Ng Leaving Dodgers For MLB Job

10:42am: Ng still hopes to become a GM one day, she told Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times.  She also said that the Dodgers' ownership turmoil was not a factor in her decision to leave.  Her 13-year stint with the Dodgers will run through Opening Day.

7:50am: A couple of former GM candidates are now working under Joe Torre in MLB's restructured baseball operations department.  Dodgers vice president and assistant GM Kim Ng is leaving the club to become MLB's senior vice president of baseball operations, according to's Ken Gurnick.  And former Diamondbacks assistant GM Peter Woodfork will also work under Torre, reported Bill Madden of the New York Daily News yesterday.  Both Ng and Woodfork have interviewed for GM jobs in the past.

Word came recently that MLB was firing VP of umpiring Mike Port, VP of administration Ed Burns, and senior specialist of on-field operations Darryl Hamilton in what Madden's MLB source called a "bloodbath."  Madden says Woodfork's main responsibilities will be with umpires, while Ng's will be player-related.  Madden notes that the changes shouldn't be seen as Torre's moves, as they were in the works before his hiring.

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  1. tigers22 4 years ago

    How do you pronounce Ng?

    • Alex Gomez 4 years ago

      No clue, but it’s a loss the Dodgers may regret soon. All we have left is Logan White as a successor or replacement to Colleti.

    • jimmyg921 4 years ago

      ‘eeeng’ like “skiing”

    • Wilsonl 4 years ago


  2. start_wearing_purple
    start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Even if it was just for the publicity of having the first woman and first Asian GM, she really did deserve the job over Colletti.

  3. roomwithamoose 4 years ago

    Kinda wanted to see her find a gm role somewhere. If I’m not mistaken she was partly responsible in setting up the Yankees championship teams 98-2000.

    • disgruntledreader 4 years ago

      I’m pretty sure the SVP Ops title was the one Alderson had in his first stint in the MLB offices. Here’s hoping that Ng can follow the same path back into a front office in a GM or CEO role for one of the clubs she’ll be serving now. She’s the smartest baseball person I’ve ever met. By a LONG shot.

  4. marlinsdoit 4 years ago

    Ng? Hmmm.. How do you pronounce this?

  5. Chuck345 4 years ago

    lol, Chuck345 minus the 6

  6. rockfordone 4 years ago

    Torre got back at the umps quickly

  7. I just hope this means some changes in the way umpires do things… and possibly pink slips for Doug Eddings, Joe West, and the like.

    • davengmusic 4 years ago

      Add CB Bucknor to the pink slip list, and I’ll be a happy man.

      • Infield Fly 4 years ago

        Hand one to Bucknor and one to Angel Hern├índez, and scream “You’re outta here!” It’s about time we saw some umps ejected!

  8. $7562574 4 years ago

    is budt selling still not fired?

  9. davengmusic 4 years ago

    I was really rooting for Kim Ng to get the Seattle job over Jack Z. Hopefully this will be a nice springboard into something bigger. From a fellow Ng to another, good luck Kim!

  10. I was so excited when I heard she got a new job, as I was sure it was a GM position. I’ll still take it, as this could raise her visibility, but really. It seems like we’ve been having this discussion for five years now. Give the girl a team!

  11. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    Anything to help the umps realize that fans don’t pay money to watch THEM make calls. They seriously need a reality check.

  12. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Dodger players should no longer fear the arbitration process. Kim Ng has never lost argument. Oh yes, there has only been one case, but they (players) chose to never go down that road with her a second time.

    NOTE: I am not being sexist, just stating the fact

  13. Matt 4 years ago

    Good for Kim and good for Logan White as he becomes the prime successor to Ned Colleti. How he managed to keep his job over those 2 is beyond me.

    And Keith Hernandez never said that. The poster above is probably alluding to him saying “Women don’t belong in the dugout”

  14. Guest 4 years ago

    Really thought she would replace NedCO someday.. I’ve backed off the Colletti hate for a year or so, really can’t hate the guy that much when you don’t know what hes really allowed to do(or not do)

  15. Pavilionbum 4 years ago

    Sorry to see Ng go. Who knows, if the Dodger GM spot opens up in the near future she could always come back. She had a great career as the assistant to three different Dodger GM’s. I wonder if Logan White will be promoted to her AGM position (from his current sub-AGM position).

  16. ugotrpk3113 4 years ago

    I’ve seen a couple pieces on her and am always impressed at how she appears to handle her business in such a genderless manner. Hopefully she will have big things in her future, she’s a person (gender out of it) that the MLB needs.

  17. GoDoyers 4 years ago

    Jackie Chan’s stunt double has finally left Hollywood.

  18. Chuck345 4 years ago

    “Looks like a citation to me.”

    – Chuck3456

  19. NatsTown 4 years ago

    hahaha seriously, how ridiculous was that

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