MLBTR’s GM Candidates

It’s too early to predict with complete accuracy which franchises will be looking for new general managers in the coming months, but it’s fair to assume that an opening or two will emerge, maybe more. In anticipation of these openings MLBTR has surveyed dozens of baseball people about candidates for general manager jobs. Over the course of the past six weeks, Tim Dierkes and I have heard from a diverse collection of voices, including GMs, agents, scouting directors, scouts, former GMs and, we expect, future GMs. 

It's now time to present the resulting list of 20 GM candidates, plus honorable mentions. The list is by no means comprehensive; we acknowledge in advance that the list of qualified GM candidates extends beyond the 28 names below. We have limited the list to those who obtained three votes or more from their peers within the game and we are focusing on the candidates who have yet to accept a permanent GM job. Many former GMs like Josh Byrnes and Paul DePodesta received votes, but we are presenting those who haven't had a full-time gig.  

Here is MLBTR’s inaugural list of the top 20 GM candidates in MLB:

  1. Jerry Dipoto, Senior VP, Scouting & Player Development, Diamondbacks
  2. Rick Hahn, VP, AGM, White Sox
  3. Thad Levine, AGM, Rangers
  4. Ben Cherington, Senior VP, AGM, Red Sox
  5. David Forst, AGM, Athletics
  6. Tony LaCava, VP Baseball Operations and AGM, Blue Jays
  7. Mike Chernoff, AGM, Indians
  8. Bryan Minniti, AGM, Nationals
  9. A.J. Preller, Senior Director, Player Personnel, Rangers
  10. Kim Ng, MLB
  11. DeJon Watson, AGM, Player Development, Dodgers
  12. Al Avila, VP, AGM, Tigers
  13. Damon Oppenheimer, Scouting Director, Yankees
  14. Mike Radcliff, Vice President of Player Personnel, Twins
  15. Bill Geivett, Sr. VP Scouting & Player Development, AGM, Rockies
  16. John Ricco, VP, AGM, Mets
  17. Jeff Kingston, AGM, Mariners
  18. Logan White, AGM, Amateur & International Scouting, Dodgers
  19. Peter Woodfork, MLB
  20. Matt Klentak, Director of Baseball Operations, Orioles

Honorable mentions in alphabetical order: Matt Arnold, Director, Pro Scouting (Rays), Jeff Bridich, Senior Director of Baseball Operations (Rockies), John Coppolella, Director of Baseball Administration (Braves), Dan Jennings, VP Player Personnel & AGM (Marlins), Jason McLeod, VP, AGM (Padres), J.J. Picollo, AGM, Scouting & Player Development (Royals), Shiraz Rehman, Director of Player Personnel (Diamondbacks) and Josh Stein, Director of Baseball Operations (Padres).

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11 Comments on "MLBTR’s GM Candidates"

Just - MLB
4 years 9 days ago

That good ol boy stuff only works for white folks…

let a minority try that  ( see Omar Minaya )  and see how that works out

Infield Fly
4 years 8 days ago

Sin duda alguna, hermano.

I was wondering what happened to you, Just – MLB Metaphors.
Welcome back. ;-D

Just - MLB
4 years 9 days ago

In terms of acquiring/scouting/drafting talent, Omar Minaya is better than anyone on this list…

3 years 11 months ago

Andrew Tinnish, Dana Brown, Tony LaCava and Jay Sartori, all guys in the Jays system, all good enough to be General Managers some day. Not that I want them to, I’d love for all of them to stay with us.

3 years 10 months ago

If I were The Angels I would choose a guy like The D’Backs Jerry DiPoto. if they need a veteran John Hart would be a perfect guy to help Mike Scoscia out.

BK Broiler
3 years 10 months ago

I’ve heard Scott Servais mentioned as a possibility for the O’s job.  He’s Director of Player Development for the Astros, I believe.

I’m encouraged to see that the O’s are also considering LaCava and Jennings from this list (although, GASP, I’ve also heard they are considering Ricciardi).

joe dittmore
3 years 10 months ago

what about theo epstine who looking at gm jobs or brian cashman

joe dittmore
3 years 10 months ago

what about brian cashmen yanks gm who is now a freeagent gm  or theo epstine bosox gm also looking at other gm jobs

3 years 10 months ago

Well you can take Dipoto off that list! LETS GO ANGELS AND ARTE!!!

3 years 9 months ago

Where is Dale Sveum?

3 years 9 months ago

Please tell me you’re joking.