Giants Exercise 2012 Options For Sabean, Bochy

The Giants won the 2010 World Series under GM Brian Sabean and manager Bruce Bochy, so they aren't about to let them go. The team announced today that it exercised its 2012 options for Sabean and Bochy.

“Brian and Bruce’s proven leadership and strategic moves throughout the course of their baseball careers, culminating in last year’s World Series Championship, distinguishes them as two of the best minds in all of baseball," managing general partner and CEO Bill Neukom said in a statement.

Sabean is the longest-tenured GM in baseball and is in the midst of the longest run by a GM in Giants history. He has led the Giants to five postseason appearances, two NL pennants and a World Championship in 14 seasons.

Bochy, the winningest manager in Padres history, is fourth among active big league managers with 1274 wins and is 33rd on the all-time list. He has led the Giants to a 323-325 record in four seasons in San Francisco.

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  1. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    Wow, I’m sure this was a tough decision to make! :))

  2. get the job done a reap the riches. congrats Sabes & Boch

  3. disgruntledreader 4 years ago

    I believe what Mr. Neukom meant to say was “Brian’s strategic moves throughout the course of his baseball career, culminating in last year’s World Series Championship, distinguishes him as the luckiest blind squirrel in all of baseball.”

    • WillieMaysField 4 years ago

      You don’t draft and develope the best pitching staff in baseball by luck.

  4. cookmeister 4 years ago

    maybe i am missing something, but why do teams pick up options for the next year before this season even starts?

  5. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Finally, an old washed up veteran signing for the Giants that can’t be blamed on Sabean. Not talking Boche.

  6. I think it is interesting how the moves Sabean has made since the Bonds/McGowan era ended have been of much shorter terms, and have generally paid off. As much as I liked Bonds, the next to last contract the Giants signed him too in ’02(?) was not a very good contract from a baseball perspective. Given the strain that that deal put on the payroll, filling in quality around him became tough to do. But that deal was a winner from a marketing perspective. The Zito/Rowand deals were under the same ownership structure.

    Since the Neukom era started, the Renteria and the DeRosa signings have been questionable. I think the restraint shown in both the cases of Renteria and Uribe this off-season will prove to be pretty key too. But the real strength of the team is the pitching, which in ’09 made them a contender for most of the season, before they started to build up the offense. Remember they went into Philly and allowed three runs for the entire weekend? (losing 2 of 3 while doing it.)

    Sabean is maneuvering the Giants into a position where they can lock down the rotation, and still have 40 to 50 mil for the rest of the team. Drafting well during the lean years has helped, which hopefully they can continue to do as well as can be done.

    Since the Giants success last year was mostly a function of team developed talent, I wouldn’t be too quick to call Sabean a blind squirrel.

    • bknight13 4 years ago

      I was on the hate Sabean bandwagon for as long as he has been GM, until 2010. The guy drinks for free in SF for the rest of his life…

      • bafaabojangles 4 years ago

        I’m with you BKnight13. I still wont say that I love the guy, but the fact is he’s done nothing but put a winning team on the field since he has been signed on. He has brought us to two World Series’ and if it wasn’t for the ill-advised managerial moves of Bake, he had the chance to be a two time champion. He will never have to buy a drink in The City again and if he wins another title I will drop to my knees and praise him as my savior haha

  7. sabean gets too much credit for giants success last year…. hes been a joke to this franchise…. smartest thing hes done was not trading for a bat at last years deadline and going after bullpen help instead. look at sabeans trade history and more importantly his free agent acquistions. its horrendous. and what about the players who turned him down he wanted to acquire? i couldnt believe it when i saw he wanted to get gary mathews jr, adrian beltre, and others. he doesnt believe in buy low-sell high. you can make a pretty damn good team off cheap contracts. he likes to get players after theyve had a good season hoping they will duplicate it. (i.e armando benitez, barry zito, jose cruz jr, edgardo alfonso, tshuyshi shinjo, marquis grissom, randy winn, ray durham, probably add huff to that list next year but for winning the world series ill take huff for 10 per year as a token of thanks.

    • Chris Montgomery 4 years ago

      Hey KYYYYLE!!!!! He has the best rotation in baseball and our offense is really good too…Its crazy how people dont think andres torres, freddy sanchez, aubrey huff, buster posey, miguel tejada, cody ross, and take your pic at derosa, rowand or burrell and you got way better lineup than anyone in the NL West, then if we breeze through that then we are the biggest nightmare to face in the playoffs because of our pitching(thanks sabes!) We only need 2 runs to win 95 percent of the time. who are we supposed to credit for bringing all these players together than kyle? bochy? he doesnt get the players. Zito and Rowand were aweful deals, other than that i think renturia was payed too much but was he really when he was the 2010 World Series MVP. and hey coolstorybro222 how did the rangers offense implode? look at the giants pitching staff against the braves and phillies. all 3 teams all around average were all around .150 . so i guess every teams offense imploded(hence GOOD PITCHING!!!) non of this was lucky.. for real bay area fans that have watched this pitching staff for the last 3 years have known this was going to happen if we got just enough hitting to get into the playoffs.

  8. coolstorybro222 4 years ago

    The only reason the giants won the world series is because of their pitching, the rangers offense imploding and Cody Ross hitting big homeruns every game.

    • You nailed it, thats the ONLY reason.

    • bafaabojangles 4 years ago

      Philly and Ranger fans have the same comment: “Our offenses imploded…” Have you given a second to think about why their offenses imploded? Because they faced superior pitching. You can’t be a good hitter if you cant hit the pitch.

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