Astros Notes: Scouts, Crane, American League

The Astros have been around for 50 seasons and they have never lost 100 games. That's going to change this year, once Houston, now 48-95, loses five more contests. Here are today's Astros-related links, as Houston's fans look forward to having the first overall draft pick in 2012…

  • The Astros informed two scouts that their contracts won’t be renewed, Brian McTaggart of writes. Rusty Pendergrass, who signed Hunter Pence, and area scout Lincoln Martin are gone, since the Astros wanted to go in another direction. 
  • Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle says Pendergrass may be the hardest worker he has known and passes along a 2008 column about the scout who signed Pence, Ben Zobrist and others.
  • If Jim Crane's purchase of the Astros falls through, it won't be because of a refusal to move to the American League, Justice writes. It could be a factor in MLB's decision, but there are other, equally complicated issues to resolve.
  • Justice explains why moving to the AL wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Astros fans.

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  1. I think it should say “if” Houston loses five more games, not “once.” Everyone and his or her mother knows that the Astros are garbage, but stranger things have happened.

  2. Pendergrass sounds like a dedicated scout, I wonder what is the real reason he was let go?

    • Guest 4 years ago

      Probably because he had a disagreement with Emperor Drayton. You don’t do that around here, he has the heart of a champion

      • Is he a good scout otherwise?  Maybe my favorite team should look into hiring him.

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Honestly, I couldn’t tell you any more than what was in the article. If we’re being serious, one reason he could have been let go I thought of was because he hasn’t done much lately. But Pence was a really good find; I remember reading about how a lot of teams were scared off by his swing in the draft. And his swing is horrible if you’ve never seen it in person (looks bad on TV too). But he saw enough to stake his name to him, and that really paid off. And Zobrist was a good find as well, obviously

          So I guess he’s solid, but unspectacular. Found some good players but no real home runs like finding a guy like Oswalt in the 23rd(ish) round. Or Pujols in the 9th. Or something like that

          • LadySwing 4 years ago

            lol..You can lead a Horse to water…unspectacular….I think that is very unfair. You know of his accomplishments.. He wins awards for his ability to find the talent…He can only find it..he can’t make them spend money or sign them. There are alot of folks in Houston that are very sad he is gone. A friend of mine told me that Phillie radio was praising his talent and accomplishments. Us die hard astro fans are very disgusted and as quick as good talent is found..they let it get away. Same goes for the scouts. I heard thru the grapevine that Pendergrass’s replacement is someone who has never scouted before. For a losing team does that sound Spectacular to you?  It doesn’t for us either. I am looking forward to seeing where he lands.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            I didn’t say I agreed with the decision, I was just giving my two cents on why he may have been canned. I actually didn’t agree with the decision…and it wouldn’t shock me if this is a case of Drayton either wanting to act like he’s taking action for the team’s poor farm system over the years, or trying to cut corners and save money wherever he can

            My original post on the subject was sarcasm. I absolutely hate Drayton McLane, and give him most of the blame for the current state of the organization. Hopefully, the next owner will know a thing or two about baseball and not be so meddlesome

        • LadySwing 4 years ago

          I don’t believe he is hurting for employment. He is probably prospecting for new talent for a winning team. The other teams are well aware of Pendergrass’s eye for talent.

    • LadySwing 4 years ago

      Dedicated doesn’t even begin to describe him. He lives and breathes baseball..Sometimes it isn’t always about performance. I think you will be hearing alot more about Pendergrass and great finds to come. :)

  3. Dan Wohl 4 years ago

    If I have to read one more writer write about how it’s such a given that the Astros and Rangers will form a strong rivalry I’m going to scream. If it’s such a good idea, why has every other pair of teams in a similar geographic area been intentionally separated into different leagues. This practice makes a lot more sense because it gives fans in the area access to both leagues and maintains a semblance of geographic balance between the two leagues. And plus, wasn’t one of the main ideas of interleague play to create the periodic geographic rivalry game? I’m fine with those and think they’re fun but they’re also kind of a gimmick that would almost certainly lose their luster if they happened more than two series a year. Yet everyone is acting like Astros-Rangers is the greatest, most natural idea ever.

    PS The only exception really is the Phillies and Pirates both being in Pennsylvania (not that they are especially close for east coast teams), and their rivalry is totally blah.

    • Patrick Beliveau 4 years ago

      the Pirates and Phils also play in different divisions… so they really dont play each other that much… 9 games a year i think it is? I dunno… 

      Houston moving to the AL West is a bad idea if the only reasoning most people can come up with is because they will create a strong rivalry, and to balance the leagues… 15 teams in each league means someone sitting out a series, or there is interleague play all year, both options… suck.

      Add 2 teams, or drop 2 teams… make it 16/16 or 14/14… or be more creative and drop the 6 division format and come up with something that will be enjoyable for all fans all season long… instead of having the playoffs decided before the beginning of september…

    • The only reason to make such a move is simply logistics.  Both Texas teams have to travel around 1000 miles minimum for every road game.  By putting them in the same league it gives them 18 road games “closer to home”.

      The downside is that other than interleague play fans of NL teams that live in Texas will have to travel a great distance to see a game with their favorite NL team.

      The downside far outweighs the upside IMO.

    • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

      I wasn’t alive for it, but from what I’ve heard, Philly/Pittsburgh used to have a pretty good rivalry when they were in the same division.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

         detroit and toronto used to be a good rivalry as well

  4. woadude 4 years ago

    We already have two California teams, we don’t need two Texas teams in there, It would come down to Texas,Texas, California,California, or uhh Seattle.

  5. TheFreak2011 4 years ago

    I wonder what is going on with Crane, why this approval is taking so long.  Maybe after the McCourt fiasco, the club is being very selective.

  6. Justice doesn’t even like Houston stop posting every blog he posts. He came up with “3 myths” about how al>nl. This is the worst sport writing I have came across in that he contradicts himself from the numerous other articles previously written. My theory is he and Selig had a conversation and Selig has a rat in the Houston Chronicle named Justice. He promised Justice a MLB job if he can convince Houston to leave the NL. Why do us fans not get to vote for such a drastic move? When we play the West coast teams the games don’t end till Midnight how are you going to convince us that staying up an hour later to watch us play the pitiful Mariners is a good idea?!

    • MadmanTX 4 years ago

      I’d like to agree with you and won’t defend Justice but the truth is that Justice is more like a bipolar propaganda minister for Uncle Drayton. He rah rahs for Drayton’s wonderful job trying to tell Houston fans “you went to the World Series in 2005…that’s enough for you” while Drayton allows the Phillies traveling GM, Ed Wade, to dismantle the team and ship it back to Philly. All the while, Drayton sits in his fuhrer bunker playing fantasy baseball.

      Occasionally, Justice will bite the hand that feeds him and bash Drayton, but it sounds like a feeble attempt to ingratiate himself to his critics who flame his articles constantly.

      Bottom line is that Justice is like Peter Gammons gone schizo and just as worthless.

      • Dont get me wrong I like reading his commentary and like or hate it I come back for more. Him flip flopping on what I would say 90% Astros fans who do not want to leave The NL Central. This article referenced should be deleted as it owes no attention.

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