Rangers Still Asking A Lot For Michael Young

The Rangers still want top prospects in return for infielder Michael Young, reports ESPN's Buster Olney, and "don't want to eat as much of the $48 million still owed to Young over the next three years."  Olney's sources view Young as a $6-7MM player (presumably per year) as opposed to the $16MM per year he's owed.  The Diamondbacks reportedly expressed interest in Young in the first week in March, and other teams have come up in a speculative sense, but there seems to be a gulf between the Rangers' perception of Young's value and that of possible suitors. 

Young requested a trade in early February, saying, "I've been misled and manipulated."  Rangers GM Jon Daniels is on the other end of the dispute.  Young said last month that the trade request had nothing to do with his role, but "a lot of things led up to this point."  The Rangers signed third baseman Adrian Beltre in January and acquired Mike Napoli later that month.

Young can veto trades to all teams except the Cardinals, Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Angels and Padres until May, when his 10-and-5 rights kick in and his approval will be needed for any deal.  Since Young requested the trade, I'm guessing he'll be flexible if the Rangers do find a match.  It may be in their best interest to hang on to him with Beltre on the mend from a calf injury.