NL West Notes: Rockies, Stewart, Darnell, Giants

Some NL West notes for Sunday evening..

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  1. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    i dont care if ian stewart isn’t looking for a change of scenery. he will be non-tendered

  2. Bled Orange 4 years ago

    Is de la rosa expected to be back in time for next season? He was lookin really sharp this year. Not that that is enough pitching but he would be a great 2 spot

    • 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

       not sure, but this would be a pretty good rotation for next year:

      1. Garza
      2. De La Rosa
      3. Chacin
      4. Pomeranz
      5. Millwood/Hammel/Nicasio

      • diehardmets 4 years ago

        I have a feeling Garza would get lit up at Coors.

        • gunsnascar 4 years ago

          not like millwood atleast garza isnt a fly ball pitcher like millwood and millwood seems to have done well there.

  3. bpot92 4 years ago

    why would the cubs trade garza? They need good starters desperately and he is one of the few worth keeping, especially after what they gave up to get him,they would need to at least get that or close to that since he has one less year of control, to even consider trading him . If they did trade him it would signal a full rebuilding mode since he is the closest thing to a number 1 that they have and no top prospects close to contributing.

  4. gunsnascar 4 years ago

    The cubs wont trade garza unless the haul is as good or better than what they gave up to get him, BUT they could have zambrano for tulo if you wish.
    The rockies trading tulo is as silly as the cubs trading garza and getting peanuts in return.

    • bigpat 4 years ago

      They will NEVER get an offer of as many prospects they traded to get Garza, and the last sentence is just silly. Garza is one year from free agency, and their moronic GM cleaned out the farm to get him, not similar to Tulo in the least. A new front office will want to do things their way and may elect to rebuild and trade Garza, not that far out of an idea. A new GM won’t be thinking about what they traded for him, they are starting anew.

  5. bigpat 4 years ago

    The Rockies will acquire Matt Garza for Pomeranz and Alex White… 

  6. How about not trading Jimenez?
    Then with the +/- $17 Mil they have to play with after declining Cook’s option, go after CJ Wilson and try to trade for a Garza or Wandy or please someone better.
    Oh wait they already traded their ace, a controlled & extremely cost effective option at the top of the rotation…for 4 unproven players..I tell you what…blame yourselves in the front office for the weak rotation.  The money coming off the books could have seriously improved the rotation next year to look something like this:

    CJ Wilson
    De La Rosa

    I would take this any day over what we’ve go going now.
    Pomeranz looks ok, but he’s no Jimenez…atleast not yet and he may never be.

    And please please please, this offseason…Do NOT go out and pick up a bunch of mediocre declining “band-aid” players that were good once and may be looking for that last gasp freak season before they call it quits.

    If you’re not going to significantly improve the rotation, go the other way…get so much offense that I could go out there and give up 8-10 runs and the Rox would still outscore their opponents.. Make a big splash with proven players.

    Trade for David Wright or sign Aramis Ramirez = solving your 3rd base merry-go – nowhere problem

    Do what it takes to get Prince Fielder.
    Love Todd Helton, but he does have a 2012 option that can be declined.
    Perhaps work out a deal with him to make him an assistant manager/part time player.
    This will allow him to play and begin to groom him and keep him with the organization.

    See if Reyes would consider shifting to 2nd base and go after him

    If you can’t get dominating pitching, pound the ball with overwhelming offense…just like the good old days @ Coors!!

    Not sure what else to’s been a pretty disappointing season..I just want to see this team dominate and some of the moves I’ve seen this season suggest that they will continue to frustrate me. 

    • $1529282 4 years ago

      I’m sure if the Rockies had unlimited funds and the deepest farm system in the NL, then your scenario would be no problem.

      Really, sign Prince AND Reyes, and then either sign Aramis or trade for Wright? Good lord how much can one person dream?

      And Helton doesn’t have an option for 2012. He restructured his deal into a two-year, guaranteed extension. He’s signed at $4.9M. But, in your dream world, the near $10M they still owe him is such a pittance that they can just DFA him, release him, and not worry about such an inconsequential amount of the PR nightmare that situation would result in.

      • My apologies, I did not mean for that to sound like the Rockies should or could swing any or all of those players.  One of those position players would be a great boost…but perhaps they could make trades etc. to get 3-4-5 starter types to fall back on if the younger guys don’t pan out.  I’m sure that none of the above will happen..I was so excited to hear about Michael Young last year and then nothing happened.  I would just like to see the Rockies make a big move and surprise me for once in a good way.

    • Bled Orange 4 years ago

      Well that’s a pretty unrealistic to be able to grab all those guys bit that would be an awesome rotation. I’m not sure if ubaldo is gunna be an an ace.

      I’m not sure if the giants are going to resign johnathan Sanchez so there is another possible 2 or 3 spot guy

  7. progmatinee 4 years ago

    Trading Ubaldo was the 1 good move the team has made in 2 years. Should have traded Atkins after the 2008 season and Hawpe after the 2009. At least they didn’t sit and watch Ubaldo collapse before their eyes…oh wait, he did.

    Probably erred a little in not trading Ubaldo before the season started.

    • I agree on the Hawpe & Atkins moves, but I believe that they just gave up on Jimenez way to soon.  Not sure how you can trade away a guy that won 19 games, pitched the franchises’ only no hitter, and is still young with up side.
      They sold low on him and I really hope what they got in return ends up being worth it like the result of the Matt Holiday trade.

  8. bmoneyy20 4 years ago

    if the cubs trade garza it better be quality over quantity

  9. bpot92 4 years ago

    I’m just saying that they would need to get a god enough haul that probably included a top pitching prospect and hitting prospect that has some upside. Obviously we wouldn’t get two top prospects but a top pitching and a high upside/high risk player plus some others like who the cubs gave up would be needed.

  10. bpot92 4 years ago

    I agree that they probably can’t break even due to one less year of control and a higher salary, plus the cubs gave up a decent amount of good but not great prospects. They could probably grab one stud or a couple good guys that either need a change of scenery or they have upside they are  just not near the bigs yet. The cubs desperately need pitching though so if they do trade garza i feel like they would need that stud to be major league ready starting pitching.

  11. gunsnascar 4 years ago

    If the cubs had a better offense this year and a decent defense behind garza this year he would have 16-18 wins this year. So why not expect something big in return if the cubs were dumb enough to trade him. Garza should be traded if the cubs could get a high upside 5 tool type player that plays 3rd or 1st base and a very high upside starting pitcher that is at aa or aaa this year.

  12. bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

    There is no way Arenado is traded after the year he had in Modesto and the fact that 3B is empty in the entire organization. He is one of the last prospects the Rox would consider trading.

  13. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    Arenado projects to strike out once every 100 AB’s in the big leagues, but since he has average BB rates the prospect evaluators sour on him. prospect evaluators LOVE high k high bb position players, so arenado doesn’t fit their criteria.

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