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Links for Wednesday as the MLBPA announces that the jerseys for three rookies – Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg and Buster Posey – were among the top 20 sellers in 2010…

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  1. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    I wish jerseys were not so expensive. You have no idea how baddly I want a Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, or Justin Verlander jersey. Sigh…

    • You're Killing Me Smalls 4 years ago

      I hear ya, for Christmas I received a “Pedroia” jersey, and lets just say I was giddy… haha

  2. Tko11 4 years ago

    So the Braves want a back up for a back up…

    • Yeah, I don’t really get it either. Hinske isn’t likely to see much time in the outfield and he’ll be the primary backup for Freeman at 1B. So really, they just need a right-handed guy capable of playing 1B. That was Mather, and I do think he’s going to be cut shortly.

  3. So I guess the Braves are finally losing faith in Joe Mather? If Wren’s looking for a righty bench bat that can play 1B, Mather’s probably going to be released soon. He’s looked flat out awful this spring.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

      I don’t know who this is against as they will not likely be able to play CF like Mather. Conrad or Mather should be worried though pending on who they find… if they aren’t already.

      • Matt Young has to be given a shot eventually, he’s done nothing but hit for the past 6 years while playing good defense in CF. The only knock against him defensively is his arm, but it’s still miles a head of McLouth’s.

        Young can’t play 1B though, but I’m hoping him or Wilkin Ramirez win the last bench spot. The Braves have 3 guys capable of playing 1B in Prado, Freeman, and Hinske. But if they’re going after a righty backup, I guess they’ve already decided that the last bench spot won’t go to Young or Ramirez.

  4. The Twins would be in about the same situation the Cardinals are in with Pujols, except with less money involved in the negotiations.

  5. NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

    laynce nix is a perfect compliment for Hinske. Should’ve just kept Diaz though

    • Yep, I already want Diaz back. Had an injury-plagued year in 2010, it’s not like he forgot how to hit. A Diaz/Freeman duo at 1B could’ve been pretty damn productive….

    • Except that Laynce Nix bats left and the Braves are looking for just the opposite.

  6. Stl_Great 4 years ago

    What’s the link to the full list of top selling jerseys?

  7. worship1 4 years ago

    nyger morgan could be a possibility.

  8. What do you think about:

    Nationals Get:
    Kenshin Kawakami + $4M

    Braves Get:
    Jerry Hairston Jr.

    • unbiasedhomer 4 years ago

      There’s no point in trading a sunk cost (Kawakami) AND 4MM for Hairston. You could probably get Alberto Gonzalez off that team when they DFA him in a week and not have to do all that. Besides, nobody’s taking Kawakami.

      • Think I would rather have Jerry Hairston Jr. then Alberto Gonzalez for Hairston’s versatility. KK would likely make the Nats as a fifth starter or at the very least be serviceable longman/spot starter.

        • unbiasedhomer 4 years ago

          The same versatility for which you like him is going to make him a key player for the Nats this year. That’s why they’re going to get rid of Gonzalez and play Hairston probably 140-145 games this year. I see you working, but the Nats aren’t going to move him.

      • I guarantee you someone takes Kawakami for at least $2 million and at least by the All-Star break. He’s a perfectly capable 5th starter for most clubs. Braves don’t have a ton of leverage, but they’ll be able to move him at some point this season. Just waiting to see if a team is willing to take on half or more of his remaining salary.

    • If the Braves wanted Jerry, they could have signed him a few months ago.

  9. No deal on Morgan….not the type of attitude I want on our team.

  10. I like Ryan Spilbourghs…is he even available?

  11. How about…….Troy Glaus? lol

  12. Adrian Gonzalez is a fine player, but anyone who would pay the same for him as for Joe Mauer is nuts. Mauer career rWAR: 38. Gonzalez: 22. Mauer’s a year younger.

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      Gonzalez didnt really break out until 2006, while Mauer began producing right away in 2004. Obviously the catching position is very thin, especially compared to first base…therefore Mauer has to do less than Gonzalez to earn the same amount of WAR. Basically if they both get 5 WAR next year (hypothetically), Gonzalez will have superior numbers than Mauer. If you look at how the stat is calculated I believe catchers have a +1 while first basemen have a -1. This is why you can’t compare a catchers WAR to a first basemen. Gonzalez will easily be worth the money on a long term deal. Especially with the rate of inflation these days. They are both great players but look for Gonzalez to have monster year this year…hes been great in a Padres lineup and now hes in arguably the best lineup in the MLB. He also went from a pitchers park to a hitter friendly park. The only reason he wouldn’t be the unanimous front runner for the MVP is because of the surgery he had.

      • johnsilver 4 years ago

        Just curious to see how that WAR averages out over the next few seasons with Gonzalez playing at fenway and OUT of the worst hitting park in ALL of MLB as well as with at least *1* decent hitter around him to give him protection which he has lacked for his entire career at San Diego.

        Yeah.. Things may change when one puts those stats into some kind of perspective..

      • Gonzalez would have superior offensive numbers…but he would be playing the easiest position on the field and Mauer would be playing the hardest. There’s a reason the WAR stats account for that.

        Also, position adjustment aside, Mauer’s just plain been a better hitter over his career than Gonzalez: 135 wRC+ versus 131. That’s both league and park adjusted. And he’s a catcher? Did you know that?

        • Tko11 4 years ago

          He might be the better hitter when it comes to batting average…but thats about it. Its not like Gonzalez is a terrible fielder either. Mauer will most likely sooner or later end up at first base or dh as well. Gonzalez was never in a good lineup. He is going to see way more good pitches to hit this year and mroe rbi opportunities.

  13. Backup_Slider 4 years ago

    I’d rather the MLBPA tell me which MLB players didn’t have a single jersey sold in 2010.

    • I’m gonna go with…Oliver Perez.

      • Backup_Slider 4 years ago

        There are probably lots of Mets’ fans with the last name Perez, and some of them would think it’s cool to buy a pre-made Mets jersey with Perez on the back of it. Tobi Stoner was probably the least popular Mets jersey in 2010 – wearing a jersey with Stoner on the back of it is all but asking for a body cavity search.

  14. woadude 4 years ago

    I guess Prince Fielder doesn’t like getting questions like, “How does it feel knowing you will be second fiddle to Albert Pujols?” Prince Fielder “I want these distractions eliminated.”

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