Yankees Remain In Contact With Kevin Millwood

The Yankees have added Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia in the last week, but the team is still in contact with Kevin Millwood, reports Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman (Twitter link).  It could be that the Yankees just want to give themselves as many veteran starting options as they can, or, as Heyman opines, "they're growing more worried" that Andy Pettitte will retire.  Pettitte's retirement would leave the Bombers with two open rotation spots that would be contested between Colon, Garcia, Sergio Mitre, Andrew Brackman, Ivan Nova and potentially Millwood.

Besides the Yankees, the Orioles, Royals and Indians have also been recently connected to Millwood.  Like Baltimore, New York wouldn't be able to guarantee Millwood a rotation spot, but it's possible Millwood would take the risk for a chance to pitch for a contending team.

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  1. I guess its like my fantasy football team that won the championship: sign as many guys as possible who have a bit of talent and hope with that many at least one is bound to work.

    • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

      The only point of your post was to inform everyone you won your fantasy football league wasn’t it?

      • No, it was saying that if you put up a lot of bottles, you’re more likely to catch lightning in one than if you put up one bottle. If you have 5 bottles, lightning will be caught 5x more times than if you have 1 bottle. The fantasy thing was just an analogy

        • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

          I liked the fantasy analogy better than that one…

    • fitz 4 years ago

      Dude nobody cares that you won your fantasy football league.

      Besides everybody knows the only true fantasy sport is baseball.

      • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

        Preach it my man. Fantasy baseball is the ONLY way to go.

      • That wasn’t the point. It was that the more low risk, high reward, players you have the more likely you are to get a high reward. sorry if that came out wrong

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      You got lucky with your fantasy football team, I bet only one of Garcia, Millwood, Colon, will have an era between 4.5-5. Which I guess wouldn’t be horrible for the 5th spot. The real problem is the 3 and 4 spots in my opinion. They will most likely need a midseason trade in order to compete for the division.

      • MB923 4 years ago

        “I bet only one of Garcia, Millwood, Colon”

        And I bet at most, 1 of the 3 make the rotation (bearing an injury to another starter)

      • That’s the point. I’m gambling, but its easier to get lucky when you have many opportunities to get lucky. And of course, I don’t expect any of those three to be an ace. But I think that your assessment of a 4.5-5 ERA is what the Yankees expect one of them to turn out.

        • Tko11 4 years ago

          Yea but there is only so many roster spots on a fantasy football team. I love football but fantasy baseball is way better! I hate in fb that its one game per week and mainly if your quaterback and runningbacks do good, you win.

  2. I really don’t think he will make a difference over what we already have.
    Everyone else lol

  3. Crawford Is LF 4 years ago

    Millwood is too old. He has not been the same since joining the sucky Orioles.

  4. d32123 4 years ago

    Say NO to Millwood!

    • d32123 4 years ago

      but I can see why the FO probably wants this guy. I just have irrational faith in Ivan Nova.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        I think Nova would have to have an awful ST not to win a spot in the rotation. IF..Milwood is signed it would probably have to be for guaranteed money. I would see the ST rotation being..

        CC-AJ-Hughes-Milwood and then a battle between Nova, Garcia and COlon with Nova being the clubhouse favorite.

  5. The irony in this is that the Yankees are taking a starter that even the lowly Orioles don’t want. Maybe I should say the second place and wild card Orioles. Enjoy third place yanks

    • jjs91 4 years ago

      you’re joking right, you really think the Os have a shot?

    • The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

      second place and wild card Orioles? It would be a wishful thinking for them to even win 70 or more games

  6. I pretty much agree with what people are saying. Colon and Garcia, ok because they’re not major league contracts. If they can get Millwood on one I would say no big deal either, but I think it’s going to take guaranteed money to bring him to spring training, and why spend money on a guy you’ll probably just end up cutting. Just trade for Gio Gonzalez already.

    (waits for someone to say “the Yankees don’t have the pieces it would take to get Gonzales!”)

    • nictonjr 4 years ago

      The have the pieces. Do they want to trade 3 big pieces for Gio Gonzalez is the question???

      • I agree, the price would be very high. Montero and probably their best or 2nd best pitching prospect at a minimum. Having a young hard throwing lefty for the rotation would be pretty tempting for Cashman I’m sure.

  7. levendis 4 years ago

    lets be honest now, the yankees are probably not winning the WS, so i dont see whay they just throw Brackman and Nova to start and see how the youngsters do. Im curious to see how theyll do, let this year, be a year to develop those starters in the system a lil bit quicker. I can still seeing the Yankees making the Wild card with that rotation. Just give these guys a chance (banuelos, noesi, etc.). Lets see how they do, if they can show glimpses of that potential.

    • Because the Yankees learned their lesson w/ Kennedy/Joba/Hughes a few years back. Better to wait until they are ready.

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      If you really want to see how the youngsters do, take a ride to Scranton-Wilkesbarre .

      • TheGuvnr 4 years ago

        Nobody in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre even goes to see that team. I live 5 minutes from there and never go there. There used to be good crowds when the Phillies AAA team was here.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          Odd isn’t it? 5 consecutive league titles and yet dead last in attendance in the international lge? Weird. You would think Igawa would draw in the Asian market. I guess Cashman’s marketing ploy failed!

          • Mr. Furious 4 years ago

            There’s not much of an Asian market in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton metroplex. Now if they brought in, say, Don Newcombe to cater to the elderly population, they might be onto something.

  8. levendis 4 years ago

    and im not saying throw the season away, bc i can still see them make the playoff, but i doubt freedy garcia or millwood will get them any farther than nova or brackman

  9. With Garcia, Colon, Millwood and Pettitte in the rotation, the Yankees are a lock to win the 2005 World Series.

  10. bbxxj 4 years ago

    Is there any team reliant on one single starter than the Yankees are on CC? If be goes down or fades they could be in some serious trouble having to deal with Boston and Tampa for playoff spots.

    I really expect the Yanks to be major players for any frontline starter that becomes available during the season.

  11. Now, THERE’S a hole with no bottom.

  12. Well, on the bright side, the Yankees caterer just jumped for joy.

    With Milwood (230), Garcia (250), and Colon (240?) in town, its gonna be a heck of a summer!!!!!

  13. TheGuvnr 4 years ago

    Baseball’s elite team: the Philadelphia Phillies. No dumpster diving for our rotation….even our #5 would be a #3 on most teams, including the Yankees.

    • Blanton would be number 4 on the Yankee rotation, #5 if Pettitte returns. Besides in 2-3 years the Phillies will be in trouble when they’re paying a declining Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels will most likely be gone

      • TheGuvnr 4 years ago

        No…he’d be 3 even as a Yankee. I would rather Blanton anyday over Burnett. At least you know what you’re probably going to get with Blanton. A guy that will win 12 games (maybe more if he was #3 rather than #5) with an ERA in the low to mid 4’s. With Burnett, you have the risk of a complete meltdown like last year.

  14. TheGuvnr 4 years ago

    Millwood would be a great pickup….if this was 2002.

  15. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    And with Mo, Soriano, Joba, Robertson, Feliciano and Logan I think that bullpen is better than average. A 5-4 win going into the 7th can be a easier victory with the bullpen we have, if they pitch up to their potential.

    • Victor Kipp 4 years ago

      I think the best hopes for Millwood is that he can just eat innings. I don’t think he’d be as bad as he was last year but it’s not the first year his ERA has been over 5. He started out good then just fell apart last year. Overall though its great signing for the Yankees if they can get it done. I’ve been clamoring all off-season for the Mets to get and put him in the valley called Citi Field.

  16. Even if pettitte comes back, he will probably miss at least two months with injuries. That taken with the likely mediocrity of Burnett and Hughes, kind of necessitates have as many potential arms around as possilbe. So Millwood is good to add, and perhaps Bonderman. Why not? My guess is that Millwood alone could replicate the stats of that entire cast of characters that trotted out after CC last year. Gives them time to search for a quality starter through a trade during the regular season.

  17. If they add Millwood, the collection of 2002-2004 All-Stars in 2010 would be complete for the Bronx Bombers.

  18. Steve_Farrs_bestest_buddy 4 years ago

    There are 2 plausible theories as to why the Yanks would consider Millwood:

    1) Cashman is trying to guilt Pettitte into returning
    2) Cashman bet Pettitte that he could get Pettitte to LOL at a hot stove story

    Can anyone say “hoy gavol” with a Texas twang?

    • TheGuvnr 4 years ago

      Maybe they figure that 2 of MIllwood, Colon, and Garcia will end up in AAA and might put some butts in the seats in Scranton with some big names.

  19. MB923 4 years ago

    To add a different set of 3 letters- SMH (For those who don’t know, it means Shaking My Head, in disapproval)

  20. jmcbosox 4 years ago

    average bullpen?

  21. Average bullpen? Hmmmm.

  22. The yankees scored the most runs in the majors last year with down years from a number of their star players and the yankees bullpen is way above average. Soriano and Mariano alone make just about any game a 7 inning affair. stop being a blatant hater and learn the facts.

  23. dc21892 4 years ago

    According to ‘withpower’ he thinks the Yankees rotation is going to be 100% fine. We went back and forth earlier for a while about it. I agree with you, though.

  24. eneff 4 years ago

    For being a Rangers fan, you sure spend a lot of time on Yankees threads… Also, pretty much everything you say about the Yankees is wrong. The Yanks 2010 bullpen era was 7th in baseball, and we just added Rafael Soriano. Also, the 2010 Yanks scored more runs than any team. Why don’t you worry about how your rotation has CJ Wilson at the top of it and how your front office is trying to trade away the face of the franchise in Michael Young. If there was a halfway respectable team in the AL West, the Rangers would be SCREWED. By the way, the Yanks are never screwed, because we’re the NEW YORK YANKEES.

  25. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I acknowledge that the back end of the rotation gives cause for concern. However, might I be so bold to point out, that last year, Pettitte, Vazquez, Mosley, Nova and Mitre combined for a total of…..

    66 starts, 373 IP and a 4.70 ERA.

    Not saying we should be happy to jump the shark again, but if we can get similar production from Nova and whoever makes the #5 spot, a better season from Burnett, an improvement from Hughes in year #2 and ace production from CC then I think the Yanks should be able to win 92-96 games next year.

    Of those 66 starts by those mentioned, the Yanks turned them into 41 wins and 25 losses. Take out Pettitte’s contributions and the record is 25-22.

  26. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball

  27. Somewhere, Ruben Amaro just kicked back in his chair, put his feet on his desk, and wrote down his first order of business for tomorrow:

    #1 – Call Brian Cashman; Re: Joe Blanton

  28. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I don’t understand why ppl feel Cashman will all of a sudden buckle and panic. He didn’t do it when he could’ve had Santana, Halladay or Lee. So now he’s going to panic for the likes of Blanton, EJax and ???

    The one thing that’s glaringly different than other years is that Cashman has prepared the FO guys to prepare and to “embrace the suck”. Sure, things might change, it’s NY. But, I think Cashman is reading the market clearly and notices that teams are making more of an effort to extend their young pitchers more and more and this year, losing out on Lee I think has sobered up the Levine’s and Sons of the Boss to those realities. I think any movement of Montero, Brackman, Banuelos, Betances or Noesi is going to be for elite type pitchers and I don’t see too many of those out there that would force them to be included in a deal (not saying that Noesi is quite elite but still very good).

    Here are facts I will bet on:

    a) If the Yanks need Blanton, a #4 or #5 in reality (regardless of where he would rank among the Yanks right now) then they have already screwed the pooch and there’s no need in trading for him. At best he’s a guy who solidifies the back end of a rotation. Those guys are good for teams that are already in 1st place or w/in 1 or 2 games of 1st place and just want solid pitching. He is not a difference maker. Top prospects should never be used for “solidifiers”. If Blanton is a “dire need” then the Yanks won’t make it past the 1st rnd as a wild card so why bother?

    b) The Yanks have enough depth and redundant talent at AA or below that are already on the radar or are poised to having breakthrough seasons in 2011 (see guys like Jose Ramirez SP, David Adams 2B, Corban Joseph 2B, Melky Mesa OF, Brett Marshall SP, Brian Mitchell SP, JR Murphy C, Ramon Flores OF, Schaefer Hall SP and others). I can easily seeing a package of 2 or 3 of those being sacrifriced for a non-elite but impactful starting pitcher next year.

    I think the fans are desperate, but Cashman will be able to hold strong and not cave in to overpay for mediocre guys.

    I still can’t understand why anyone would expect Blanton to be anymore than a pudgier version of AJ Burnett minus the heat in the AL East. While Garcia, Colon and Milwood are no better, and probably a worse than Blanton, they also are not going to cost prospects and $17 mil and would probably come close to matching what I would expect to be a 4.50-4.75 FIP from Blanton.

  29. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    great…..except he was already in the AL East last year so he’s not “moving back” to the AL East at all.

  30. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I guarantee you Amaro will spend at least 15 minutes on hold listening to cooooolll, relaxing sounds of “The Girl from Ipanema” on an extended loop.

    I’m 95% sure those conversations have already taken place. The fact that Cashman hasn’t pulled the trigger yet and is scavanging for the likes of Garcia, Colon and Milwood speaks in massive volume.

  31. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    Ummm, the down years by Aging star players will only get worse in all probability and Cano will be hard-pressed to repeat last year although I do expect Tex to put up better numbers!

  32. jjs91 4 years ago

    baseball existed before 2010, so that means very little.

  33. I think that analysis is from before the 2010 season before he joined the Orioles. And the analysis was spot on because that is exactly what happened to him when he did join the AL East in 2010.

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