Yankees Not Showing Interest In Rafael Soriano

Rafael Soriano would join the Yankees as a setup man, but as of last night the Bronx Bombers weren't interested in the Scott Boras client, according to ESPN.com's Buster Olney (on Twitter). Soriano "would have to make himself absurdly cheap" on a one or two-year deal before the Yankees would even consider him, Olney writes.

Jon Heyman of SI.com reported yesterday that the sides were in contact and had engaged in preliminary talks (Twitter links).

The Yankees re-signed Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter and they hope to re-sign Andy Pettitte. But after missing out on Cliff Lee, they still have money to spend and Boras knows it. The team needs relief help, starting pitching, a fourth outfielder and a backup infielder, so GM Brian Cashman has lots to address before Spring Training begins next month.

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  1. Yankees not interested = 3 years, $35 million.

    • Zuidvogels 5 years ago

      I was going to say 45M 😀

    • pt_nj 5 years ago

      In this case – I don’t think so. The Yankees have been burned with these big relief contracts and they usually don’t work out.

  2. Chris1G 5 years ago

    Anytime you want to make a move Yanks would be fine with me just do something ANYTHING sign SOMEBODY

  3. I wouldn’t mind Soriano, but nothing more than a 2-year contract. I figure Mo will retire shortly and if he (God forbid) gets injured in some capacity it would be nice to have a capable hand to fill that void. I would like Soria better, but it is what it is.

    We know the voids we have to fill, so Cash get your @$$ in gear and fill them already. Really tired of the do-nothing vibe I felt this whole off-season from the Yankees. But I was happy that they didn’t give Cliff Lee that ridiculous contract.

    • thevoiceofbv 5 years ago

      I agree 100% on Soria, but if the reports are true I have NO desire to give up Montero for him.

    • pt_nj 5 years ago

      Unfortunately Soria is under team control thru 2014, so KC won’t deal him unless someone backed up the truck.

  4. qbass187 5 years ago

    Huh, Yankees being financially responsible? Looks like the $18 MIL Lux taxbill finally got through!

  5. If Pettitte doesn’t come back, the Yankees actually will have money to spend. I could see an offer of two years, $20 million from them potentially being reasonable in that case, but that probably means they won’t get him. Especially considering the loss of the draft pick, I definitely wouldn’t go any higher than that.

  6. thevoiceofbv 5 years ago

    The problem I have with this “wait and see” approach is this, if we don’t sign a player like Soriano and use the “cost of a draft pick” as a reason – what will it cost us later in the season if the current pen doesn’t cut it? I can’t imagine I guy like Heath Bell or Jonathan Broxton (both in last year of contract) costing much less then a top tier prospect or 2. It’s just my opinion, but I’d rather take my chances with Soriano now. Even if he is a Boras client.

  7. soxin10 5 years ago

    Cashman keeps close to the vest, but this is Boras being Boras. He needs to convince a team that they need to overspend on his guy. I usually enjoy trashing Boras, but the truth his, he owns the GM’s in the league. He will convince someone that offering Soriano a three year 45 mil deal with tickets to Disney is the path to glory and once Soriano signs, he will cure the common cold.

  8. pt_nj 5 years ago

    I hate the Yankees – but I have to believe they’re pursuing trades at this point. To be this quiet and have done so little on their roster at this point in the offseason, they must be working to acquire another starting pitcher from someone. My guess is you’ll hear a substantial trade announced by the Yankees within the next few weeks.

  9. Chuck345 5 years ago

    Well at least Yankee fans can always look over at the Angel’s to feel somewhat better about their off-season.

  10. Chuck345 5 years ago

    No need for this guy Soriano. They plugged enough holes signing Schlitter.

  11. HHHDMS 5 years ago

    Another talented player the Yanks arent interested in ? This is so lame..
    Before you know it our rotation will have Andy Hawkins and Dave LaPoint again
    They should sign Soriano to be the heir to Rivera when he retires…
    Call him Brian NoCashman ?
    George would aggressively have pursed the best players out there

    • thevoiceofbv 5 years ago

      Thank you for making me vomit a little in my mouth…Andy (lost a no hitter then lost the credit for it) Hawkins…Oh yeah I’m gonna be sick now….

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      Ummmm…..are only major need was starting pitching? Other than Lee then who exactly should we have gone after?

      Ppl have short term memory. For the past 10 years Cashman has been the GM and just about every major player Steinbrenner insisted upon getting despite Cashman’s objections haven’t exactly been the right moves. Passing on Beltran, Vlad, etc and signing/tradind/extending Arod, Sheffield, Randy Johnson, Giambi, Kevin Brown, etc

  12. Good. The only people who want Soriano are people who don’t understand the term “marginal cost” or “marginal benefit” and this is why Soriano is a bad idea.

    Since 2006, EVERY SINGLE reliever who got a 3 year+ deal except Mo has turned out to be not worth their contract.

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      Or maybe they just don’t agree with you?

      The Yanks just resigned a 36 yo SS and a 41 yo closer. They are clearly in a win now mode moreso than any other year. You have MO who has battled thru abdominal strains each of the last 2 years. What if this year he decides he can’t pitch thru it. As good as I think this team is they have question marks. I think the vets will rebound (Jeter, Arod, Tex, AJ). I think CC will deliver his usual ace performance. I think Hughes will improve and Nova will be surprisingly good. If a hitter goes down we can probably handle that. If a starting pitcher is hurt that could be a big problem. If Mo gets hurt that could ruin the city and certainly weaken an already thin bullpen.

      Are we really willing to risk obtaining a great set up man and backup to MO over a 1st rnd pick and a two or three year deal @ $8 mil per?

  13. $3977112 5 years ago

    Offer him 2 years/$15 million with a 2013 mutual option of $12 million.

    • johnsilver 5 years ago

      If they can get the best reliever on the market by FAR to sign for 2/15m and a Boras client no less, while Jenks got 2/12m and even the lousy Gregg got 2/10m.. Then somebody must have promised a bunch of freebies along to way, or something to get him so cheap.

      I can’t even see Anaheim not getting him as a closer for that figure.

  14. NYC10022 5 years ago

    This could also all be a head fake to get Fuentes a bit more interested in the Yankees.

  15. yankees62 5 years ago

    Has anyone seen cashman?!!

  16. billmelton 5 years ago


  17. ugotrpk3113 5 years ago

    If I recall, Teixeria was ‘not a choice’ for the Yankees.

    Remember where that went? I’m calling shenanigans here.

  18. Depending on the prospect, another teams top prospect may not be even comparable to a prospect like Jesus Montero. He’s one of top 5 prospects in the game. That’s a bit different than just a team’s top player.

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