Koji Uehara’s 2012 Option Vests

Koji Uehara hasn't pitched as well as expected since joining the Rangers, but he isn't going anywhere. Uehara's $4MM option for 2012 vested tonight when the right-hander took the hill against the Rays and made his 55th appearance of the season.

Uehara, 36, arrived in Texas with a 1.72 ERA, 11.9 K/9 and 1.5 BB/9 in 47 innings for Baltimore. Yet entering tonight's game, a contest in which he allowed an earned run, he had a 6.23 ERA for Texas. To Uehara's credit, he has a 9K/1BB ratio with his new club.

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11 Comments on "Koji Uehara’s 2012 Option Vests"

4 years 2 days ago

No big, deal. Expecting him to not have problems adjusting to a tougher ballpark (most of his runs have been off HR’s so far) would’ve just been silly.

4 years 2 days ago

Maybe we can get Baltimore to undo the trade since they are unhappy with Davis’ injury. Uehara is a big disappointment.

4 years 2 days ago


4 years 2 days ago

Unhappy? There are some that believe Davis not playing is a GOOD thing.

4 years 2 days ago

Uehara is living out of a hotel right now, and adapting to a new stadium, teammates, weather, and fans.  Give the guy a break.  He’ll be fine.

4 years 2 days ago

Having to deal with all that sucks, but im sure he will deal with it to be in the playoffs…

4 years 1 day ago

He sucked for us too. He gave up key HRs against NYY and it killed us late in games. He is going to give up HRs; but he throws strikes. People up here love him; I don’t.  I’m pissed because I think your management knew the Davis was hurt and didn’t do a damned thing about it. Further, after he told them that there was some “soreness”, they didn’t exam it, didn’t do any MRIs, didn’t do any due diligence and just traded him away. Now, your GM is calling my GM and trying to make good.  McFail is crap and is out the door and is willing to let you guys off da hook, but we know better.  You all sold us a lemon and McFail is stupid for drinking the lemonade. He’s gone and Davis is due for surgery. Surprise! Surprise. Go figure.  Well, Koji will jack you guys over, like your mgmt jacked us over.  He will win some games for you, but he will kill you with giving up HRs at the wrong time!!!

4 years 16 hours ago

we love davis and hunter here

4 years 2 days ago

I’m not sure why people are complaining about Uehara. I tend to think his 1.14 WHIP and 9.3 K/9 are far better indicators of his abilities in less than 10 innings than his ERA.

4 years 2 days ago

Maybe, but when you really need a guy to help out for two months to help you get to the postseason and he stinks it up for a solid month it kind of takes the luster off of the trade.  I don’t care if he is adjusting to new surroundings he has been very disappointing so far.

4 years 2 days ago

Its obvious hes been disappointing so far to some degree, it simply doesn’t matter.

They got him for a year and a half and in particular two potential playoffs.. it wasnt some 4 games down desperation stretch drive.  Their lead has only gone up since the trade despite his struggles, even if they arn’t safe yet.

As long as he rounds into form in time for the playoffs, it really doesn’t matter.  Cliff Lee ring a bell?  With a 10:1 K:BB rate in 9 2/3 innings, theres no reason to believe he won’t.  He has simply hung a few extra pitches in the middle of the zone that got punished. 

I’m pretty sure JD would do the trade again if offered today.  I would.