Nationals Notes: 40-Man Roster, Rule 5 Picks

The Nationals host the Braves on Thursday, when Livan Hernandez and Derek Lowe will face off.  The latest on the club…

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  1. ltdibo020 4 years ago

    A few things here…whats up with chien ming wang?…how many years does he need to recover…60 more days on the dl..whats it been like 2 and a half years now…and I’m a little curious about Broderick who got absolutely hammered sunday vs the marlins…blew the game really…he did have a nice year in the minors last year but that was AA…11-2 2.77…rule 5 from the Cards, 25 yrs old…if he was any good wouldn’t the cards have protected him. Don’t they need pitching over there…just a little curious because the Nats sent down Balester another young pitcher and the whole nats bench is left handed…??

    • NatsTown 4 years ago

      Balester has options, thats why. and other than sunday, Broderick has been lights out. and Wang has the best job ever: do nothing for 2 years and pick up 3 mil. as for the lefty bench players, that will end up hurting us. Off the top of my head, Hairston is the only righty bench guy

      • ltdibo020 4 years ago

        Natstown, I agree and it does allow them to control 2 pitchers. Maybe we see a rh bat picked up here to bolster that bench.
        You have to stop the opposing manger from just bringing in a lefty and killing a rally.
        Last I heard on Wang he was throwing pretty well but then I didn’t hear anything else.
        I was going to go get a bat sunday vs Broderick…lol…after detweiler (who I love BTW) pitched a nice 5 inn Broderick
        had 5 hard hit balls in a row off him. What do you think his role is…long relief? I guess??
        Do you feel good with ankiel and Hairston in Center?

        • NatsTown 4 years ago

          I love Detwiler too. I have to believe someone is getting traded mid season and he will be called up. I think Broderick will be a long relief guy a la Miguel Batista last year. I’m not sure how hard he throws so I dunno his chances of pitching later in the game, plus he’s a starter so I dunno if thatll happen.
          As for CF, Im not really thrilled but its better than what we’re used to. I cant be too mad because they obvioius are stop gaps until we have a long-term solution out there. In order for us to be more successful we really needed Nyjer to win the job becuase we wont have a real lead-off man

          • ltdibo020 4 years ago

            Ur right…I see they moved desmond to lead off the last few games…he’s a little bit of a free swinger though…I have to say…I really like espinosa and ramos…morse in left is a beast…he has so much power to right and right center its amazing….plus he is a real good hitter..watched a lot of nats spring training games…so I got a pretty good look at some of these young guys…jordon zim…hit 98 on the radar gun last start….he looks good too…should be a decent season..we hope

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