Red Sox Designate Drew Sutton For Assignment

The Red Sox swapped out utility men today, designating Drew Sutton for assignment to open a 40-man roster spot for Nate Spears, tweets WEEI's Rob Bradford.

Both players were signed by the Red Sox to minor league deals in December.  Sutton bounced up and down with the Red Sox this year, and then dislocated his finger and needed surgery last month.  The 28-year-old hit .315/.362/.444 in his 60 plate appearances with the big club and has a .295/.382/.476 line at Triple-A.  This year he's played all around the infield and at the outfield corners.

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5 Comments on "Red Sox Designate Drew Sutton For Assignment"

3 years 11 months ago

This guy might be a good pickup for a National League team.

3 years 11 months ago

I would personally rather have Sutton at the plate in a pressure situation, going down the stretch, than Jackson.  Nuff said.

3 years 11 months ago

Sutton is a much better player than Spears, having seen both at Pawtucket. Mistake on Epsteins part.

Tom Mix
3 years 11 months ago

I just don’t get it. The man hits .300+, plays every where adequatly, doesn’t complain when the Sox send him back down despite doing so well as to have earned a spot on the 25 man let alone 40 may roster, and yet he is released.  I just don’t get it.  Then they go out and get Connor Jackson who  is “hitting” .220 something with little power and a glove to equal his mighty bat.  So, Jackson helps, Sutton hurts?  I guess I just have never understood the value of guys who can’t hit, field or run vs those who can.  All this time I had thought hitting .300 to be a good thing.  I clearly must re-evaluate my understanding of baseball.

Phillip Figg
3 years 11 months ago

Some of it may have to do with Sutton’s injury to his finger.  Some of it may also have to do with personal problems with his family.  Drew’s had a tough season lately and while September callups are supposed to be about rewarding minor-league players with some time in the big show, I believe Epstein and Francona wanted to give Spears some major time before the end of the season.  My question is whether Drew’s stats and good play will motivate Epstein into giving Drew another contract next season…?  He definitely deserves another shot.  Anyone’s thoughts?