Williams On Dunn, Swisher, Peavy

The White Sox are 11-21, already 10.5 games behind the Indians, despite a franchise-record payroll of $126MM. Not only that, they got no-hit this week. However, the club was set to become sellers last June before surging and finishing with 88 wins, so the White Sox know turnarounds can happen quickly. Here’s what GM Kenny Williams has to say about his club, via Scott Merkin of MLB.com

  • Though Adam Dunn has struggled mightily so far (3 homers and a .583 OPS), the White Sox remain comfortable with the mindset that led to Dunn’s $56MM deal: “exhaust ourselves to try to get the greatest impact players in tow to try to win a championship.”
  • Constructing rosters is not all about numbers and despite Nick Swisher’s talent, he “didn’t fit” in Chicago, accoridng to Williams.
  • Jake Peavy hasn’t thrown a Major League pitch in 2011 – he’s rehabbing in the minor leagues – but Williams doesn’t regret acquiring him. "He was going to be No. 1," Williams said. "If you have hopes to beat the best in the league, you better have the best in the league facing them. In our assessment, that's what we had to do.”

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