Padres Claim Hermida; Designate Phillips

The Padres claimed outfielder Jeremy Hermida off waivers from the Reds and designated catcher Kyle Phillips for assignment, tweets's Corey Brock.

Hermida, a 27-year-old former top Marlins prospect, is hitting .319/.400/.524 in 450 Triple-A plate appearances this year.  He definitely seems worth a look.  Hermida will join the Padres Friday and, as Alden Gonzalez notes, will be reunited with another former Marlins prospect in Cameron Maybin.

Phillips, also 27, is struggling in his third Triple-A stint.  The Padres had acquired him from Toronto in a June 2010 trade.

The claim drops the Reds' 40-man roster count to 39, a spot which could be taken by top catching prospect Devin Mesoraco in September.

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  1. Why would anyone ever claim Hermida from anyone else?

    • TartanElk 4 years ago

      Simply due to the fact that the MLB CBA stipulates that, and I quote, “Jeremy Hermida must play for no less than two (2) different organizations, at any level, during any given season.” This is also known as “The Matt Stairs Clause.”

  2. I like this move. Hermida could provide insurance for the Padres younger players going into next year. He’s still only 27 with ‘potential’. I’d look at him more as a LHB off the bench, and a spell for the younger players more than anything. It will remind Padre fans somewhat as another “Venable project”. The difference is, Hermida was one of the best prospects in all of baseball in 2006. 4th overall according to Baseball America, and younger Venable. Having said that, this type of move around this year is very common.

    • slasher016 4 years ago

      Except he’s a free agent after this year, so unless they plan on re-signing him, this is only a benefit for the remainder of the year.

      • Mario Saavedra 4 years ago

        Except he doesn’t have enough MLB service time to file for free agency next year so… not really.

        EDIT: My bad, he did sign an MLB contract this year, so regardless that he didn’t even play in the MLB, he will be a free agent.

      • Yes. Which would still not be uncommon to check in on a player. In Sep no less. The Padres could re-sign him as a LHB off the bench. They need to improve the bench. The Padres could let go of both Venable and Denorfia given the Padres internal options. Again, this move shouldn’t surprise anyone. No guarantees. 

    • Venable is extremely athletic and didn’t play baseball full time until he was 23. So an abnormal career path (late blooming) would have made more sense for him. Hermida was already in the majors at 23. He’s been given tons of opportunities. He just missed. The Padres had one of these in Sean Burroughs.

      • Preaching to the choir. I thought Venable would come into his own.  He primarily focused on basketball that halted his seasoning. He’s been given given ample opportunity also. 

  3. I think the Padres are getting a steal here. He produced day in and day out in Louisville this season and was a complete professional. The guy can absolutely rake and should get a fair share of playing time in SD. Putting him on the bench and playing him once a week would not be good for him as he’s a guy that needs to play to keep his bat hot. He did this year, albeit in triple-A, but the guy will produce for you.

    • He’ll produce in Triple-A?

      • Well, he actually did produce this year in Louisville.  .319/.400/.524/.924 with 17 HR and 55 RBIs.  Pretty good numbers for a guy whose career I thought was dead and buried when he got released by Boston and then picked up by Oakland last year.

    • Hermida has played very well for Louisville which is pitchers park and the International League is far from a hitters league.

      As Padres fans we can hope that he finally lives up to his potential.

  4. good,I like this move. Hermida has a lot potencial, maybe late blooming.

  5. well as many think, the padres are(not in my opinion) a triple a team, so i say why not give him a chance. look what guzman has done with a chance

  6. TheFreak2011 4 years ago

    A recommendation for the Padres front office:  hypnotize all your players into thinking every game is against the Giants.  It’s a sure fire way to win the division.

    Against them, the Pads play like champs; against everyone else, they play like chumps.

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