Arbitration Eligibles: Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks are next in our arbitration eligibles series.

Hammock ($900K), Burroughs ($600K), and Owings ($800K) are likely non-tender candidates.  Hammock was barely on the Diamondbacks' 40-man roster, so they probably won't feel the need to keep him there.  Burroughs was outrighted in June and re-added, so he could be expendable.  And while Owings was useful on the surface, he's a pitcher the team could non-tender and try to re-sign to a minor league deal.

Parra, a potential Super Two, projects to earn $1.7MM.  Roberts projects for the same, and we have Ziegler at $1.8MM.  Montero should make a decent buck at around $5.3MM.

We project Saunders for $8.7MM, which might be high for an innings guy who shouldn't be expected to repeat his 3.69 ERA.  D'Backs GM Kevin Towers indicated recently that a non-tender or trade is possible, depending on the team's budget and their confidence in their younger pitchers.  I think Towers would find a team willing to tender Saunders a contract.

If Parra, Roberts, Ziegler, Montero, and Saunders are retained, the total should be around $19.2MM.  If Willie Bloomquist and Henry Blanco return at their mutual option prices, players under contract will earn $30.758MM for a total of about $50MM before accounting for minimum salary players.  A return to the $70MM payroll range would leave around $20MM in flexibility, with the subtraction of Saunders potentially bringing that amount closer to $29MM.

Towers told Nick Piecoro he doesn't see "big, big needs" for his team but wouldn't rule out the right marquee player.  As a team free of eight-figure commitments, the D'Backs have the flexibility to make a major addition this offseason.

Matt Swartz contributed to this post.

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  1. just a guess, but i doubt we’ll see any major brand names here in az.

  2. I don’t think Burroughs or owings will be nontendered. Both were major role players. Burroughs was second in pinch hits and aside from that 5 run inning, owings was a pretty good longman

  3. While it seems difficult to see KT going for a big money guy, I could almost see him going for an Aramis Ramirez or (more likely) signing another big bullpen arm as long as it doesn’t handcuff him when it comes to extending players such as Montero to long term deals.

  4. No Neck 4 years ago


    spoilers: bust…

  5. No Neck 4 years ago


    spoilers: bust…

  6. Allen Snyder 4 years ago

    I don’t see where they would add a big dollar bat, they are pretty much set in the field.  1st – Goldschmidt, 2nd – Hill, SS – Drew, Bloomquist, 3rd – Roberts, LF – Parra, CF – Young, RF – Upton.  I don’t know what Hill’s status is (is he a free agent?) but I could possibly see them adding a high profile guy there, they’ve been looking for a long term 2nd basemen for years.  I could also see them possibly getting a big time 3rd basemen and making Roberts a utility man, but I think Roberts has earned the right to be the everyday 3rd baseman.  The starting rotation is crowded as it is with Kennedy, Hudson, Saunders, Collmenter, Parker, Bauer, and Skaggs.  If they can possibly trade two of those young guys (not named Kennedy, Hudson, or Bauer) for a top the rotation ace type of guy, then I might do that.  I don’t see that happening though.  If anything, I think Towers will spend money to get a set up man in the bullpen and make Hernandez the 7th inning guy.  I say add to the bullpen and save the money for when we really need it.

    • I really liked the Dbacks this year and think Upton is great. But i do not share your high hopes. First Aaron Hill has a big option for 8 mil that will not be picked up, so now you have 1B Goldschmidt (hardly and proven commodity) 2b Bloomquist (more utility than everyday) SS Drew if healthy, 3B Roberts (same as 2B), LF Parra (4th outfielder) CR-RF Young and Upton are set and good, but it seems as of they need some big upgrades elsewhere in the lineup. Then pitching Kennedy is very good but there is a huge chance for regression Hudson is a good 3-4 type guy and then you are just going to count on Parker, Bauer and Skaggs with nothing to go on. As far as a trade what Ace level pitchers are available? If they think they are set and stand pat this team could lose 95 games next year. and for Ryan Roberts .249/.341/.427 is hardly and everyday thirdbaseman

      • Allen Snyder 4 years ago

        Parra, potential gold glover and the most consistent bat in the lineup this year is a 4th outfielder?  Couldn’t disagree more there.  I did not know about Hill’s contract situation, but I have heard they want to bring him back, which they could easily do without having to pick up that option.  Are you really going to go out and shell out a bunch of money for a big time first baseman with a prospect like Goldschmidt, who has produced down the stretch in a playoff race, sitting there?  I think not.  As far as Roberts, I said myself they could possibly look for someone to start in front of him, but a .250 average is the average across MLB and his production numbers with HR’s and RBI’s are well above average, especially for a bottom of the lineup guy.  So really, there’s no reason to look to replace him.  Your assertion that they will lose 95 games next year if they stood pat is ridiculous, especially with a young team that found their stride and stabilized over the last couple months of the season.   There’s no reason to mess with a lineup that was in the top 3 or 4 in National league production this year.  I can pretty much guarantee that they’re not going to mess with the starting pitching rotation.  They will just be looking to improve the bullpen and will easily be in contention again next year.  95 losses…LOL

      • Allen Snyder 4 years ago

        And oh, by the way, since you’re so into Ryan Roberts’ stats…he was in the top 5 among national league 3rd basemen in Doubles, Home Runs, RBI’s, Stolen Bases (number 1 there actually), and Runs (oh he was number 1 there also).  You’re right, hardly an everyday third baseman…

        • Allen Snyder 4 years ago

          OH! And I almost forgot, he was also numero uno in Walks…again, not everyday third basemen type of numbers

          • I agree with you that Tatman had a great season last year, he was a spark plug and a great surprise.  However, I question whether he can keep it up next year.  He had a career year this year and I see him as a big question mark going into next season.  He’s a fan favorite and he’s cheap so I imagine he’ll still get the chance to keep 3rd base.  He’s the type of player who gets really down on himself if he’s playing poorly and I think coupled with the extra expectations that could be a bad combo. 

            All in all I think if the Dbacks are gonna spend money this off-season it’s gonna be on further improving the bullpen, but if they add any position players it has to be at 3rd base.  Roberts can play 2nd base if they don’t sign Hill and if they do he can resume his super utility role. 

  7. Boy, Joe Saunders would make a whole lot of sense for the Indians if the D’Backs send him off like Pittsburgh did for Zach Duke.

  8. southpawryno 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Saunders nontendered, or traded for a low-potential prospect, and Towers signing a veteran LHP like Francis or Chen

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