Indians Notes: Durbin, Rodriguez, Tomlin

A round of Indians-themed links as Cleveland plays Kansas City in Arizona…

  • As Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer explains, Indians reliever Chad Durbin was surprised to take a paycut this year given the robust market for relievers. "I didn't think my year dictated it should have been that way. I'm not saying I needed three years for 12 [million] – that's ridiculous – but we were fishing for whatever we could get," Durbin said.
  • The Indians expect the Pirates to return Josh Rodriguez, according to Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Rule 5 pick would be a welcome addition to one of the Indians' top affiliates.
  • In a mailbag for, Jordan Bastian explains that Josh Tomlin appears to have a good chance of cracking the Indians' rotation. 
  • On the infield, Jack Hannahan has a chance to be the Indians' Opening Day third baseman, Bastian reports.

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  1. Karsch 4 years ago

    You didn’t get the money because you didn’t deserve the money Chad.

  2. Cody 4 years ago

    You know It’s bad when Jack Hannahan has a good shot too be your starting 3B. I fell so sorry for Indians fans, and I mean for real no sarcasm. I’m a Red Sox fan so I kind of know the pain with the not winning for a long time but I can’t image what it’s like for you guys, plus I feel sorry for taking you out like that in the 2007 playoffs, that was a tuff brake. I hope it gets better.

    • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

      Diddo, When you look back at the talent they had in the late 90’s up to 2007 you think “they should of won”. Being a Red Sox fan i will never really understand the anguish that comes with haveing to trade away your best players every 5-6 years.

      • Johnny Garcia 4 years ago

        Dido? The tea goes cold and I wonder why…?

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 4 years ago

      Ha! I thank you for your support. I’m a Padres fan, so I know the agony of defeat and the pain of losing a player because they are too expensive.

      I root for the Indians as my AL team. I took a liking to Grady Sizemore and Victor. It was good for a little while. Now they just make me sad.

  3. Sorry Chad but a 6.30 ERA in the post season just isn’t attractive to any team looking to compete.

  4. Hmm. seems like every article that Hoynes writes lacks something.. in this particular article, he lacks facts, a quote from a credible source.. not a problem for a “really big time deal” of a professional baseball beat writer.. and here I thought journalists were supposed to report the news, not create it…& onward he goes.. smh….

  5. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Jack Hanahan could barley make it on the Tigers team’s when he sucked. Now he’s starting for the Indinans?

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Check that. He COULDN’T even make the Tigers team when they sucked.

  6. Lawschoolsucks 4 years ago

    Yeah, it’s sad to be an Indians fan, but these notes draw attention only to the worst things the team has going for it at the moment. Not that Jason Donald is great, but Hannahan will only be playing third for a couple weeks until Donald’s hand is better.

    We get to see a year with Sizemore, A Cab, Choo, and Santana, finally (hopefully)…likely with Knapp and Chisenhall later…

    Also, Alex White, Drew Pomeranz, and Jason Knapp should make some or most of our current rotation place-fillers for next year.

    Yeah, our Opening Day roster makes me cringe a little bit when I focus on the weak spots. But I can’t help but think the team shouldnt be completely discredited yet.

  7. Mick_Stepp 4 years ago

    3B at the start of the season for the Tribe is unimportant. Hannahan, Donald, whatever, would just be a placeholder for the Chiz who will be up as soon as the Super 2 is not an issue. Don’t cry for Cleveland, contention is just around the corner.

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