Rockies, Matt Belisle Agree To Two-Year Deal

The Rockies and Matt Belisle have agreed to a two-year contract worth $6.125MM according to the right-hander's representatives, CAA (on Twitter). The deal also includes performance bonuses.

The two sides agreed to a one-year deal worth $2.35MM last month to avoid arbitration. The new contract buys out Belisle's final season of arbitration-eligibility and one year of free agency. 

Belisle, 30, found a home in Colorado's bullpen in 2009 after years of trying to cut it as a starter with the Reds. He broke out in a big way in 2010, leading all big league relievers with 92 innings pitched. Belisle struck out 91 batters (8.9 K/9) and walked just 16 (1.6 BB/9) in all those innings, though it's worth noting that five of those walks were intentional. He was also adept at getting ground balls, with a 46.3% grounder rate.

Colorado has now signed a total of six players to multiyear contract extensions this winter, as our Transaction Tracker shows. The others: Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Lindstrom, Jason Hammel, and Rafael Betancourt. The total value of those extensions is north of $220MM, with most going to Tulo and CarGo.

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  1. Brad426 4 years ago

    Strong 2010 season, so it’s hard to criticize the deal too much, but it seems like a lot for a guy that hasn’t been consistently good. I liked the 1 year deal for $2.35M a lot.

    • Vinnie White 4 years ago

      There is nothing wrong with this deal. If he has a good year again next year, he would have cost a whole lot more in arbitration next year. And what is so wrong with rewarding a guy who was probably the best bullpen guy on your team, if not the NL?

      • Brad426 4 years ago

        Just voicing my opinion, chief, and I did preface it with “hard to criticize it too much”. But your IF is the key… IF Belisle has another good year this year he would probably be worth more than the Rockies will pay him with this contract, but last year was the first time he has ever put up numbers anywhere close to that good and he’s 30 years old. They had him for a very reasonable 1 year/$2.35M. I don’t hate this deal, but I liked the 1 year deal and see what he does in 2011 idea better.

      • mkorpal 4 years ago

        I thought he was a free agent after this year? This is confusing, are they keeping the $2.35MM deal signed earlier and adding a 2nd year to it.

        • Brad426 4 years ago

          It replaces the $2.35M deal. This deal covers 2011 and 1 year of his FA, 2012.

          • mkorpal 4 years ago

            Will it actually replace the $2.35MM number, or is that staying in tact, with a 2nd year added on.

          • Brad426 4 years ago

            Ah, I see what you are saying. Since the article doesn’t break down the payment structure, I don’t know. I suppose it could be $2.35M in 2011 and $3.775 in 2012 (plus the performance bonuses). If so, I think I like it even less, as it assumes he will pitch so well in 2011 that he will deserve the high-end pay scale of a non-closer relief pitcher in 2012.

          • mkorpal 4 years ago

            I guess it is nice to buy out a free agent year, but the probability of him either going under the knife or reverting to his career average is quite high.

  2. Redhawk 4 years ago

    Those dang “Spend-forts”! wasting money!

    Seriously though, I’m happy the Rockies have identified pieces they want to keep and are actually willing to pay them to keep them around. Best run professional team in Denver.

    • Vinnie White 4 years ago

      It is funny that we are actually saying that now as the last few years we were ripping on the Montforts. They told us all along that they had a plan. I guess there were right.

  3. $1742854 4 years ago

    Belisle will be the closer by the end of the year after the inevitable collapse/injury/throwing 88MPH meatballs of Huston Street

  4. Did this guy learn a new pitch, or change something drastically in 2010? His Strikeout rate has always been right around league averages, and then last year it was 46% higher than league average, and thus his career average. Is there a true catalyst for this change, or was 2010 simply an aberration?
    If there was no change that can be credited with this increase, then the Rockies may have just bet $6M on a guy who simply just had his career year.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

      You know how it is with pitchers. They struggle along, muddle along, change this, fix that, learn this new pitch, learn that new grip, or all of a sudden the light just goes on, the stars are aligned and they have it all figured out.

      Belisle has always had talent, and he showed it from time to time, even in the middle of bad seasons. What he wasn’t was consistent. Now he’s found consistency.

      You’re better off not asking about how this happens. Just know that many pitchers that refuse to give up on themself, even when everyone else does, sometime turn into Matt Belisle’s.

      • Yea, that’s what people said about Gary Matthews Jr. too……..

        I mean it’s not a ton of money, but considering how volatile relievers’ performance can be from year to year, it sure is a man’s bet, I will say that much.

        • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

          I missed the part where Gary Matthews, Jr. was a pitcher.

          I was specifically referring to pitchers and their development curve. It really is different.

    • Redhawk 4 years ago

      Yes…sorta. He found his slider and he went from throwing it 10% or less of the time to 21% last year. He also has had much better command of his fastball.

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