McLane Agrees To Sell Astros To Jim Crane

It won't be long before the Astros have a new owner. After 19 years of ownership, Drayton McLane confirmed to Brian McTaggart of that he has agreed to sell the Astros to a group led by Houston businessman Jim Crane. Though the sides are finalizing details and it will take weeks for MLB to approve the pending sale, McLane is confident the deal will be completed.

"We have an understanding, and Jim's an honorable person, and I am, too," McLane said. "We have an overall agreement, but things come up."

McLane had been negotiating exclusively with Crane and the sides have agreed on a price, reportedly about $680MM. McLane hopes to make an announcement by the middle of next week. Houston attorney Kenny Friedman, the father of Rays executive Andrew Friedman, also had interest in buying the Astros.


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  1. sdsuphilip 4 years ago


  2. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Here’s hoping Crane didn’t shoot his wad just on the purchase and wont turn the team into a AAA affiliate instead of upgrading the roster.

  3. woadude 4 years ago

    Don’t be jealous Dodger fans, your team will be sold too, and Mets fans, your time will come too.

  4. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    This is so odd. Ppl always complain about the posts being dominated by the Yanks or Red  Sox and here you have an important move that will greatly affect the future for the ‘Stros and only 4 comments? Where are all the anti-McLane fans?  

    • ellisburks 4 years ago

      There were probably 300 comments but they were all blocked by the evil empire and sox nation! what mean people we are.

    • Yes, McLane was a little too involved, but his record while owning the Astros is not great, but not as bad as people think. The highs have been really high, but the lows were/are really freaking low. I’m excited about this. 

  5. ellisburks 4 years ago

     As for the news, I am glad that they have new owners. It would be nice to see them return to their glory years. They were fun to watch.

  6. stroh 4 years ago

    Most of us Astros fans are holding on our comments until we see what changes will be made.  We are just shellshocked with the turn of events over the last 5 years.   The entire management team and 90% of the roster needs to go.   If that doesn’t happen, a new owner does not mean anything. 

    • AstrosWS20 4 years ago

       You got that right I’m trying to keep my emotions in check until it actually happens. I’ll exploded once though, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! The best thing to happen to the Astros and maybe even Houston sports in the past 6 years!

  7. coldgoldenfalstaff 4 years ago

    Changes have to be made.

    IMO the roster isn’t all bad, but Ed Wade and his bad FA acquisitions need to go.

    McLane was a large part of the problem. Here’s hoping Jim Crane gets it and hires top flight baseball minds and give them free rein to do their jobs without meddling.

  8. rovert22044 4 years ago

     As happy as I am to see the Astros being sold, I’m not TOO happy about who they sold it to. I was really wanting them to sell them to Friedmen, son of the Rays GM. Would have been nice!

    I guess we will see how Jim Crane does.

  9. towney007 4 years ago

     His first order of business should be finding a new GM. 

    • rovert22044 4 years ago

      I disagree. Ed Wade is an amazing GM; one of the best in the MLB. The reason he hasn’t been doing good is because he has been limited by McLane. Now that we have a new owner, we can start making the moves necessary and I believe Ed Wade is the best at doing that. (Referring to rebuilding a team)    

      • coldgoldenfalstaff 4 years ago

        Wade did do a good job rebuilding the Phillies and gets decent value in trades but his eye for free agents is awful.

        I’d rather the Astros invest more in the draft and international signings than pay a premium for questionable talents in Hall, Lyon, Matsui and Blum.

        Perhaps this is due to McLane’s philosophy/influence and he could improve with a more hands-off owner, but frankly I’d prefer to see a change here.

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