GM Candidate: Tony LaCava

MLBTR's list of general manager candidates introduced 20 people who were identified by their peers as potential Major League GMs. We’re bringing you closer to the candidates with a series of pieces. Today the series continues with Blue Jays executive Tony LaCava. 

If Tony LaCava becomes a general manager, he probably won’t have a particularly hard time assembling a front office. The Blue Jays’ vice president of baseball operations and assistant General Manager has also worked for the Angels, Braves, Expos and Indians in his two-plus decades in MLB front offices and is known by his peers as someone who’s personable and well-connected.

LaCava has interviewed for GM jobs in Pittsburgh and Seattle in the past and some say it’s a matter of when, not if he becomes a GM. He oversees player development and Latin American operations for the Blue Jays, who have one of the top-ranked farm systems in the game. That kind of experience could tempt owners who are interested in replicating Toronto’s aggressive model of talent acquisition.

LaCava started his MLB career as a scout for the Angels in 1989, eventually becoming a cross-checker for them before moving on to Atlanta, Montreal and Cleveland. He remains an active scout to this day – part of his job with the Blue Jays involves evaluating possible trade candidates and reporting back to Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos.

While working with the Expos, LaCava became acquainted with advanced metrics through contact with Baseball Prospectus writers. As a result, he doesn’t shy away from including advanced stats like xFIP and BABIP in his analysis of a player.

A couple of years ago, it appeared that the Nationals might make LaCava their GM, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The next time you hear similar rumors, they could very well come true.

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9 Comments on "GM Candidate: Tony LaCava"

4 years 6 days ago

Selfishly, I hope he stays with the Jays. 

4 years 6 days ago

I’m personally hoping he doesn’t get the job. He’s doing a good job with Anthopoulos in Toronto, and I hope he stays.

4 years 6 days ago

Met Tony a few times, extremely bright baseball mind.. glad BNS mentioned the fact that he’s extremely current with all things sabr. 

4 years 6 days ago

If your staff leaves because of a better opportunity, you know your organization is run well. Selfishly I hope he stays but if he’s deserving, he should get it.

4 years 6 days ago

 Besides, LaCava can build another minor league system for AA to pillage! 

4 years 6 days ago

Even tho I want him to stay and he has done an awesome job. I hope he gets a chance and be a GM somewhere. He and Tinnish will be a GM one day and have earned it.(Look at the Jays farm system from 2 years ago and to now)

Andrew Boone
3 years 10 months ago

I’m an Orioles fan, so I stand to gain from this, given that they’re saying he’s very likely to be hired as the new GM/President in Baltimore. Since almost the day MacPhail stepped down, LaCava has been my first pick to replace him, with Jerry Dipoto as my backup choice, but he is apparently being hired by the Angels for the same job, so he’s off the list, which leaves LaCava as the clear choice, and if the Orioles have a brain cell in their heads (and, yes, I have my doubts), they will bring him here straight away. I really believe this move will be good for our future in Baltimore and I’m glad to hear so many good things about him from Toronto fans. Every day I wake up and I immediately check my internet browser hoping to see that Tony LaCava has been hired by the Orioles. Hasn’t happened yet, but my fingers are crossed…

3 years 9 months ago

LaCava probably deserves a lot of personal credit that AA recieves. I think he’ll be a great GM, which – as other have said repeatedly – will make the Jays’ job even harder.

I think Orioles and Jays fans can unite in hoping for some kind of re-alignment because the AL East will soon have 5 teams which would likely challenge for any of the  divisional titles outside the al (b)east. If you like watching good games, however, then we’re in for a pretty spectacular ~50% of the schedule

3 years 9 months ago

Frankly I was surprised Alex kept LaCava since he was hired by JP, but I think he did as a result of JP’s request. LaCava is a nice guy and an upgrade for Baltimore-of course anyone is. I do hope he takes the job because that will eliminate a problem Alex will have shortly which is how to promote Dana Brown over Lacava. Dana Brown is the real magic of the Jays behind the draft and minor league system-not LaCava.