Rangers Still Asking A Lot For Michael Young

The Rangers still want top prospects in return for infielder Michael Young, reports ESPN's Buster Olney, and "don't want to eat as much of the $48 million still owed to Young over the next three years."  Olney's sources view Young as a $6-7MM player (presumably per year) as opposed to the $16MM per year he's owed.  The Diamondbacks reportedly expressed interest in Young in the first week in March, and other teams have come up in a speculative sense, but there seems to be a gulf between the Rangers' perception of Young's value and that of possible suitors. 

Young requested a trade in early February, saying, "I've been misled and manipulated."  Rangers GM Jon Daniels is on the other end of the dispute.  Young said last month that the trade request had nothing to do with his role, but "a lot of things led up to this point."  The Rangers signed third baseman Adrian Beltre in January and acquired Mike Napoli later that month.

Young can veto trades to all teams except the Cardinals, Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Angels and Padres until May, when his 10-and-5 rights kick in and his approval will be needed for any deal.  Since Young requested the trade, I'm guessing he'll be flexible if the Rangers do find a match.  It may be in their best interest to hang on to him with Beltre on the mend from a calf injury.

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  1. c’mon dbacks – pony up!

  2. dgirton88 4 years ago

    Im still not sure if i want the Phillies to get him unless the trade includes Blanton but i doubt that would happen.

  3. “Rangers Still Asking A Lot For Michael Young” = Michael Young not going anywhere. Nothing new here.

  4. Until he’s actually dealt, Michael Young really just isn’t news.

  5. 6-7MM player for a guy that will get you 200 hits and bat .300 a year?
    also hes not as bad defensively as people say he is, his range is declining but he would be a great fit at 2nd also SS
    as a Rangers fan whos watched him since hes got here I can tell you most teams would be lucky to have a player like him, and I really dont want to see him go
    all he does is perform

    • The fact that Daniels wants good players in return and is not willing to pay much if any of Young’s remaining salary while Young has no real upside is what makes this whole situation laughable.

      • nhsox 4 years ago

        …or just an indication that the Rangers don’t care to move him in the first place. They appear willing to walk away from any trade proposal that doesn’t clearly benefit them. That’s not much to laugh at.

        • Flharfh 4 years ago

          Looks to me like the Rangers want to keep him (or are at least resigned to not trading him), but are making a token effort to comply with his trade request.

  6. What would Texas realistically want from the D-Backs? Goldschmidt to play 1st?? Pollock in the OF?? a pitcher or two?

    More so really… what would the D-Backs be willing to give up?

    I normally would have asked what the Jays need to give-up and stick Young at 3 for a bit… but its not really AA’s style… and Lawrie is progressing pretty well at 3rd, and probably wont spend too long in the minors (if at all) this year…

  7. Alex Davis 4 years ago

    Michael young is good but is also getting old

  8. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Mislead? That’s between him & Rangers.
    Manipulated? NO DOUBT.
    But again, he’s getting paid, and I doubt Nolan Ryan’s been nagging him to take out the clubhouse trash.

    • Yeah, Mike should just shut up and wait until May, then he can collect his $100K a game for just sitting on the bench, spitting out sunflowers seeds, and joking with the guys…. for the next 3 years!

  9. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    The Rangers still want top prospects in return for infielder Michael Young.

    In other news, hell remains unfrozen

  10. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    The Rangers want what will benefit the team either now or in the long run AND don’t want to be on the hook for most/all of MY’s contract dollars. There seems to be a lot of anger that the Rangers won’t pull the trigger on the first half-arsed trade that is offered to them, but I laugh at those people. Given Beltre’s injury, the likelihood that MY will give you .270 or better in the lineup and that he won’t bring enough in return, then I don’t see him going anywhere before at least the deadline or maybe not til after the season if he puts up a good year with his bat and shows better defense when given the chance at whatever IF position the Rangers play him.

  11. jamesws6 4 years ago

    If the Rangers eat alot of that money, Cubs have a shot. Nolan Ryan likes Cashner.

    • Joshua William Novy I 4 years ago

      Cubs trading Cashner??? No way that deal happens.. Cashner has way too much up side to be traded for MY.

  12. hrbomber1113 4 years ago

    This is just classic. If they really thought he was worth a top prospect and $16MM per year they wouldn’t have made him into a bench player. The fact is he’s a a miserable defender at 3rd and most likely couldn’t even fake it at SS/2B. His bat is also artificially inflated by his home park and the numbers clearly back that up. He doesn’t hit for much power, and he isn’t an on base threat. He also isn’t a stolen base threat. What exactly is a 34 year old making $16MM for 3 more years who can’t play defense, run, hit for power, or take much of a walk worth on the market? If you look at this 100% objectively and with his salary included he seems like the kind of guy that they should be trying to just get rid of in a 100% salary dump. His OBP has been pretty good before but it was all tied to his average and BABIP and not his BB rate. At SS or 2B playing passable defense and stealing double digit bases and hitting .300 is very valuable…but those days are never coming back.

  13. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Marco Scutaro has better range, costs 6m for 1 year, plays middle IF and is nearly the hitter in an equally friendly hitters park and Boston isn’t going to go out and absurdly ask for a top prospect.

    Hawdy talk like the Rangers are trying here is why they ended up with squat for Salty when they could have had Danial Bard 2 years ago and they over mis played their hand thinking he was worth Clay Bucholz somehow.

    When will the Rangers brass ever learn??

  14. dgirton88 4 years ago

    To free money you need to get rid of a player making a lot money. Plus the Phillies have Vance Worley. I dont hate Blanton but he is vastly overpaid.

  15. dgirton88 4 years ago

    Either that or somehow trade and dumb Ibanez’s salary which could be tough. Phillies have 3 decent OFs besides Ibanez (Mayberry, Francisco, and Brown).

  16. I wouldnt call them squat. Remember when Engel Beltre was a throw in for Eric Freakin Gange?! Now he is the Rangers best position player prospect. Maybe one of the guys JD got from Boston breaks out and is better then Bard? You can never be to sure

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