Michael Young Wants Out Of Texas

After hearing his name in countless trade rumors and seeing his infield position filled by Adrian Beltre, Michael Young has "grown disillusioned with his diminished role" on the Rangers and wants out of Texas, according to Yahoo's Tim Brown. According to Brown, Texas has told Young that they will push to trade him in the coming days.

The Rockies and Angels remain the primary potential destinations for Young. Any trade would have to include salary relief, as he's owed $48MM over the next three years. Young would likely slot in as the everyday second baseman in Colorado or the everyday third baseman in LA, though Texas would probably prefer to avoid dealing him within the division. We heard yesterday that Jose Lopez would be a part of Colorado's latest offer.

Young's name originally hit the trade rumor circuit back at the Winter Meetings when he was first connected to the Rockies. The longtime Ranger has a lifetime .300/.347/.448 slash line and has played second base, shortstop, and third base regularly at various points throughout his career.

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  1. trade him to the Yanks so they can trade Cano for a big time arm!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What a depressing thought.

      • Depressing? I’ll tell you what’s depressing. Getting forced out of being a one team player because the media and your own team’s front office destroys your image as a lifelong ranger with so many rumors that eventually it becomes true.

        • If there true there not rumors, and its his own fault for not staying humble and letting his pride get the better of him. Look at what Craig Biggio did with the Astros. He moved like almost 5 times for the team as an everyday player like Young. But he never complained to the media about it and her only cared to do what was best for the team, which Young seems to not care about any more and only cares about his image as a player and not going back to the World Series.

          • Beau Buchholz 4 years ago

            Thats the dumbest thing Ive ever read on this website, Joshua. You have OBVIOUSLY never watched or read anything about Mike Young or the Texas Rangers before. Please only comment on something when you have rational, well thought out comments. Or for gods sake something you have a clue about. Mike Young is the ULTIMATE team player (one of the main pros in an argument to keep him).

            As someone on these boards likes to say, may god have mercy on your sole.

          • johnsilver 4 years ago

            Young became a team player with one of the most over paid contracts in the game and does not have the power for any of his positions (1B,3B) still able to play remotely well required for most teams. What he does have will quickly evaporate once he leaves the friendly confines of Arlington.

            Sure he used to play for his life long team with out griping, but that time has stopped now for sure and he wants out in a big way and is making far more money than any team is going to be paying a to be 35YO corner IF that will have little to no power outside of 2-3 stadiums and little range to boot, plus would be far more than a defensive liability at his old middle IF positions he was once decent at years ago.

            Sit back and collect your dough and shut up Young.. Texas did you a huge favor back in 2008 and rewarded you more than enough.

          • Beau Buchholz 4 years ago

            Lol oh, I was unaware that Michael Young has been bashing the Rangers left and right, because I have YET to find a single quote anywhere on the internet of Michael Young saying ANYTHING bad about the Rangers (let alone wanting to be traded). It wouldn’t surprise me if he wants out the way he’s been treated this off season. So i really have absolutely no idea where you’re getting your information, but if he “wanted out in the worst way” then I’m sure he would have atleast 1 quote.. just saying.

            And for the record, he is 34, not 35. One of the main potential landing spots is in Col which is just as good of a hitters park as Tex, he hit 21 HR’s last year, so he obviously has pop. He will/would be fine playing in the field if he has a SS that can cover a lot of ground. Watch or atleast do some research before you make such strong opinions that are obviously out of place.

    • Janssen 4 years ago

      I hate the Yankees, and would like to see them fail completely, but wanting Young over Cano is patently insane. I can only assume that’s a joke.

      • phoenix2042 4 years ago

        they’re not the angels. can’t happen.

      • If you can trade Cano for a Felix Hernandez i don’t see the problem. If you can’t though then you keep the future MVP.

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      no no no no no no no no no no. cano is their best hitter and he’s only 28. don’t even joke about something like that.

      • Yea but Cano only has two more years left under his belt and want sign an extension and he just hired boras.. trade Cano for a guy like Fleix who is under contract for the next 6 years for a very very cheap price and get MY… you can always get rid of him later.. Rollins, Reyes, Weeks are all FA’s this year and Brandon Phillips will be a free agent after next year.. You can always replace Middle infielders they need arms so they can win now

        • Ok, so Cano is going to price himself out of New York eventually…….so that means the Mariners would want him for Felix?

          • montero and cano and two arms and theres no way in hell any team turns that down .. cano is a top 5-8 player in the league right now n montero is a very very high talent prospects who the marines would like to have apparently after demanding him for cliff lee last year.. it makes perfect sense for everyone

          • You need to stop being a ‘fan’ of baseball, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t know anything at all.

          • Lets see I have coached 9 draft picks in the last seasons and coached on the 9th ranked college baseball team in the nation last year… does that sound like I dont know anything?

          • No, it sounds like you’re 12 years old.

          • Slopeboy 4 years ago

            Stick to coaching then, because trade proosals are not your forte!

          • Whowonthe2009WorldSeries 4 years ago

            You can’t trade Cano, the best hitter in his prime on an already old team, Montero, who is slotted to be the DH for the next decade, AND 2 pitching prospects for one pitcher unless it is Walter Johnson or Bob Gibson. Pitchers are volatile and for some one as young as Felix to have so many innings on his arm, he could definitely drop off quick (not saying he will but its absolutely within reason). Also who cares about Cano’s contract how is that going to matter to the Yankees? Will they not sign let alone RE sign the best position player on the market in the off season. And let’s not forget that Felix is making roughtly 20 million AAV his last 3 years which ENDS in 2014 when he would be 28 and demanding another MONSTER contract

          • Oh I like the respect you gave to Walter Johnson but even for those four, I would not part with The Big Train. And let’s get real, Yankees are keeping Cano around. He is right now the best 2B in the league. Why would they let him walk?

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            BTW – Chase Utley says hello … and also requests that you check his stats. His 43 WAR since 2005 (covering 3885 PA’s) are a tick better than Cano’s 19 WAR (covers 3732 PAs) over that same time period.

          • Brad426 4 years ago

            In fairness, he did say “the best 2B in the league”, which could mean the AL.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            You are going to have a roster crunch if you slot Montero into DH. A-Rod’s 7 years and poor defense at 3rd make him a prime candidate to DH. Montero apparently should not be handed a mit under any circumstance. I guess if you think A-Rod can handle a corner outfield slot long-term then maybe it works. Most likely Montero will need to be dealt.

            For what it’s worth – no way do the M’s take Cano and Montero for Felix. Cano is a solid player. Any guy that puts up 4.5 to 5 WAR consistently deserves a lot of credit. That said, Felix has put up back to back 6+ WAR seasons. He’s cheaper, younger, and signed to a better deal. Given that the M’s don’t look like contenders in 2011 I don’t see them wanting Cano. They hold onto Hernandez and hopefully right the ship before he bolts for greener pastures.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            ya, and im albert pujols uncle. i gave him his first bat and glove the rest is history. sure u r bud

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            yeaaaaaaaa no. no way. first off, no one is too rich for the yankees’ blood. second, the yankees will not get rid of their best hitter, who is still improving and is actually a good defender. cano is awesome, and sure having felix hernandez would actually be one of the few things better, but the Ms will not trade felix and certainly not for someone who has only 2 years left and will be too expensive for the yankees (according to you).

          • jwsox 4 years ago

            dude no one is too rich for the yankees

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            Cliff Lee!

            wait, that was the other way around

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            Cano is a top 5-8 player in the league. You say this yourself. So that means the Yankees should trade him? How does that compute? Sign him to a monster deal and keep him forever. There is never any reason for the Yankees to trade someone because they are worried they will cost too much. That’s ridiculous.

          • Felix might be the best pitcher in baseball.. middle infielders are a dime a dozen, they can always get new infielders.. solid actually number 1 type arms arent replacebale.. I understand that Cano is a great player, maybe even the best player on the Yanks but without another solid arm it want matter how good he is… Anthoher arm like Felix who will give you 20 wins and with CC getting around 20 wins that almost have of your team victories for the season now all you need is AJ Hughes and a water boy to get by and theyll have a great season…

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            Holy cow. You are just throwing out fictional trades at this point. Why don’t the Yankees trade Derek Jeter for Roy Halladay? That would work right? I mean, you can just randomly throw two names out and that’s a realistic trade idea, right?

          • how is that a fictional trade because I threw out an idea that I thoughht would work?

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            Hernandez is going to be paid 20M a year over the last three years of his contract. So the Mariners, who likely will have to trade him because they cannot afford him, are going to trade him for a 2B whose club options cost 14M and 15M the next two years, and would likely cost 20M a year after that. What is the value of a ridiculous trade like that?

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            You do realize that the company that owns the M’s is worth $200 billion right?

            I don’t think the M’s have had to trade a player because they couldn’t afford him. In most cases it was because they felt they couldn’t compete with more attractive markets.

          • CrustyJuggler 4 years ago

            Bingo! The M’s have $$$. Especially considering they will only have Felix and Ichiro making North of $10M in 2012. They have no issue paying Felix. Its whether or not they see themselves competing by the time he becomes a FA that will factor in a potential trade. Not the money.

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            Since they are now floating close to a 90M payroll, you are probably right. But that makes the point just as well. Why would they trade Hernandez at all if they can afford to keep him?

          • NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

            I don’t get why the guy wants Felix when all he does is bash him and raise up his players saying the trade can’t be done. Sly trading technique, but unless you have a special use, no one in their right mind will buy it. It’s like saying Felix has neg trade value, Cano has pos, then adding on your best prospect. If he was right before, he wouldn’t need to give up Montero.

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            wait wait wait. aj burnett and derek jeter for roy halladay and cliff lee!

          • EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

            Maybe if the Yanks throw in Ramiro Pena they can get Hamels too.

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            ur dreaming guy

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            He’s not dreaming, he’s joking.

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            seriously…people get offended pretty easy on here dont they…SORRY MAINESOX!!!

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            I’m not offended, and you didn’t need to apologize. It looked like you thought he was serious so I was letting you know that he wasn’t.

          • That’s all the callers on WFAN do, pick random names and say why don’t the Yanks trade them

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            first things first: pitcher wins mean NOTHING. cano is a 5 win player. as in 5 WAR. as in he will add five wins to the team’s record over a replacement player. felix is about a 5-6 win pitcher. so he is better, but not hugely better.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            Isn’t it a stretch to call Cano a 5 WAR player? He’s had exactly ONE season in which he was worth 5 or more WAR. He’s had 2 that were in the mid 4’s, one that was right at 2 and another under 1 WAR. He’s been worth roughly 3 WAR on average over the course of his career.

            Hernandez is 3.5 years younger. He has already posted back to back 6+ WAR seasons. Before that was 3 seasons where he averaged 4 WAR. Before that was his rookie year, as a 20YO where he racked up more than 2.5 WAR in less than half a season. Hernandez has averaged between 5 and 6 WAR for his career.

            The M’s control Hernandez through his age 28 season. He has 4 years left at $67m. The Yanks control Cano through his age 30 season. He has 3 years left at 3/$39. When you consider that Cano might be looking at an $18-20m payday the gap in dollars to cover the 4 years is pretty insignificant.

            I think it’s fair to say that going forward Hernandez could easily be worth 2+ extra wins over Cano/season. That makes him quite a bit better than Cano.

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            well of course felix is better. just as i think that felix is a true talent 6WAR pitcher after 3 seasons of 4 WAR, i think that cano is a true talent 5WAR player after a couple 4 WAR seasons. he has shown the same ability with the bat two years in a row, and UZR has never liked him, even while he has dropped his error totals and features a great double arm. cano’s 2008 season was an aberration from his normal line so i view it as such. my point here was that the Ms would never ever trade felix for a player that cost more and they had for a shorter time. and the yankees would never ever trade their best hitter who still has 2 more affordable years. felix is better than cano, but he is not the kind of better that is worth giving up your best young hitter on a team that is aging quickly, especially when there is no replacement ready to step in.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            what? that made no sense what so ever.

          • jwsox 4 years ago

            montero who cant really catch and will, if traded, be moved to 1st which the mariners have smoak there…

          • CrustyJuggler 4 years ago

            Montero loses a lot of value if being dealt to Seattle because he, A: will not be a catcher and, B: will have to DH right out of the gate. Combine that with the way Safeco hurts right handed power and Montero is a bad fit for Seattle.

          • $1545094 4 years ago

            priced out of NY? I don’t think there is a player in baseball that could be priced out of NY.

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            enter albert pujols.

          • Whowonthe2009WorldSeries 4 years ago

            He isn’t priced out of NY they just don’t have a spot for him. If it made sense they would do it but Unless you are gonna rotate 1B Tex/Pujole 3B A Rod/Tex and DH A Rod/Tex/Pujols, its a lack of spots, not money.

          • Scott implied that, not me.

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            If he managed to price himself out of New York he would also have priced himself out of baseball.

          • Im not saying price himself out of NY im saying Felix is under for 6 years at a very very very cheap price.. Cano is already making 14 M a year thats gonna go up to 18-20 M a year when they can sign another middle infielder to do around the same amount of work…

          • phoenix2042 4 years ago

            and why would the Ms do this by the way?

          • Whowonthe2009WorldSeries 4 years ago

            He is under contract untill 2014.

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            That is what makes it a fictional trade, my friend. What value is there to the Mariners? They lose a great pitcher, and get stuck with yet another player they probably cannot afford long term. What’s the point?

          • jwsox 4 years ago

            felix is only under contract for 3 more season(until 2014)….why would the M’s trade their home grown pitcher who is already in the top 5 of right handers in the entire MLB who is under contract untill 2014 and only 24!!!!! for a 28 year old secondbasemen who just HIRED SCOTT BORAS….in other words they would trade their ACE one of the best pitchers in baseball for a very veryvery very good older second basemen who hired the best agent in all of sports and will get a 20+ per year deal? does not make sense stop trying to justify it

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            I’m pretty sure Felix is under control for 4 more years, and the last couple aren’t THAT cheap. But regardless, the Yankees don’t care if Cano is going to command 20M per year after his contract is up, they’ll pay him his money and be happy to do it. They also aren’t going to find another middle infielder who produces anywhere near what Cano does for much less money, so they would either have to pay someone else anyway or get MUCH less production out of their second baseman.

            Also in your scenario they are getting Young from Texas to replace Cano, Young is a MASSIVE (someone give me a better word than massive…) downgrade from Cano and is making 16M per year fo the next 3 years, that’s more than Cano is getting now and nearly as much as Cano will likely get in his next contract.

            Why would the M’s do that trade? That would be foolish. They would be getting a guy who is great but leaving in 2 years anyway (which is sooner than Felix by the way), a catcher/DH who would fit their needs pretty well, and a couple of pitching prospects, which they have several of anyway. In all likelihood they would not be looking for current stars in return, it would make most sense to ask for (bunches of) guys who are still prospects or have, at most, one year of service; guys that could be cheap and under team control for several years, Montero fits but Cano certainly does not especially considering their top prospect is a 2B.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            Great post

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Feliz is signed @ 4/$68. You just mentioned that Cano is probably the best 2B in baseball and now you just want to replace him with just whoever.

          • JerseyJohn32190 4 years ago

            Cano is one of the best 2nd baseman in baseball, but they could just sign anyone to do the “same amount of work.” If that’s the case, why would the Cards want to re-sign Pujols? They could just sign any old player to do the same amount of work. Why would the Yankees even want Felix? They already have some pitchers who can do the same amount of work, right?

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            10 years 500 million.

          • moneyball_dirtdog 4 years ago

            >>>price himself out of New York eventually

            You don’t understand how this game works, do you?

          • I reckon i’ve never heard of this Robinson Cano fella yall keep speaking of.

        • Or just keep Cano as he’s better than all of those guys and resign him because you’re the Yankees and have endless pockets… since when has Boras been a barrier to the Yankees.

          Teams won’t trade prime pitching that’s under team control for an expensive second baseman ($14M and $15M options for 2012 and 2013).

          • Cano cant pitch.. Settle would take Cano and Montero and a couple of plus prospects and arms and give up Felix.. there trying to rebuild as it is why not take on a stud catcher and a face of the MLB in Cano they just got there future 1st baseman in the Cliff Lee trade

          • Janssen 4 years ago

            This is my favorite comment in this whole string. Tons of laughs here. I myself had no idea that Cano couldn’t pitch. I thought he won the Cy Young last year.

          • jwsox 4 years ago

            by all of your ligoc the M’s should trade ichiro as well….dude just stop yeah a cano+montero+2 pitching prospects+(since its the yankees, eating some if not most of canos deal and taking on most of it not all of felix’s) for felix might make sense in a fantasy baseball/video game sense but in real life i doubt the yankees would trade their best player(the secondbasemen in the yankees system are nothing to brag about) who is young and had a break out year for a pitcher who the market next season is flooded with quality arms. PLUS and the biggest of all!!!! The M’s are not in full rebuild mode, their division is pretty weak it makes literally no sense to trade their second best player(behind ichiro) and the other face of the franchise(again behind ichiro) for an expensive player….also it would not make sense to trade a pitcher of the quality of felix to another AL team…if ANYTHING and thats a HUGE!!! IF!!! they would trade him to the NL so they dont ever have to play against him except for a random interleague play and the highly unlikely possiblity of a world series…which is why the Blue Jays didnt trade halladay to the yankees or whitesox even though there were supposedly deals in place for that.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            Wait a second …

            Halladay wasn’t traded to an AL East team because the Jays didn’t like the offers they were receiving. It was pretty clear that the Yanks could have had Halladay but they bet on him being available as a FA so they passed on giving up top shelf prospects.

            When can we dump this AL West is a pretty weak division crap. The Angels routinely win 95+ games. The Rangers played in the WS in 2010. The A’s have one of the best young rotations in baseball. Would it really surprise that many people if the AL West had 75% of it’s teams above 500 in 2011? I don’t think it’s the best division in baseball but there are plenty that I would put below it.

            Finally, the M’s are in rebuild mode. It is clear the direction they are taking. After being active in the 2009 off-season, they were silent this year. There are a lot of gaps on that squad but the team seemed content to take it easy and not load up for 2011. Now, the M’s could certainly be a strong team in 2012 and beyond (deep pockets, some very interesting prospects) but I would definitely say that 2011 is marked as a throw-away season.

          • 0bsessions 4 years ago

            “the market next season is flooded with quality arms”

            Come again? I think the market for SP next year might actually be worse than this year.

          • SmackSaw 4 years ago


        • “Fail” on so many levels.

        • TheHitman23 4 years ago

          Who plays second then? Michael Young? Ramiro Pena? The thought of these just haunts me. I’m sorry, but I’d rather have Cano and his contract extension rather than Rollins or Reyes or even King Felix at this point. Yes I said it. Cano is just too good to trade. Plus they’d have to give up at least two top prospects including Montero. Way too much for just King Felix. The Yankees will give Cano whatever he wants. He’s the next face of the franchise.

        • jwsox 4 years ago

          felix is signed for a long time for a team friendly deal considering his talent there is no way he gets traded….yes cano is awsome but Felix is only 24 the past two years he has finished 2nd and won a cy young and has room to improve which is scary. last season at 28 may have been canos best season of his career(including future) not saying he wont repeat but who knows maybe it was a flash in the pan maybe it was a sign of things to come…but people need to stop the whole felix is trade bait stuff…if he was he would not have been extended untill 2014…to get felix it would have to be cano+top pitching prospect+another top prospect

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          a) This ain’t Pittsburgh, the Yanks willpay top dollar tokeepone of their own preductive players and they have a great working relationship w/ Boras (Arod, Soriano, Tex, Brackman, others).
          b) Felix is only under contract for 4 more years, not six, and while he’s signed for under market (not CC or Lee money) I would not call ab avg of $16.5 mil cheap.
          c) Felix would probably be the only player they might consider trading Cano for but the M’s are not going to make that deal because of one of the very reasons you suggested the Yanks get rid of him for. He’s 2 years away from FA and he just signed Boras as his agent.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            $16m is cheap for a 6 WAR pitcher. And I’m not sure there are many people out there who think Felix has hit his ceiling. Would it surprise anyone if Felix accumulated 28 WAR over the next 4 years? That would provide $140m in value for less than $70m.

            So yeah – I agree that in a vacuum $16m is NOT cheap. That is a lot of money. However, in the case of Hernandez, $16m/year represents tremendous value.

        • felix isnt signed for a very cheap price. He signed a 100 million dollar deal last offseason

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Young for Sabathia then. Sounds like a deal.

    • Why are we talking about the Yankees? Come on Rockies, make a move. We need his bat!

    • Redsoxn8tion 4 years ago

      The Rangers are foolish for pushing Young out of Texas. He was a huge part of the reason they made it to the WS last year. As a Boston fan I don’t think Beltre is going to be as consistant ever year.

      • wait, the Rangers are foolish for having upgraded their defense in every position that Young plays? I thought pitching and defense wins games… If you remember, all this trade talk started when other teams came and asked the Rangers about Young, not the other way around.

    • EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

      Bahahahahahahahaha! Trade Cano and replace him with Young! That’s a good one! Oh wait…You were serious. Wow. Why on God’s green Earth would you even think about trading Cano. He’s finally become the player that the Yankees have wanted him to become, and you want to take him and replace him with a 34 yr old with a poorer bat and glove. Quite the shrewd baseball man you are.

  2. Janssen 4 years ago

    What happened to Nolan Ryan saying everything was fine and dandy? Seems like that turned around quick.

    • Nolan doesnt run the entire show…
      its time we ask the people in the forum, trade Young and sign Hamilton to an extension or keep young and let hamilton go…

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Nolan said MY was staying, but if the article is correct, it is MY who is demanding to get out…so that negates what Nolan promised about MY being on the roster on opening day. I knew Nolan saying that publicly was a mistake because with such a volatile situation, you couldn’t predict that MY was really going to make it even to opening day.

      • jb226 4 years ago

        It’s worth noting that “Michael Young is staying” was followed almost immediately by “Rangers shopping Young” or something along those lines. In other words, I think Michael Young is just tired of being told one thing and reading another in the paper and has decided it’s time to go.

        Maybe Ryan is simply lying. Maybe he thinks he’s being helpful to try to stop the press enquiries while nobody knows what’s happening. Maybe it’s a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Either way, from the press accounts it’s fairly obvious that they were trying to deal Young as Ryan was out there talking about how he’s staying. If that pisses Michael Young off, I certainly couldn’t blame him.

  3. EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

    I was waiting for this to happen. It really is a damn shame because Young has been such a big part of the Rangers since 2001. I was hoping he wouldn’t get shipped out, but it appears as if that’s going to be the final outcome of this whole thing.

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Assuming this is truth and not another false rumor that ends up getting shut down by the Rangers and MY. But, if true, then it isn’t exactly like it was a surprise when they said they were pursuing Beltre.

  4. Man I feel for Young. They are treating him like trash. Pathetic.

    • Yeah, I feel absolutely terrible for Michael Young. First off, he’s only made roughly $43 million in his career, and is set to make a mere $16 million per year for the next 3 years. Surely a defensive liability who’s posted an OPS above .800 once in the past 4 years is worth more than that.

      Shame on Texas for upgrading his position and trying to move a bad contract. Pathetic.

      • flickadave 4 years ago

        That doesn’t change the fact that he has been the consummate pro and has repeatedly changed positions for the good of the team only to be thanked with another slap in the face.

        This is a chance for the Angels front office to redeem itself but it might be tough to talk a divisional rival into sending Young plus cash to Anaheim.

        • Maybe not, but the Rangers don’t owe Michael Young anything. He was rewarded for his selflessness with that big extension, which again is going to pay him above what he’s worth for the next 3 years.

          • You are the exact reason I despise most fans now. No team loyalties anymore whatsoever.

          • wickedkevin 4 years ago

            You root for the uniform, not the face. (Unless it’s Mike Lowell)

          • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

            I’m sure this is a joke thats flying right over my head, but what makes Mike Lowell so special?

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            his face

          • CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago


          • Philip Marlowe 4 years ago

            It’s true. Have you ever looked into his eyes? It’s like the first time I heard the Beatles.

          • agreed. he is a great guy, definitely a leader, but when it comes down to it, im ready for my rangers to keep winning, and if that means moving the big contract to keep my good guys here, its just the way it goes.

            if he wants to stay here.. how about you cut your salary 10mill the next 3 years and we keep you on no problems..

          • Beau Buchholz 4 years ago

            If your “good guys” doesn’t include Mike Young then you’re not a Rangers fan.

        • MadmanTX 4 years ago

          What a load. MY will get his money. He is a good guy and a leader, but he can’t play the infield anymore in a manner better than other players on the team. While I’d like him to stay on the roster as a backup, if he can’t hack that, then the Rangers will TRY to trade him…but they aren’t just going to give him away. The Angels will have to try and salvage their crappy offseason somewhere else. Unless they want to give the Rangers Santana for Young and eat MY’s contract.

      • I agree with the idea that Texas is justified to unload Young if they feel it helps them, his loyalty be damned.

        That said, I find the implication that nothing that happens to a player is really so bad as long as he still has big piles of money to swim around in, a la Scrooge McDuck is distasteful and silly.

        It takes more than greed to be a good baseball player, more even than talent. It takes drive, competitiveness, and pride, and the situation Young is in is enough to cut all of those off at the knees.

        Sure, he’s better off with those millions than many folks, but it wasn’t so long ago he thought of himself as a valued player, and now he’s forced to hope for a ticket out of town, just to avoid being an overpaid joke on the bench. That sucks. Millions or not, that sucks. It’s not like he got worse as a player just to spite you personally. His best just isn’t what it used to be.

      • He’s still a human. He makes a ton, but that’s how it is. Welcome to the world, grow up and stop whining about players making money. That being said, the Rangers have every right to want to trade him, but it must be annoying to have your name brought up as Young’s is

    • Todd Smith 4 years ago

      Seems like it’s the other way around to me. Young went on and on about how he didn’t want to be traded, he would play DH, anything – he just wanted to stay in Texas. Now that all the big DH free agents have signed elsewhere, NOW he wants out. Cheap move.

      • Did you not read the part of the article which said he wanted out once he saw the swirling rumors?

        Yeah, skipped over that one I see.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        I think it’s the other way around. Seems to me that they just commited to a DH when they traded for Napoli. And it also seems that the Rangers never quite stopped shopping him and only after the news came out a few days ago that they were still in talks that he decided to open his mouth up about the situation.

        I guess it all depends about HOW and WHEN these rumors are leeked but it seemsmore about Texas not wanting him, rather than him not wanting to be with Texas.

      • kdawg89 4 years ago

        He wants out cause the Rangers keep screwing him..he’s moved positions 3 times now and after they got Napoli they want him to be a utility guy?? Sorry but if I bent over backwards for a team to accomodate them for a decade just to have them ask me to bend over forwards and grab my ankles…I’d be pissed and want gone too. This is the problem with baseball now..No loyalty from players to their teams and when one is loyal the team treats him like crap. Hope he does go to Colorado..he’ll probably hit .350 there.

    • Todd Smith 4 years ago

      Seems like it’s the other way around to me. Young went on and on about how he didn’t want to be traded, he would play DH, anything – he just wanted to stay in Texas. Now that all the big DH free agents have signed elsewhere, NOW he wants out. Cheap move.

    • Todd Smith 4 years ago

      Seems like it’s the other way around to me. Young went on and on about how he didn’t want to be traded, he would play DH, anything – he just wanted to stay in Texas. Now that all the big DH free agents have signed elsewhere, NOW he wants out. Cheap move.

      • bomberj11 4 years ago

        Dude I’ve seen a double post before, but a triple? That’s pretty epic.

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Yeah, a $16 mil per year piece of trash. Right. Business is business and Young has played himself out of every position in the infield. Time for him to move on so the Rangers can give the roster spot to someone who holds more value to the club.

      • i love young, but i love the rangers as a whole winning and having more $$$ to sign some players…

        EDIT: this meant contract extensions mainly

    • m4r1n3r 4 years ago

      My thoughts exactly. Way to treat a good guy who’s played very well for your organization.

  5. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Dude… Why on Earth would you ever push a player like Michael Young away to the point where he wants off your team after you just made it to the World Series for the first time?

    If he goes to the Angels, Anaheim will have smashed the gavel on all the criticisms as well as many people’s assumptions that the Rangers are a growing franchise ready to succeed the Angels in the West.

    If this is an accurate post, then Nolan Ryan is basically pulling the same crap Buzzy Bavasi pulled in 1979 that prompted Ryan to sign elsewhere.

    And of course, one can look at it that way as well and figure not only shutting up the nay sayers, but also making up for that big mistake the Angels made in 1979.

    However you look at it, this has got to be one of the most bizarre situations I’ve seen such a great player be involved in.

    • flickadave 4 years ago

      Yeah, it sure seems like Young deserves better.

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      how can the angels afford to take on another bad contract?

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        They can afford a lot more than what they have. Their owner is a billionaire and knows what it takes to generate even more revenue.

        Define a bad contract these days.

        Your icon indicates you’re a Yankees fan, so tell me how many bad contracts you have on your team.

        Actually none of NY’s contracts are really that bad because you have to overpay a little if you want to spend with the big boys.

        And the money that Vernon Wells makes will be a more common salary in the next few years.

        The Angels can afford it.

        • phoenix2042 4 years ago

          well the difference is that the yankees’ biggest advantage is the ability to absorb bad contracts. jeter’s was a huge overpay, though it’s understandable because most of the money is because of his legend status with the yankees. arod is… just… never again lol. aj burnett was a shi**y decision. so far CC has been worth every dollar. posada’s contract is almost done, cano is still relatively cheap as is granderson and swisher and gardner. tex is being paid a lot, but he is a great hitter and a great defender. those contracts will hurt a lot in a few years, but the yankees’ payroll can probably afford it better than any other team. the difference is that the yankees did not trade for a contract that they already knew was bad. you see there was a big market for wells when he was signed, but hindsight has shown that the contract is one of the worst in baseball. to trade for the contract AFTER history has shown its failing is what the inexplicable thing is. everyone knows that arod’s contract is bad now, so someone trading for it. that would be ridiculous. or aj burnett’s contract. so yes the yankees have bad contracts, but they are extremely fortunate to be able to afford it. and at least they havent traded for zambrano or zito’s contract (yet).

        • MikeDroid 4 years ago

          bingo, theres a difference between not being able to spend money and just not spending it… as an angels fan i wouldnt mind getting young as long as we dont give up anything of value. if that means taking most of his contract so what? we need to inject another bat in the infield.

          • If you don’t want to give up anything of value, then you better be ready to take on ALL of the contract.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          I don’t think anyone objects to spening lot’s of money or even on overpaying. The objection comes out regarding WHO they choose to spend big on and WHY they agreed to overpay. If the Angels had signed Crawford for something crazy like 8/$180 I think ppl would’ve pooped in their pants but would’ve prefered that to trading for Wells and eating his entire contract.

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      That depends on what the Angels would give up to get MY. Would you trade a top of the rotation pitcher for him? How about taking on his whole contract?

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        It may come down to the Rangers taking what they can get since it appears that Young wants out now, and that if they want to trade him to a contender, they will likely have to take prospects because a team like the Rockies isn’t depleting their pitching when they are as close as they are already.

      • no and no

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      If he goes to the Angels, then the Angels just had the worst offseason in history

  6. Bighoot 4 years ago

    GTFO Texas they have treated you like crap! I understand you moved over for the kid at SS but you have been playing awesome since you came to the majors! Now this? I agree good move time to move on you are an evey day player and a greaty hitter!

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Let him be mediocre as a fielder for a team where that is considered an upgrade.

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      Texas treated Young like crap by setting his children’s children’s children and maybe even their children for life

  7. How about Young to the Angels for Vernon Wells and that absurd contract? Hah!

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      How about Young to the Angels for Santana and Dan Haren and cash (from the Angels to the Rangers)? Actually given the Wells trade, I kind of expect this to happen.

  8. dwarfcatt 4 years ago

    Texas has shown a remarkable lack of class in the way they have handled Michael Young these past few months. For years, the man was the face of the franchise and did virtually anything that was asked of him (including learning three infield positions). He was a consistent, positive influence through all of their lean times, truly embodying what it meant to be a Texas Ranger.

    Now that he’s getting on in years and is no longer an exploitable commodity they go and publicly shop him all over the universe. Forcing the man to read the writing on the wall that the Rangers kindly painted for him in neon, glow-in-the-dark paint.

    The Baseball Karma gods are watching you, Texas. They have long tempers.

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      You’re absolutely right concerning Young. His downfall is that there is no alligence to him from the new ownership. He carries a large salary and is no longer vital to their success. These are the NEW Texas Rangers, remember!

      • I understand Michael Young isn’t that great, but loyalty is a big issue to me. This is ridiculous. As a Ranger’s fan, this disgusts me.

      • MadmanTX 4 years ago

        A mediocre team can afford to be sentimental towards long term players, but a winning team can’t.

        • Nice generalization with no evidence whatsoever.

          • Yankees and Babe Ruth. Released by Yankees at the end of 1934. Ruth should have bowed out on his terms but I don’t think Yanks let him.

        • like the Yankees and Jeter?

        • One good season and all of a sudden the Rangers are a winning team and not mediocre? Even your amazing season last year yielded you only 90 wins. I’ll be surprised if tex ends up in second place in the west.

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Yeah…the Rangers should go the Astros way like they did with Biggio, Bagwell and Berkman and keep “popular” players well past their primes when they can’t play any position particularly well. You want sentimentality in MLB? Good luck in finding that when sentimentality=mediocre.

      I can’t believe there are still “baseball fans” around who haven’t gotten it through their skulls that the game is about money and winning now. The owners want to win and the players want money. Happens in all the sports actually, which is why the only ones who were stunned by Lebron leaving Cleveland were just the average fans in Cleveland. Everyone else knew he was going to go for the big bucks somewhere else.

      • Yea you’re absolutely right. Because people can’t understand a concept if they don’t agree with it…..

      • dwarfcatt 4 years ago

        There is a big difference between understanding that the game is about money & winning and liking it. Let’s face it, the world is about money & winning. That doesn’t make it right.

        I disagree with your over-generalizations. Not all teams stab players in the back the second it seems to be advantageous. Not all players extort top dollar at all costs. Kerry Wood is playing for a fraction of his market value because he loves Chicago. Jim Thome turned down more from Texas to remain in Minnesota.

        I just think there’s a better conclusion then “well, the moral here is Michael Young was an idiot for being loyal.” I think we are too prone to overlook the obvious fact that championships are not won solely on paper. There’s something to be said for motivation, for trust and respect.

        Every player in that Rangers locker room is watching. Every player down on the farm is too. All this represents to them is what Shea Hillenbrand put on Toronto’s whiteboard a few years ago: “Play for yourselves!” Don’t worry about the team. Don’t worry about championships.

        • Perfectly said. Let’s see if Hamilton signs an extension to a team that is taking their FOTF and saying screw you.

      • I’m not sure it was actually about a difference in money for Lebron…it was more about his ego and trying to create a “legendary” force.

  9. bigredmachine13 4 years ago

    How about Zito for Young? Both teams get rid of crappy contracts, the Giants get a real 3B, the Rangers get a solid pitcher with a buyout clause…everyone is happy.

    • Oh that makes sense. Get rid of a big contract to gain a big contract. What a smart way of running of business. Go be a GM please. Oh and for the Giants, that’d be awesome.

      • bleedDODGERblue 4 years ago

        It does make sense, actually. Yes, they are both big ugly contracts, but Young fits the Giant’s needs better and Zito fits the Ranger’s.

    • Zito would be the opposite of a solid pitcher in Arlington….

  10. $1545094 4 years ago

    maybe Texas should have never given Young the large amount of money that they did.
    can’t blame Texas for wanting to improve in the positions he has played in the past. Beltre for an example is an improvement. they can’t really be like the Yankees and pay Young lots of money based on what has already done just to keep him around similar to Jeter.
    can’t also blame Young at this point for wanting out. it’s just going to take something creative because of the contract that he doesn’t really deserve.

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      Yes, you get it. It is all about improving a team that lost the World Series. Loyalty to Young can only go so far when there are better players ready to fill any position he can play.

      • $1545094 4 years ago

        is that sarcastic as in the Rangers are doing wrong to Young?
        they didn’t win the World Series, so improvement is necessary.
        what would loyalty give the Rangers? make fans happy? I think fans will be happier if the team is trying to win.

        • You shouldn’t cherry pick when reading comments. Madman stated multiple times above this comment that he’s perfectly fine with the Ranger’s getting rid of Young.

  11. Dev0 4 years ago

    Ah player demanding out, means reduced cost, enter AA

    • $1545094 4 years ago

      I’d like to see Young as a player for the Jays at 3B, but the Rangers would have to eat A LOT of money. the only player the Jays have to give back to Texas to balance out “some” salary would be Juan Rivera($5.25 MIL in 11). then Batista could play RF and Snider could be in LF.
      again, Texas would have to eat A LOT of money. then other than Rivera, no clue who else would be involved.
      just speaking statistically and not contract, I do like the numbers Young could put up.
      still highly unlikely it would happen though.

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      true that. AA has a knack for picking up guys at their lowest value and getting rid of TERRIBLE contracts at their highest value…

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      I don’t want Young playing 3B. He’s as equal a butcher as EE.

  12. Jose Herrera 4 years ago

    Ok michael the hell with you. we dont need you anymore. you couldnt get us the ultimate prize. &%*( you.

  13. Young for Soriano

    • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

      $24MM difference, an extra year and a full no trade clause make that highly unlikely. I love your enthusiasm though.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      Young for Aram who healthy enough to DH part of the time with Texas and Grabow and the Cubs pick up most of the remainder of the salary for a guy who can hit and restore credibility to the Cubs with his leadership.

  14. BobbyJohn 4 years ago

    The two questions for the Rockies (my team) are: Can we live with diminshed defense at 2B in favor of his bat, and how much is O’Dowd willing to part with in order to get him?

    Right now I don’t see him going anywhere but here, and as long as Texas chips in significantly to his salary (like at least half) then I am okay with it.

    Maybe Jose Lopez, Eric Young Jr., and a decent pitching prospect for Young plus $25 million?

    • young at second isnt going to be terrible. he will be average defensively and above average batting. i know people alway say how terrible his glove is, it isnt the worst one out there, just not great in any terms

      • mkorpal 4 years ago

        It’s bad at 3rd, So I can’t imagine it being average at 2B, although Tulo will help cover some ground. His bat is average at 3B, but should be above average at 2B (and better than anything the Rockies have had at 2B in a very long time)

        • idk i wish people would watch him play… he isnt terrible with the glove. i mean his range isnt great but it does the job.

  15. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    Shame what this has turned into

  16. He would be the perfect 2-hole hitter for the White Sox
    Kenny get it done.

    • yeah we will give ya feldman and young for peavy and we both wash on the salarys

  17. Now the Angels will consider Young and his salary? Even after taking on Wells?

    If the Angels are that willing to eat dough on middling players, I wish they’d take [insert name of my team’s bad contract] here.

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      take AJ burnett! and then give jered weaver and ervin santana to the yankees!!!!

  18. Wow. Amazing. I’m sorta flabergasted.

  19. Hit the nail on the head. It’s Young’s fault the Rangers flat out played him.

    Just stop.

  20. Unbelievable, I would have demanded a trade as well if I were Young. They are treating him like absolute crap for no apparent reason. He is a stand up guy who has been with them forever, put up solid numbers, and now he is cast aside like he is worthless.

    Slowly filling up every position on the field as he sat and watched, and was told numerous times he was not being traded is a complete slap in the face to the man. I don’t know how the Rangers cannot be frowned upon heavily for their handling of this whole thing.

  21. This seems like the kind of deal Kenny Williams would emerge from the shadows to make. The Sox’s biggest offensive hole is at 3B, with rookies being the only options. Young would provide a (likely) upgrade there, and the Sox could send back a pitcher to Texas. This sounds very ridiculous, and unlikely to work, but how about:
    White Sox get: Michael Young and a Pitcher
    Rangers get: Jake Peavy

    Rangers add a guy with potential to dominate, and don’t lose money in the deal. White Sox get a solid 3B who can get on base before the heart of the order.
    It seems crazy, but maybe just crazy enough to work, no? At least as long as Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to play in Texas

    • Hey that actually doesn’t sound too terrible.

    • phoenix2042 4 years ago

      one problem: young has power, but no ability to get the base on balls. so basically he is not the guy that gets on base before the heart of the order. he is the protection for the heart of the order.

      • Though he does not walk a lot, and is not going to get on base at a ridiculous clip, his OBP is .350 for his career. Though that diminished last year, it is logical to believe he would get on base enough to be a good hitter from the two hole.

    • As a rangers fan we would take it.
      We can put Peavy,Wilson,Feliz,Lewis,Webb

      i dont know about anyone else but that sounds pretty good

      and of course Hunter and Holland are there incase a couple of the starters dont pan out the way they should

      • Yea, because Hunter’s so valuable. I can’t even understand how teams let him pitch in the majors.

        • because he has an awkward ability to do just good enough to win…
          the 3.73 ERA last season wasnt too bad in my mind.

  22. giantsrainman 4 years ago

    My Giants should look into this. How about Barry Zito and Freddie Sanchez for Micheal Young and Scott Feldman? Th dollars would be pretty even. The Rangers upgrade their rotation, get a more then usable utility infielder (that has also played SS, 3B, and 2B regularly at one time in his career), and free up DH PAs for Napoli and Murphy. The Giants upgrade at 2B at the cost of downgrading at 5th starter.

    • How in the world is Zito an upgrade to the Ranger’s rotation?

    • Beatofficer 4 years ago

      Hope you mean upgrade offensively, ’cause defensively Freddy Sanchez is probably ten times better than Young.

  23. Hardball52 4 years ago

    People take home/road stats too seriously. There are a few factors… The league in general hits ~60 ops points higher at home, Young’s road games are weighted toward AL West opponents who are all in pitchers parks with traditionally strong pitching staffs, and there are some theories about home park effecting road production as well as hitters tailor their approach. Obviously Young’s had an advantage, but treating it like its just a fact that his road stats are his only legitimate stats is poor analysis, just apply a park factor to his numbers.. as various metrics that still place young as a good player do.

    How many players in Texas have had big home/road splits, left and hit as their road numbers in their prime? Teixiera transitioned perfectly fine, Soriano had his worst years in Texas, most of the Rangers 90’s stars (Palmeiro/Gonzalez/Rodriguez) had representative years out of Texas out of their prime after leaving, and even some out of nowhere stories like DeRosa and Byrd continued their success the year after leaving.

  24. What I love about all of this is that there isn’t one quote from Michael Young himself during this entire episode.

  25. danthebaseballman 4 years ago

    One word: Wow! The player who is the face of the Rangers, who has moved to numerous different positions wants out! Wow!

    • laxtonto 4 years ago

      It is not like this isn’t the 1st time he asked to be traded. Asked about it when they moved his off of SS and realized that he had to back down when nobody wanted him.

      This is more about his quest for 200 hits a season and 300o hits in career than about being in Texas. Young knows that if he gets know as a DH full time without the 700 AB’s he has had throughout his career his likelihood of getting the next contract diminishes significantly.

      Baseball is a business. The quicker people accept that the better. Do people want to know why Young selfishly moved to SS from 2B? SS get paid a lot more than 2B and it was getting close to time for him to get a new contract. Imagine that. Would you turn down an upgraded postion at work tht pays better?

  26. wtf? coherent sentences? Im doing about 24 things at once I could care less how my sentences come out.. i ment 9 picks in 2 years

  27. I’m going to make a wild prediction and say the Cubs get him for either Jeff Baker or Blake Dewitt.

    • This would be yet another terrible call.

    • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

      Why would the Cubs take on that salary when just had to trade Tom Gorzellany to stay at their budget? Also, if DJ Lemehieu has another season like last year people will be forgetting about Hak Ju Lee.

      • BillB325 4 years ago

        Because they didn`t trade Gorzallaney to stay under the budget, they traded him to get rid of a starter and get some decent prospects to replenish the farm system. Plus if they could make a trade getting rid of Fukudome or Silva they could clear enough payroll to aquire Young.
        Plus if they decide to let Aramis go they can always slide him back over to 3rd. Another possibility is that they could trade Zambrano for Young and maybe a reliver so both teams fill a need.

        • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

          That is absolutely not why Gorzellany was traded. Michael Young is not a fit for the Cubs.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            The Cubs need Young to restore credibility and dump a bad contract. So I say you’re wrong.

          • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

            The Cubs need Young to restore credibility? What the hell does that even mean? How would adding and aging over paid player to a group of aging over paid players restore credibility? You want clubhouse credibility? They just got their leader back for a little over $1MM dollars. The Cubs need Michael Young about as bad Soriano needs to be more aggressive at the plate.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            Who’s the leader in the clubhouse on this team??? Let’s see here in the last three years we’ve experienced a Zambrano meltdown, a Bradley meltdown, lack of hustle by Aram and Soriano, a team that quit on Pinella in the last half of last season and you vehemently rebuke my statement. I think someone’s in need of reality check. Here, let me buy you a clue, dude. By the way our leader isn’t Wood–he’s not even in the clubhouse, he sits in the bullpen along left field. He’s a relief pitcher….really???? Young has been nothing but a character guy while with Texas…you acquire him possibly for that…and his offense.

          • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

            You are lost. Do bull pen guys not spend time in the clubhouse? Why don’t you take a look at quotes from players after Wood was resigned. Then try to tell us all how no one reapectst him and sees him as a clubhouse leader. What’s Ryan Dempster? What’s Marlon Byrd? Michael Young is not a fit for the Cubs. Unless the Rangers took Soriano’s big fat contract (all of it), it would make zero sense for the Cubs. If they have a surplus of something it’s middle infielders that are young, cheap and have potential. I’ll also go ahead and stop you arguing Young as a third baseman. Getting rid of the guy who put up the best power numbers on the team despite having the worst year of his career would be an awful idea. Do yourself a favor. Spend that money and buy yourself a clue.

  28. BobbyJohn 4 years ago

    I do know this: Young’s 2.7 WAR last season is greater than anything any 2B for the Rockies has ever posted, and he would be the 3rd-best all-around position player on the team behind Tulo and CarGo.

    Seems to me this is just a matter of the money that Colorado will want and the package that Texas wants in return and he’ll be a Rockie.

  29. I wonder if this was influenced by the Orioles signing Guerrero. Either way, the Angels could really benefit from having Young, and Halo fans would love to have him.

    Maybe Callaspo/Bobby Wilson/Cash for him, since the Rangers are always looking to have stability behind the plate.

    • we have torreabla,napoli, and treanor… i think they would want an arm if anything

      • Kazmir/Wilson/Young’s contract. Wilson is getting pretty good with the glove.

  30. Christ, the Rockies need to get rid of some infielders here before taking on another one.

    • Redhawk 4 years ago

      I’m sure any move the Rockies make for Young, would include one of those “infielders”. the problem is that of the 4 second basemen, all have question marks (Lopez, Nelson), or are looked at as bench guys (Herrera, Eric Young Jr)

  31. Sixto_Lezcano 4 years ago

    Are you kidding me? Young has zero range anymore, he would be a disaster at 2B.

  32. Wek 4 years ago

    “Rangers president Nolan Ryan and manager Ron Washington are on record as saying that Michael Young will be with Texas on Opening Day, as Young is well-liked by the organization and will be useful in the super utility role.”

    Then five days later you see “Rangers Continue To Explore Michael Young Trade”.
    Nolan and Ron, learn some class. It’s fine if you want to trade Young but don’t lie to him and all the Rangers fans about it.

    • Hardball52 4 years ago

      It looks like the Rangers were content to go into the season with him as the DH, but Michael changed his mind over the past few days and wants to be traded. Following his instruction would be classless?

      Obviously not to you specifically, but fans in general have no problem mocking past their prime players being overpaid, but then also so object to being forceful to move them out of positions they simply should not be playing. MY was awful at 3rd base, he really was. Pandering to him is not the same as respect, the Rangers were perfectly willing to pay him 16 million to play the position he is most suited for, get over it people. I will always remember MY well but some of you are just unrealistic.

  33. unvme7 4 years ago

    Now that Young says he wants out of Texas, that just opens the door for negotiations with other teams that were once on his no trade list. This should get interesting….

  34. Ha. Maybe they should move Young to catcher. By the time his contract is up, if he stays with Texas, he might get to play every position other than pitcher.

    I think the Rangers might have screwed themselves on the deal with Beltre financially. Now that word is out that Young wants to be traded, they are most likely going to lose leverage.

    And, who wants a guy who makes $16 million a year in the middle infield, or even at 3rd? Not too many teams. They are going to have to eat some salary and that may hurt them in the short and long term.

    But, that’s nothing new under the sun for the Rangers! :)

  35. BillB325 4 years ago

    If only the Cubs could get someone like Silva or Fukudome loose to clear some payroll

    • Guest 4 years ago

      Wish it could happen. Young would restore the joke team the Cubs have become over the past couple of seasons.

  36. LOL why are rockies fans getting on their knees begging this trade won’t happen?

    so you would rather have the mighty jonathan herrera start at 2B?

    yeah if you go by that mentality i would cross fingers that you’ll win the wild card

    I would send cook over to texas. give esmil rogers a shot. if he can’t start aquire a pitcher at the deadline and a pitcher in the rockies system will step up the following year. this offseason has shown the rockies are no longer a poor team

  37. Hmm, defense isnt really good…If Chipper cant return in ATL, How MUCH salary could TX eat for him to come to ATL?

  38. BillB325 4 years ago

    Fukudome and Wells. except not really.

  39. AJCBE 4 years ago

    Reading these comments it seems like a lot of the Rangers fans are pretty classless. The guy has moved all over the infield for the team, had 5 straight years of +200 hits and everyone is acting like “GTFO.” I don’t mind if you want to see a trade because I wanted to see Wells’ ridiculous contract go as a Jays fan, but that doesn’t mean I lost sight of what the player has contributed.

    • Well said. I’ve been a diehard Rangers fan for 20 years and been through some horrible times. Loyalty means a lot to me. I actually hope the Rangers get fleeced a la Teixeira/Braves when trading MY just so he can have the last laugh. Pretty bad move, IMO, for the Rangers.

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      wasn’t Well’s nickname “Boo”?

      • AJCBE 4 years ago

        I’m not saying all Jays fans are classy, of course there are going to be haters, but I do know most of them seemed to acknowledge that he’s been a great person for the team in a number of ways. Most of us were happy to see the contract go, not necessarily the player.

        • We would love for him to stay, just drop about 35 of his 48 million and id LOVE young to be a ranger…. we just prefer to have the money to sign the players who are soon to be free agents

    • I’m a Ranger fan and I love Michael Young the player, but I hate his contract. I want them to trade Young to save as much money as possible so they can sign Hamilton and C.J. Wilson to extensions. Trading Young and eating “only” $20M means $24M for other players. When you consider Young is now 33 and likely to decline in the future and his 10/5 rights vest soon, it’s a pretty good idea to shop him.

    • So 1 or 2 vindictive and immature comments on a message board = “a lot of the Rangers fans are pretty classless”? A few fans on this particular message board equates to a large number of the Rangers fan base? By the same logic then, Blue Jays fans are a really uneducated and ignorant bunch of people. That is based off the fact that 4 people on a message board didn’t know that Vernon Wells grew up in Arlington, TX. Makes perfect sense, eh?

      • AJCBE 4 years ago

        1. There are more than 1 or 2 comments
        2. I was making a simple observation and attempting to get those immature people to realize what’s more important.
        3. Why do people feel the need to defend their entire fanbase? Do they not realize there are idiots in every fanbase?
        4. When I say “a lot” I never said a lot of the Rangers fanbase, I just said a lot. It seemed like a lot to me. Doesn’t mean the majority, doesn’t mean thousands, it just seemed like a lot to me on the comment board.
        5. A lot of Blue Jays fans are actually uneducated in baseball and I don’t take personal offense to that.

        I wasn’t trying to attack all Rangers fans, I just noticed “a lot” of them were overlooking the player that Michael Young has been.

        • Well as a knowledgeable rangers fan,
          We know what kind of player he is, we know what he can do, and now that most people jumped on since our playoff run, people want wins.
          Young’s contract is way to big for what he is doing. i love the guy, ive watched him since the promising times of him,blalock, and tex all playing and soon to be a stud infield when kinsler came up as well. but the point of this is we love the guy, but if moving one guy to sign the other awesome players we have means saying goodbye, he is tangible, lets do whats best for today AND tomorrow

          • AJCBE 4 years ago

            Exactly and my original comment was not directed at people like you. I have absolutely no problem with getting rid of his contract, it’s best for the team.

  40. $1519287 4 years ago

    junior ballbag – Would you please refrain from personally attacking other commenters? Thanks

    • ban him like you guys banned by other account for one stupid comment

      • Natinals 4 years ago

        Haha I wanna know what you said now.

        • Can’t remember what i said word for word; it was quite a while ago

          I just remember making one offensive comment about jose bautista and how he is on something and all his band-wagoned fans came lashing out on me and next thing i know
          “this site has blocked you from posting new comments”

      • Tko11 4 years ago

        Hhahah at least a mod didnt change your comment to mean exactly the opposite of what i was trying to say.

  41. dc21892 4 years ago

    Good for Young. I hope he gets moved. It’s sad that Beltre has shut the door on teams third baseman the last two years. Sure, some will argue Lowell was hurt and wasn’t gonna be the third baseman, blah, blah. Who knows, maybe he would have played all year and not mysteriously go on the DL at the beggining of the season. It’s tough, but it’s a business. I hope Young gets moved to be an every day player somewhere he’s wanted. The Rangers front office has handled this whole thing extremely poorly. First, they’re keeping him, then they’re looking to trade him, then they’re keeping him again. Come on! Make up your mind. If you can’t appreciate Michael Young, someone else will.

  42. chuckd84 4 years ago

    Does ANYONE here honestly believe that the Yankees are going to deal with the Mariners anytime in the near future? After the stunt they pulled in July…they broke an unwritten code among GMs… Even if they were willing to trade Felix to NY for a bucket of balls and a rosin bag, the Yankees won’t even answer that GMs call. If it wasn’t for the Mariners, Lee would’ve been a Yankee last post-season, and likely remained one for the next 6.

    • bleedDODGERblue 4 years ago

      What does this have to do with Michael Young or the Rangers..?

      • chuckd84 4 years ago

        My thoughts exactly, but someone brought up Young to Yankees, then trading
        Cano for King Felix.

  43. txftw 4 years ago

    I think the Dodgers are an option depending how cash strapped they are. I think that Young, Borbon, and cash for Matt Kemp with prospects here and there could happen. That said I hope they’d be smarter than to sell low on Kemp.

    • Victor Kipp 4 years ago

      Dodgers aren’t trading Matt Kemp to watch him go out and have his break out season then go on and have a great career. their gonna be patient with him. they have nothing to lose on waiting for him to reach his full potential.

  44. vernon wells 2.0, decent player getting paid double what he’s worth.

  45. doyers 4 years ago

    The Dodgers can trade for him and make him their starting third Baseman and move Casey Blake to Left field with Gibbons/Thames.

  46. Brodx28 4 years ago


  47. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Jeter is still one of the better SS in the game, he just hasn’t offered any tangible reasons why he should be worth $15 mil per in each of the next 3 or 4 years.

  48. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I would not make that trade if I’m the White Sox. Young isn’t exactly wowing anyone with his OBP numbers so it’s not like he’s going to be a great table setter. If I’m them I would rather muddle thru with what I have at 3B and hope that when Peavy returns he will be the elite Peavy who can stay healthy over the next year or two until his contract expires. If the SOx can’t save any money from Peavy then why bother?

  49. Wow. They were wanting Young to be the DH/utility guy WAY before Napoli was acquired. Is Young really that AFRAID of Napoli being on the team? Was Young planning on learning how to catch and work with pitchers too? Young was moved to SS to accommodate the addition of Alfonso Soriano with the void created by the the A-Rod trade. Kinsler came up in 2006 and was immediately better defensively than Soriano and Young at 2B. Elvis Andrus came up in 2009.,moving Young to 3B and was vastly superior to Young in defense.. Bottom line is that if Michael Young didnt suck so bad on the field, they wouldn’t have felt the need to bring in a better defensive player every time you turn around.

  50. andhicks 4 years ago

    Jays will take him for a B prospect, and Texas eats $25 million.

    • laxtonto 4 years ago

      looks like they will get a better offer from Col…

      E. Rogers, Lopez and a Prospect for Young and cash is the stab in the dark the Rockies writer had..

      I don’t think Young has a ton of value, but he does have enough to rate more than just a “B” prospect all alone.

  51. Not really sure what all the fuss is about. Can’t really blame Young for being angry since the Rangers kept moving him around, then promptly acquiring players to play or compete for that position. Also can’t really blame the Rangers for doing what they felt was best. It’s unfortunate, but ugly situations like this happen.

    In the end Michael Young wanting out just makes it easier for Texas to trade him without looking like the bad guys. Which is something they are happy to do as they were not-so-subtly pushing him out the door anyway. So with any luck, both sides will end up better off.

  52. damnitsderek 4 years ago

    I understand that this is a business, but the Rangers franchise should be absolutely embarrassed for their treatment of Michael Young. Guy stuck with the team for over a decade, did everything they asked him, and never really complained about the organization.

    Someone who has shown such loyalty to a franchise deserves far better treatment than this. Good luck to Young, wherever he ends up.

    • Can i ask what you would do if you had a better player to play his position? you just play young and not play the better player?
      we wanted him to DH/utility he is the one who isnt happy with that so we are gunna move him.

  53. Greeny10 4 years ago

    Like Ron Washington says…”That’s how baseball go.” MY has been the epitome of the Rangers but his time has passed. Nolan has said all along that you have to keep an eye of the present with the other on the future. Moving MY allows the Rangers more flexibility to stay competitive for the long run. It would be a positive for both sides if MY were to get traded.

    The top five teams that I can see the Rangers trading MY to are: Colorado, San Francisco, Toronto, LAA, or Chicago White Sox. They will more than likely have to throw some money in to sweeten the deal but should get a nice player in return. I would not be suprised if it were A ball player that has a high ceiling. Jon Daniels has taken on these trades before. This is how we landed Neftali Feliz and Elvis Andrus in the Tex trade to Atlanta.

    MY…thank you for your service with the Rangers. You were rewarded with a trip to the World Series. Baseball is a business and the Rangers are now in to it to win a title….thank you to the new ownership group.

    • agreed he is going to be known as a ranger great, and i hope he will retire as one, but we need that salary moved, and unless he wants to cut about 35 of his 48 million to play in texas i cant see it happening for us

    • Some business ethics they have then. They shouldn’t of told him he was planning on being with and having a main role with the team when that was clearly untrue. I’d be furious and demand a trade to the Angels so I could reek havoc and push for a division title.

      • He still is going to be the primary DH and get to play the field a day or so a week…
        he was a part, he wants to be a starter on the field, and right now there isnt anywhere on the field he helps us right now…. Kinsler/Andrus/beltre all have better gloves, and i think Moreland will breakout this year.

  54. jwsox 4 years ago

    offensively he is an upgrade at 2nd no matter what, yes he is not the best defender but he is solid enough where he wont cost you a game…add him to the line up they have for lopez and EYJ its a good deal and if they chip in half of his deal its good for both teams…NL hitting should make young even better and hitting in coors for half the year should make him even better

  55. jwsox 4 years ago

    no way the sox give up on peavy yet….young would be nice #2 for the sox but alexi ramirez is even better and he is already under contract..

  56. jwsox 4 years ago

    yeah he just sat there as they brought in better players every single time…moved because of arod, moved because of andruws, moved because of beltre and now is complaining about napoli(who is a better power hitter) yep stand up guy…he wanted a trade last season but that didnt happen……yep stand up guy

  57. jwsox 4 years ago

    again not going to happen..the sox wont give up on peavy yet he is the center piece of the sox rotation for the next few years….yes young would be nice but not for peavy maybe buehrle and a prospect but not peavy….and morell is slated to start 3rd and his D is worth it with the addition of dunn to deal with the “lack” of offense at 3rd

  58. jwsox 4 years ago

    AND peavy in that hitters haven would not be good for the team which is why i said buehrle a ground ball pitcher would make more sense not a fly ball strike out pitcher like peavy

  59. JoeSeadog 4 years ago

    If Michael Young were in New York he would be an icon. Why DOES Texas hate him?
    His last 5 years bat stats compare with Jeters. 30 less hits, 13 more homers, 66 more rbi, 11 pts less BA, 30 pct pts less OBP. He’s proved he’s a team guy and probably has an outside shot at 3000 hits. He should have many suitors. A big contract yes, but he earned that and no one put a gun to Texas head to offer it and sign it.

  60. mcorbin1962 4 years ago

    Just thought and I sure it will get shot down quickly, but I thought I would throw it out there. What about Detroit? Give the Rangers Brandon Inge or Carlos Guillen, preferably Carlos Guillen because his contract would balance Young’s for atleast this year. Plus, the Rangers may be intrigued because either of the players contracts would come off the books after this year. Detroit would probably have to throw in a pitching prospect, but not one of their 1 or 2 top-rated prospects, i.e., Oliver or Turner.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

      The Tigers can’t trade Inge until sometime in June because he just signed a contract. Guillen can’t be traded until he comes off the DL. I think Michael Young would be a good player for the Tigers though.

  61. It won’t happen, but I’d love to see Josh Outman and Fuentes to the Rangers for Michael Young and salary relief.

  62. Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

    Michael Young to the Braves straight up for Derek Lowe makes too much sense for both teams

  63. Tigers need to trade for this guy, with him at 2nd/batting second, they could have the best 2-3-4-5 in all of baseball. And his defense would be an upgrade over Sizemore/Guillen/Rhymes/Worth/Santiago or whomever else they put at second.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

      Sizemore is considered one of the top contact hitting prospects and better defense at a fraction of the cost than young. Young has put up those numbers in Texas’ hitter friendly park. He would hit for a good average like always at Comerica but lack the power that Arlington gives him and the last thing Detroit needs is more overpayed aging players.

  64. Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

    I don’t understand how this trade makes sense for the Rockies. They have one of the top power hitting up-and-comers at 3b with Ian Stewart, one of the fastest 2nd base prospects in EYJ, and just signed Ty Wigginton who can play 2b and 3b. They still have to pay Ubaldo long-term. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  65. rxbrgr 4 years ago

    I’m intrigued by the Angels making a play for Michael Young. Not that it is a smart move for them, I just wouldn’t put it past Reagins. The Halos could use an “upgrade” at 3B. So would a Bobby Abreu for Young swap be a possibility? If I were Reagins I wouldn’t want Abreu to get his ABs for his ’12 option to vest. That may get tricky or ugly preventing though. Other pieces and obviously some cash would need to be involved in this…but? Why not? It is the Angels after all.

    • Hardball52 4 years ago

      Ty Wigginton is horrible at fielding 2b and EYJ probably cant hit. Of course, MY would probably be quite bad at fielding 2b too.. but theres no reason they shouldn’t be looking for someone anyway.

      • Hardball52 4 years ago

        woops, obviously this comment was meant to be a reply to hoosier below.

      • Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

        then they should move Stewart to 2b and play Wigginton at 3b. My point is, a move like this would only impede their financial flexibility for not that great of an upgrade

  66. Janssen 4 years ago

    I don’t think any of the fanbase of any team that’s been mentioned in the trade rumors would be anything but furious unless Texas picks up a decent chunk of that contract. I would certainly not want to pay him 16M for the three years.

  67. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Agreed. If the Rangers are going to send over that much cash to offset the contract, then the farm system of the trading partner needs to be wide open for the Rangers to pick what they want in terms of 1-2 stud prospects.

  68. Yea because most fanbases would just HATE the idea of bringing in a veteran infielder that hit .283/.330/.444 last season. Yea the thought of that just sends me into a furious frenzy.

  69. BVHjays 4 years ago

    Home/road splits are an amazing thing…

  70. Janssen 4 years ago

    No one is saying he is not an asset. I think he’d be a boost to any team with gap, especially at 3rd. But he is 34, and is going to provide declining returns towards the end of his contract. As a Jays fan, I’d love to have him, but not at 16M, and giving up any of your farm system to get him makes it even worse.

  71. Janssen 4 years ago

    According to Fangraphs value conversion, he’s worth about 10M a year consistently, and even that has to be tempered by the decline you have to expect as he ages.

  72. phoenix2042 4 years ago

    yes and hitting in colorado will totally be terrible for his power numbers. i mean can anyone hit the ball out in that park? honestly, it’s worse than comerica park and target field put together!

  73. Janssen 4 years ago


  74. jmcbosox 4 years ago

    i think texas would totally trade within the division, especially if the new team agreed to assume a lot of salary. texas knows this would be a financial burden for the acquiring team and possibly prevent future moves.

  75. flickadave 4 years ago

    What do you think about the Nat’s picking him up if the Rangers are willing to cover a bunch of his salary?

  76. Truth.

  77. He actually did…….two more times.

  78. LOL at Peralta having anything at all considered defense.

  79. phoenix2042 4 years ago

    yes but moving to coors field would be the same as being in arlington, so it’s not like he would be playing at his road split the whole time. it would be basically the same situation as in texas, except that you can’t DH him.

  80. You just posted you’d hate it if he went to Washington to play second, yet the Rockies would make him play second. I don’t understand why Colorado is more of a decent fit than Washington based on your analysis.

  81. Watchout, this guy says he’s “Lets see I have coached 9 draft picks in the last seasons and coached on the 9th ranked college baseball team in the nation last year… does that sound like I dont know anything?”

    Don’t mess with him……..LOL

  82. phoenix2042 4 years ago


  83. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    What do you think your word to “like” ratio is right now?

  84. I figured you’d say that.

    Fair, I guess.

  85. phoenix2042 4 years ago

    that wasn’t the joke or anything…

  86. Sixto_Lezcano 4 years ago

    Tolerable? He’s an atrocious defender even at 3B.

  87. Sixto_Lezcano 4 years ago

    I love watching fans of other teams that are about to be hugely disappointed.

  88. That’s really not a bad road split if you consider him a 2B. It probably beats out the road splits for at least half of the 2B in the league.

  89. jwsox 4 years ago

    what draft picks is what I would like to know…there are how many rounds in the MLB drat…roughly 50 rounds roughly 1500 players taken (considering the sandwich picks) he could have coached the last 9 players picked….literally players who will never make it past lowA…my buddy from highschool pitches for north carolina and was drafted by the A’s last season and went back to school…so how many of those 9 players went back, or never signed…..and 9th ranked in what league NCAA? or lowers? or JUCO? notice how he does not mention….and he could be a strength and condition coach or something small where he literally does not do anything scouting wise again notice how he does not say…

  90. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Dude, you were flagged for abuse from the system. Next time, put a space between sentences or it thinks you’re trying to to promote your blog lol

  91. Hardball52 4 years ago

    Moving to a pitcher park is completely irrelevant, its cosmetic. Young moving to Coors isnt any more valuable than Young moving to Petco regardless of the numbers. And do you deny that Young’s home/road splits may be exagerrated by the factors I mentioned?

    I didn’t deny he had an advantage, I specifically stated it. My contention is that its not as cut and dry as looking at his career road .ops and that home/road splits are generally overvalued.

  92. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    Oh The Drama

  93. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Perfect comment. I don’t think anyone blames Texas for wanting to upgrade their defense but they way they’ve handled talks this winter for Young have been horrible. Then they pretty much guarantee him that they wouldn’t trade him and would use him as a DH/utility player and then his name comes up again in trade rumors.

    Now I would imagine that the Rox have a little more leverage seeing as how moving him seems to be a done deal.

  94. San Jac JUCO.. ranked 1st in the nation last year 9th by JUCO/D1s together… had 9 guys drafted in two years… you ever heard of roger clemens or andy pettitte? they went there, or what about brandon belt who is one of the top prospects in baseball… I def know what Im talking about

  95. San Jac JUCO.. ranked 1st in the nation last year 9th by JUCO/D1s together… had 9 guys drafted in two years… you ever heard of roger clemens or andy pettitte? they went there, or what about brandon belt who is one of the top prospects in baseball… I def know what Im talking about… thats not even inculding that two guys we had drafted two years ago were redshirted last year..

  96. jwsox 4 years ago

    ok so you coach for a juco team? that pettie and clemmens went to probably before you were there correct? you never did mention your title…

  97. Whowonthe2009WorldSeries 4 years ago

    No one cares what your background is especially when you make trade proposals like this. You didn’t eve do your research like when referring to how long Felix is under contract.

  98. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    no matter what your credentials are your douchieness and the fact that you keep bringing up a cano for felix trade makes you irrelevant

  99. have you seen us play? we swept Baylor and LSU last year… We have been to the World Series 5 years in a row… I am the assistant recuriting coord and pitching coach… out of everybody on the website i doubt that there is anybody who has a resume ANYWHERE close to mind so watch what you say.. how many years or rings you got under your belt? prolly never even played college ball

  100. if no one cares then why did they ask smart guy?

  101. you must be another guy who has never played ball, never coached, or never won anything, but can tell me how to do my job huh?

  102. jwsox 4 years ago

    honestly i would have but serious knee and shoulder injuries stopped me from that….i honestly meant no disrespect from anything but you can never tell with this site, some guys say they who are who they really are not…im putting a ton of faith in you saying you are who you say you are…if all of that is true then congrats on a good career(it does not exclude you fomr a stupid felix for cano trade) but still congrats man on a solid career

  103. bjsguess 4 years ago

    Scott Littlefield must not be your real name then. Or San Jacinto hasn’t updated their website. 5 coaches for their baseball team are listed. Scott Littlefield doesn’t seem to appear.

    No doubt that San Jacinto is a quality program. 9 guys drafted in the past 2 years is great. Of course, the College of Southern Nevada had 9 guys taken in this years draft alone. That included 4 in the first 10 rounds. One of those guys went #1 overall. And let’s not get too crazy. My HS had 4 guys taken in the draft during my 4 years there (I was not one of them).

  104. Did you watch the JUCO WS??? Who do you think put College of Southern Nevada out???

  105. SmackSaw 4 years ago

    “Scott Littlefield” sits in the stands and keeps score.

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