Stark On Beltran, Jimenez, Millwood

The latest from ESPN's Jayson Stark

  • The addition of two playoff teams could have a big effect on the American League, with certain clubs being able to aim for 89 or so wins.
  • The Mets seem more eager to trade Carlos Beltran than Jose Reyes or David Wright, says Stark, perhaps with a June deal possible for the outfielder.  The Mets appear willing to take on a portion of Beltran's $18.5MM salary to improve the return.
  • Stark says "don't be surprised" if the next labor deal makes DUIs grounds for suspension.  Yahoo's Jeff Passan tweets that Shin-Soo Choo's Monday DUI makes it six already for MLB players this year. 
  • Several scouts feel that Ubaldo Jimenez's shoulder is bothering him, despite the team's denials.  Jimenez hasn't been very impressive in any of his four starts this year.
  • An official of one team that monitored Kevin Millwood feels that he "might be done" and his stuff has regressed.  Millwood hopes to sign this week after opting out of his Yankees contract Monday.

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