Heyman On Pujols, Reyes, Feliz

SI's Jon Heyman leads his latest column with a discussion of Albert Pujols' impending free agency.  Three GMs Heyman spoke to speculate that Pujols will re-sign with the Cardinals after the season.  One significant factor could be the lack of involvement from the Yankees and Red Sox, big spenders who already have long-term solutions at first base.  A Yankees person told Heyman there was "no chance" of a pursuit, while a Red Sox person agreed that his club is unlikely to get involved.  Cardinals GM John Mozeliak didn't have much to say on the topic, other than, "Nothing's changed."  On to Heyman's other notes…

  • Mozeliak told Heyman the Cardinals "have a pretty good idea" of what they'll do when Adam Wainwright's two-year, $21MM club option comes up after the season.  Heyman takes that to mean that the Cardinals will pick up the option, the expected course of action.
  • Heyman feels that the Cubs and Orioles could be possibilities for free agent Kevin Millwood, though I heard yesterday that it's doubtful the Cubs get involved.
  • One Giants person said, "There's nothing to it," regarding the recent Jose Reyes speculation.  Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News explained today that "If any conversations have happened at all, it’s nothing more than tire kicking."  That makes sense, since trading season begins about two months from now.  For a look at who the Giants might have to give up to get Reyes at that point, click here.
  • Heyman finds the Rangers likely to move Neftali Feliz into the rotation next year, despite the righty's recent comments.  Heyman feels that a strong free agent closer market is a factor.
  • The Tigers have decided this will be Joel Zumaya's last year in Detroit, according to Heyman.  That was written prior to today's report that Zumaya will have exploratory elbow surgery.

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  1. tjpraw 4 years ago

    Can only picture Reyes being traded if Sandy Alderson was blown away with an offer from either Boston, San Fran, or the Angels. I think Sandy taking a small market mentality with the Mets may burn him in the end. Give Reyes the season and see if he wants to sign for a hometown discount.
    Pujols is screwed. He may not get the big payday he wants due to the yanks with Texiera and Boston with Adrian. I think Albert has proved he should be making around A-Rods salary.

  2. Jason Klinger 4 years ago

    LMAO at the idea the Yankees and Red Sox won’t pursue Pujols because they already have 1st basemen. Something tells me that both clubs might be just a *tad* interested in the game’s best player.

    • RonWashingtonISinsane 4 years ago

      Well both may very well not unless they want to take a gold glove 1B and either put him in the DH slot full time or in a outfield spot, which could happen. No doubt they’ll probably go after him even though he doesn’t really fit either team position need wise.

      • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

        I know its highly unlikely but if Manny Ramirez could do a decent job in LF at Fenway, why couldn’t Pujols? Drew leaves after this season so Crawford could move to RF and the Sox have 55 million coming off the books.

  3. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    Regarding the Pujols story, I can understand why Heyman would choose to focus on the Yankees and Red Sox for their deep pockets, but come on, it’s Pujols. Setting aside the Cards and those two, out of the 27 remaining, 25 could, and probably would, make themselves suitors.

    The Mets and Dodgers are just too financially clusterf***ed to make any bid, if he becomes a free agent.

    It would be kinda funny if Pujols continued to hit the way he has in April for the season.

  4. Ian_Smell 4 years ago

    I would love for Zumaya to play for the Pirates. Make it happen Neal!

    • Pawsdeep 4 years ago

      That assuming he will actually PLAY for the team who signs him…

      I doubt e will ever throw anoter pitch in the majors, and even if he does, you sure as hell won’t see that 100mph fastball anymore….

    • Pawsdeep 4 years ago

      That assuming he will actually PLAY for the team who signs him…

      I doubt e will ever throw anoter pitch in the majors, and even if he does, you sure as hell won’t see that 100mph fastball anymore….

  5. Can’t see the Orioles being interested in Millwood, though they liked his role as teacher last year. The current starting five will be joined by Matusz and Duchscherer (yeah, yeah) soon, off the DL. Plus, Simon, VandenHurk, Patton and others are at Norfolk, providing some quad-A depth. Who from that group should lose innings to Millwood?

    • Duke won’t pitch this year. I just have a feeling. And bringing in a guy who averaged 6 InnP per start (last year) would help the team. Only Guthrie and Britton are over 5 InnP per start of the current 5.

      Simon won’t be in the majors till maybe Sept. Patton and VandenHurk aren’t going to be major leaguers unless there is an issue in the bullpen.

  6. woadude 4 years ago

    Lets seem Mr Zumaya….hmmm exploring your elbow here I can see the problem right here, its junk and is this bubble gum? looks like that was holding this part here together and what is this? It appears to be some sort of note…It reads it isn’t 2006 anymore….

  7. tjpraw 4 years ago

    A big factor will be will Wainwright even be able to maintain the velocity and curveball after the surgery? Every pitcher is different as far as outcome of the surgery.

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