernando martinez lol

  4. Not much market for him. I think he was an insurance plan in case they did not get a Penny type of pitcher since it wasn’t assured the Tigers were interested in trying to retain him at the end of last season. The Tigers will get something back for him, but nothing substantial. Giving him the 2.5 million contract just gives him a guarantee he will get good compensation for money owed to his career. A ballclub in the National League will pick up at least a good portion of it and if they’re paying that money, they will have to honor him as a real starter potential. With Andy Oliver available now and Jacob Turner rising up fast, he’s just not starter potential in Detroit right now.

  5. diehardmets 4 years ago

    I’d like the Mets to snag him. He’d be good at Citi.

  6. Maybe a fit for the Yankees? They certainly could use rotation depth. He must be better than Sergio Mitre at least.

  7. So Galarraga was the 26th best guy on the Tigers roster? Seriously?

    • tiger313 4 years ago

      It had nothing to do with 1-25 and the 26th is the odd man out. This was all about our pitching rotation and he just didnt fit the bill. People take account too much into his perfect game and his rookie season in 08. 09-10 were terrible as were the whole back end of our rotation. If we get something for him, great, if we dont, no loss, and if he goes to the minors, then more depth.

    • Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

      He’s not number 26…but with Penny signed, he’s definitely close.

  8. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Brad Penny doesn’t have back of the rotation stuff. Apparently though, he doesn’t have American League stuff either.

    • because a half season in the A.L. over rides the rest of career… SMALL SAMPLE SIZE

      • Gumby65 4 years ago

        Lighten up =) It was there for the taking & I actually liked Penny in LA when he wasn’t hurt (or butthurt).

    • You Junior League fans are insufferable. Look at the stats of current relievers in baseball who have played in both leagues then get back to me.

    • I guess it must’ve been an American League team that wiped the floor with the 2006 Detroit Tigers.

      • …..you should have actually watched that series. The Tigers wiped the floor with themselves. Had they played the same Baseball they did against the Yankees and A’s the outcome would have been different, they were clearly the favorite to win and had the most momentum going into the series.

  9. optionn 4 years ago

    This has Pirates written all over it. Why get rid of him? Doesnt make sense to at this point.

  10. Joe Napoli 4 years ago

    There should always be a market for a league average pitcher signed to a below market price.

    • metsman 4 years ago

      absoltuely, no chance he clears waivers, I’d Like to get him to Citifield, how funny would it be if he ended up with the Mets first perfect game?

  11. Guest 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on the Nats.

  12. hoochmonkey9 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a Nat.

  13. Beacher20 4 years ago

    How about the Cubs and Tigers swap some pitchers? Cubs have some middle of the road guys in Wells, Coleman, Gorzelanny; one of those fellas could pitch out of the pen if Mr. Coke does in fact make the transition. Plus it’s always good to have a guy hanging around who could start in a pinch. I’m not sure I like it for the Cubs, unless they manage to sell high on Gorzelanny, then maybe they could also net a prospect (that rumored deal with him going to Washington didn’t look half bad. ) I don’t know why, but Galarraga seems apeapealing- maybe I have bnot been watching enough American League ball…

  14. tdot32 4 years ago

    there’s no market for spot starters who can’t beat brad penny, who has a history of being injured, and phil coke who has one start in the majors. the tigers should just hold on to galarraga so he can obtain some value or at the very least serve as a back up starter to both those guys.

  15. woadude 4 years ago

    Seattle will trade you Matt Tuiassoppo for Galarraga.

  16. orioles have the right fit for him just depends on how much the tiger want to get back in return

  17. goredsgo 4 years ago

    He fits right into the Nats plans. Heck, he could even be their Opening Day starter if he has a good spring

  18. mgsports 4 years ago

    Tom G. is a Nat know. I would say Marlins or Royals or so on.

  19. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    Nats, Padres, Mariners?

  20. …or Baltimore or Texas or anywhere. How much can Detroit really expect in return once he’s been DFA’d? Does that typically result in less of a return than if the team trades the player without designating him? Loss of leverage, no?

    • ballmich 4 years ago

      Possibly, but reportedly there is a fair level of interest. I’m not sure why the Gorlezanny deal isn’t a decent baseline for what to expect. However, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Dombrowski try to place AG in a good situation, versus seeking the maximum trade value. It also wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Tigers take an inferior package to insure that they don’t have to pick up any of AG’s contract. I don’t think they will pay any of his contract, unless they can’t find a deal that doesn’t require that. Just my speculation.

  21. Ginp 4 years ago

    Trade gallaraga to the New York Mets

  22. Ginp 4 years ago

    Trade gallaraga to the Mets for a few prospects and a draft pick

  23. He’s Latin. Has a sometimes erratic attitude. Not really good. Sounds perfect for the Mets.

    • Heliosphan 4 years ago

      …what? He’s like the biggest class act in the bigs. I know a lot of pitchers that would have gone berserk after being essentially screwed out of a perfect game.

      • ballmich 4 years ago

        While true in regards to the perfect game, there are a fair amount of examples of AG arguing with Avila/Laird over how they were calling the game. I don’t think he was a malcontent or anything, but I also don’t think he is necessarily a role model either. But he did handle the perfect game/Joyce situation well.

        • airohpue13 4 years ago

          Ya I recall him going after Laird or Avila in the dugout last year and looking like he was ready to start throwing punches. I think he had to be yanked from the game.

    • metsman 4 years ago

      you’re a bigot. With a bad attitude. Not really clever. Sounds perfect for a comment board troll

  24. Heliosphan 4 years ago

    I could see the Mets acquiring him, and or maybe the A’s. Then again, I kind of want the Tigers to keep Armando. He could be a good swingman. He’s excellent against right handers, and Brad Penny is bound to get hurt eventually, so we’ll need him for the rotation.

  25. What the hell? Seriously dumbrowski you just wanna piss us off dont you.

    • Chrisn313 4 years ago

      Right? Trading him is one thing, but DFA? Leverage = Joyced

    • tigers22 4 years ago

      Who’s pissed off…you? I think it’s a smart move. He wasn’t going to start in the rotation and they don’t like him as a reliever. Might as well find a team he can start for… actually not bad of the Tigers as an organization to give him that chance.

  26. PrawnStar 4 years ago

    He most definitely would find a place in the Tigers rotation again. Likely more than one starter is going to either suck (I’m looking at you, Coke) or get injured and Armando would have provided a nice stopgap.

  27. srj206 4 years ago

    There isn’t any money left in the budget, and I’m not sure that they would be comfortable parting with the prospects it would take for Detroit to eat the entire contract.

  28. woadude 4 years ago

    What budget? name one player not named Felix or Ichiro making money that is crippling this team? if anything they are under budget and playing Royals ball….Galarraga would be a great fit for Seattle

  29. srj206 4 years ago

    They are still on the hook for:
    $5.5MM worth of Betancourt and Silva
    Milton Bradley to the tune of $13MM for this year
    Chone Figgins for $10MM
    Jack Wilson for $5MM
    4.5MM for Aardsma (today)
    Gutierrez for 4MM
    Olivo for 4MM

    And, as you already mentioned:
    Ichiro for 17MM
    Felix for 10.5MM

    Their payroll currently pays ~ 65MM to the top 7 earners. Considering the payroll is going to remain the same as last year, the rest of the players could be paid an average of 1.66MM each.

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