White Sox Rumors: Cora, La Russa, Buehrle, Quentin

It's time for the White Sox to prepare for life without Ozzie Guillen.  The drama continued today, with Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that the Sox dismissed Joey Cora via text this morning, in lieu of Cora managing the team's final two games.  Cora is expected to join Ozzie in Miami, with pitching coach Don Cooper managing the club today and tomorrow.

  • Tony La Russa isn't interested in managing the White Sox with Kenny Williams as GM, a source tells Cowley.  Cowley says the rumored candidates to replace Guillen are Buddy Bell, Joe McEwing, and Sandy Alomar Jr.  MLB.com's Scott Merkin expects Rays bench coach Dave Martinez to be in the mix as well.  Back in May, Bell told Mark Primiano of South Side Sox he did not want to manage again.  At any rate, Williams says he's already cut the list down to "a few select candidates."
  • Mark Buehrle is making what could be his final start in a White Sox uniform tonight against the Blue Jays, since he's a free agent after the season.  The lefty told Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune he'd like to play two or three more years.
  • "Some people with the White Sox think it's definite" that right fielder Carlos Quentin is traded this winter, tweets Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.  Quentin would be appealing given his .254/.340/.499 line this year and the thin market for bats.

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  1. rockfordone 4 years ago

    Williams should hire Dave Martinez – Let Buehrle go(take his money and find a closer) and trade Quentin to the Braves for Minor.

    • disgustedcubfan 4 years ago

      Quentin is a china doll who’s contract is up after next year. Why would the Braves give up a good young pitcher for that?
      After tonight, the next Buehrle sighting will be in Florida, running sprints in the outfield, with his new Cardinal teammates.

    • jwsox 4 years ago

      The white sox have a closer who is cheap and very good in Santos.

      • Then why Sale is still getting opportunties in getting saves?  I thought he was to move into the rotation, but I rather have him than Santos.

  2. dc21892 4 years ago

    This is a good chance for the White Sox to make some coaching adjustments, getting fresh faces in and sparking the team for next season.

    • whitesoxfan424 4 years ago

      This is a good chance? They don’t have a choice now.

      • dc21892 4 years ago

        You can put it like that, but they do have a choice as to who they pick going forward.

    • Trent Steele 4 years ago

      Prediction: everyone but Dr. Cooper loses their jobs.

      • schnufus 4 years ago

        I agree, I hope Coop stays. As a fan, I would love to see Big Frank get a WhiteSox job.

  3. I really hope Alomar gets the job.

  4. John Kappel 4 years ago

    I want Frank Robinson. 

  5. For all of you dumb white sox fans who commented on this article. Lets not trade Quentin for an average pitcher like Minor. I think the Sox have more then enough pitching and plenty of bullpen guys. Lets get rid of Greg Walker and Kenny Williams. Its great that Cora and Ozzie are out and lets bring back Buerhle.  Lets not hire Dave Martinez and lets hire Ryne Sandberg or Sandy Alomar. Kenny should have gone before Ozzie. None of the players like him thats a part of the reason why Peavy vetod the trade the first time.

    • disgustedcubfan 4 years ago

      Given the fact that Sox fans despise everything that has to do with the Cubs, do you think Sandberg would be welcomed on the south side? The last thing Kenny wants to do now is piss off the remaining Sox fans even more.

      • WhiteSoxHomer 4 years ago

        Most White Sox fans do not despise everything Cubs related, mostly just the annoying fans. That being said I think that he would be welcomed but I dont see the White Sox going for an inexperienced Manager right now. We still have a good shot at the playoffs next year with only a few changes. 

  6. dawgpaddlez 4 years ago

    I’d kill for mighty McEwing to be my teams manager

  7. soxxy 4 years ago

    What about Rick Hahn taking over as General manager, give Kenny another position?  I think they should have Sale as the closer, and use Santos as the set up guy.  They have to sign Buerhle, he deserves to finish his career, World Series, 1 no hitter, 1 perfect game,  They have to turn this team around, it all starts with pitching which we have, now get somebody that can fix the offense.  Not bringing back Buerhle would be huge mistake, I think they’ll work it out.

  8. Honorey 4 years ago

    They should have gotten rid of Kenny Williams.  He’s the one who brought in the dead weight.  Rios, Peavy, and Dunn were all his money-wasting picks, and and at least two out of three of them brought the team down this year.  Let’s not forget he gave away Hudson, and for what?  Edwin Jackson, who’s not even here anymore.  He did a horrible job this year and should have been fired.  Put Rick Hahn in as GM and hire Tony LaRusa and save what’s left of the White Sox before Kenny completely destroys them.

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