Baseball’s Longest-Tenured GMs

Ever wonder which GMs have held their positions the longest? Or how many GMs were with their current teams a decade ago? I've compiled the list thanks to Baseball America's executive database. It shows how long GMs have been with their current teams, not when they got their first gig running a team. That list would look different, with Andy MacPhail, Dave Dombrowski and Sandy Alderson at the top (I'm using the term 'GM' loosely; some of the executives below have different titles on their business cards). 

The Bay Area has baseball's two longest-tenured GMs, two of the five people on this list to have held their current job for more than a decade. There's been lots of turnover in the past five years, as more than half (17) of baseball's GMs were hired in that time. Here's the complete list:

  1. Brian Sabean, Giants, 1996
  2. Billy Beane, Athletics, 1997
  3. Brian Cashman, Yankees, 1998
  4. Dan O'Dowd, Rockies, 1999
  5. Kenny Williams, White Sox, 2000
  6. Larry Beinfest, Marlins, 2002
  7. Dave Dombrowski, Tigers, 2002
  8. Jim Hendry, Cubs, 2002
  9. Doug Melvin, Brewers, 2002
  10. Theo Epstein, Red Sox, 2002
  11. Jon Daniels, Rangers, 2005
  12. Andrew Friedman, Rays, 2005
  13. Ned Colletti, Dodgers, 2005
  14. Dayton Moore, Royals, 2006
  15. Andy MacPhail, Orioles, 2007
  16. Bill Smith, Twins, 2007
  17. Ed Wade, Astros, 2007
  18. Neal Huntington, Pirates, 2007
  19. Frank Wren, Braves, 2007
  20. Tony Reagins, Angels, 2007
  21. John Mozeliak, Cardinals, 2007
  22. Walt Jocketty, Reds, 2008
  23. Jack Zduriencik, Mariners, 2008
  24. Ruben Amaro, Jr., Phillies, 2008
  25. Mike Rizzo, Nationals, 2009
  26. Alex Anthopoulos, Blue Jays, 2009
  27. Jed Hoyer, Padres, 2009
  28. Kevin Towers, Diamondbacks, 2010
  29. Chris Antonetti, Indians, 2010
  30. Sandy Alderson, Mets, 2010

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