Cafardo On Epstein, Red Sox, Sabathia, Rays

If Theo Epstein winds up taking the Cubs' GM job, then the spotlight again will be directed at Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.  Even if the club tabbed longtime exec Ben Cherington as general manager, it would take time before Cherington would have complete control over the operations.  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • There's growing sentiment that C.C. Sabathia will opt out of his contract with the Yankees.  The Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Tigers, and Giants are among the usual suspects if the lefty hits the open market.  Boston, however, might have doubts about Sabathia.  Cafardo wonders if the front office would take on another sizeable pitching contract and add another overweight pitcher.
  • The Rays will be able to make their rotation even scarier by adding 22-year-old Matt Moore to it.  Tampa Bay also has righty Alex Cobb and lefty Alex Torres ready for the majors.  The Rays could parlay their pitching depth into offense by trading Cobb, Torres, Jeff Niemann or Wade Davis if need be.
  • The feeling is that Padres skipper Bud Black has a real chance of becoming the Angels next GM.  Black, who is good friends with Mike Scioscia, doesn’t have front office experience but has a pitching expertise that would make him valuable in that position.
  • Former Mets GM Omar Minaya thinks that Willie Randolph, Chip Hale, Tim Wallach, and Ryne Sandberg would all be good fits to manage in Boston.  Minaya is currently an analyst for the MLB Network and is mulling over a few offers to return to baseball as an adviser to a GM.  He expects to make a decision as the winter unfolds.
  • Red Sox third base coach Tim Bogar could be retained when a new manager is named.  There has also been speculation that Bogar is a candidate for bench coach under new White Sox manager Robin Ventura.  Cafardo gives the White Sox credit for being decisive and hiring Robin Ventura rather than wait for a big name like Tony La Russa.
  • Former Red Sox coach John McLaren is managing the Chinese national team and might be a candidate to become bench coach with the Mets.

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  1. dc21892 4 years ago

    I’m really hoping Theo stays for a long time. As for Sabbathia, he’s only going to opt out for more money so it’ll take a lot for him to leave NY.

    • I see no way that the Yankees let CC get away.  This is A Rod, the sequel.  Only this time, it involves the Yankees’ only reliable and durable starting pitcher.   Even after they lock up CC for a sick amount of money, and way too many years, their primary need is still starting pitching.   Has been for years.  

  2. Dynasty22 4 years ago

    If CC opts-out, I hope the Yankees don’t “A-Rod” him and bet against themselves.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      That’s most likely what’s going to happen. He seems content in NY, and that’s where the most money is going to come from.

  3. xfipMachine 4 years ago

    If I were the Yankees I would be telling CC we would tack on 2 extra years… then when he opts out say, THANKS, ADIOS!

  4. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    would seriously consider sponsoring MLBTR out of my own pocket to get you to not post cafardo’s articles every sunday

    for the greater good

    • JohnnyC 4 years ago

      This is true for almost all the NY and Boston writers. What a bunch of tools.

      • MaineSox 4 years ago

        I’ve made it a rule not to read any of their stuff (along with most all sports writers) the only real exception to that is Alex Speier.  He’s the only one I find worth reading, and he’s actually quite good in my opinion.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          the concerning thing about this article is the worship of lucchino and subtle digs at epstein. cafardo is a dolt so we can’t rule out the possibility that he’s just yammering, but it smacks of the 2005 hit pieces. lucchino already had his old buddy shaughnessy (who could never scoop a story on his own) break the cubs permission news. not good signs

          • MaineSox 4 years ago


            So I decided to actually read this one (probably not a good idea…) My favorite part? “They need to be able to measure heart and desire”

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            serves you right

          • MaineSox 4 years ago

            This just happened

          • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

            HRT and DSR are the newest additions to Sabermetrics.

        • johnsilver 4 years ago

          Good point and hey.. We agree on something there :-) NY and the Boston writers both should attend journalism class and see that being non objective is what it is about to be a journalist. Not a tool as was described above. We are the objective ones… 😉

          A for writers.. Gammons is not too bad, we just have to remember as Boston fans to take what he writes with 5lbs of salt..

    • MaineSox 4 years ago

      We could take up a collection; I’d donate, and I’m sure there’d be others.

    • Grab some pine, meat. 4 years ago

      Like, where does he get that the Giants are among the usual “suspects” it was this kinda talk that got rebuffed by the SF front office the off season that he ended up signing with the Yanks. Why would the Giants be on another list of teams that probably doesn’t exist. Seriously, the last thing they need is to waste money on Sabathia.

      • 55saveslives 4 years ago

        There is Negative 100% chance the Giants are in…

  5. I can’t believe that anyone would hire Minaya.

    And how is he working for ESPN? The man couldn’t complete a full sentence as Mets GM.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      MLB Network.

      • Whoops… the sentiment is still the same. 😛

        • dc21892 4 years ago

          Sure is, lol. I was wondering the same thing, which is why I didn’t respond to anything else and just put MLB Network. 😡

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Minaya would be a great asset in the international scouting, or scouting in general, department for any team. He should be able to tack onto a team rather easily, but I can’t see him being a GM again. 

  6. adropofvenom 4 years ago

    I was just thinking….because Omar Minaya did SUCH a great job of picking managers that we should be asking for his advice on the subject. But I do like Chip Hale. 

    • Managers OR players.

      If you want advice on how to let your assistants undermine your manager, give large contracts to bad or aging players past their prime, you go straight to Omar.

  7. baseballdude 4 years ago

    If the tigers do sign sabathia (which is doubtful) The top two of the tigers rotation will be really good with verlander and sabathia.

  8. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    Verlander and Sabathia?! A man can dream…

    • Grab some pine, meat. 4 years ago

       On we could all just play fantasy baseball next season.

  9. sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

    the sox article reads like the red sox pr department wrote an article and sent it to cafardo to put his name on it.

  10. slider32 4 years ago

    The Rays might trade Shields for a good hitter like Either or Morse.

    • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

      I would expect another prospect package.

      Plus Ethier’s salary is on the rise and the Nats are probably not interested in trading a low salary guy.

      • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

        Exactly why the Dodgers would like to lose Ethier and get a big Arm like Shields.. But idk about the Rays Payroll so yea

  11. Conconcruz 4 years ago

    Nose porque Boston no contrata mike scioscia que lo cambie por un Novato

  12. BK 4 years ago

    Weaver, CC, Haren, Santana would be pretty scary.

    • Vmmercan 4 years ago

      And with that offense they might lose in Game 5 of the ALDS next year!

      • BK 4 years ago

        Just like top offenses like the Yankees or Red Sox?  Or are we talking about a different sport?  Please advise.

    • As good as that looks, I don’t think the Angels should spend $130 + million, or whatever it’ll take, on one pitcher, even if it is Sabathia… I’d like to see them go after CJ or maybe Yu Darvish, but they might be even better served signing Mark Buehrle, or someone like him… I know that’s not the flashiest name out there, but he’s a solid, consistent starter, and that’s really what the Angels need.  They already have 2 aces in Weaver and Haren, and another almost-ace in Santana…they just need someone reliable in the 4th or 5th spot to team with Jerome Williams, and they’ll have a chance to win every day… THEN, they’ll still have money to focus on upgrading the offense!

    • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

      that would be nice but whats the point if offense cant score runs? there’s a saying “Offense wins games, Defense wins championships” So that would be beast for a short series like the postseason but Angels Need offense man and CC is just to much

  13. Joey E 4 years ago

    i havent seen omar minaya at all on mlb network. i think cafardo has him confused with jerry manuel, who is an analyst on MLBN

  14. I don’t see the Angel’s hiring Black as GM. If so, there wouldn’t be any need to purge the front office as they have. (Flores stated by phone that he was asked to step down so that the new GM could hire who he wanted). Having been a member of the organization for as long as he was, Black has a working relationship with all of those guys.

    • I think they need to go COMPLETELY outside of the organization, and the Angels need someone who is able to stand up to Scioscia when need be.  I don’t think Bud Black’s that guy… There are a ton of interesting names out there, but some of the first few that come to mind are Ben Cherington, Thad Levine, Damon Oppenheimer, and Logan White.  They all have scouting experience, and the first 3 have experience working in an office that combined the best of a strong farm system with big-market money, and at least a fair amount of “winning” trades… that’s the type of GM the Angels need. 

      • I’m rooting for Cherington. I think it’d be a coup to get Cherington & then have Theo jump to the Cubs! I don’t see Theo leaving, but it’d leave Boston reeling.

        • MaineSox 4 years ago

          If Boston has an inkling that Theo is leaving then Cherington isn’t going anywhere; if Cherington leaves Boston doesn’t let Theo go anywhere (he still under contract).  They could probably let both of them go and make Hazen the GM anyway.

  15. rainyperez 4 years ago

    Weird I had a dream that C.C. signed with the Giants. That would be the real dream team rotation wouldn’t it? 

    1. C.C.
    2. Lincecum
    3. Bumgarner
    4. Cain
    5. Vogelsong/Sanchez/Zito

    Whether that becomes a reality that’s another story. But you can always dream can’t you?

  16. Why the hell would the Giants sign CC? Dont they need offense? I mean yea he would make their rotation better but not as much as say prince fielder or jose reyes would make their overall team better.

  17. stovin 4 years ago

    I wonder what the Rays would want for Shields?

  18. Shu13 4 years ago

    Does anyone else wonder why the Dodgers keep getting linked to CC and the same people who say that also say the Giants can’t afford him…..THE DODGERS CAN’T AFFORD HIM

  19. captainjeter 4 years ago

    The Yankees  are not going to play hard ball with their ace. Hal Steinbrenner already said  they will do whatever it takes to improve this team. That means not letting their #1  starter go anywhere.
    Sports  wirters, GMs  and other  team fans who desperately wants CC to opt out  have only one motive. That is to stick it to the Yankees and a  desire to see  them suffer.
    If  that is how the other GMs  and teams feel, kindly give  back the revenue sharing and luxury tax checks  they are receiving   every year thanks to the Yankees.

  20. let him know that any new contract would require weigh-in once a week during the season with -$5,000 for every pound he weighs over 260 every week.  He may stay with the existing contract. 

  21. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    LoL really Angels in on CC.. I got people Bitchn at me that we can’t even afford A-ram and they want CC? LoL btw ANGELS NEED OFFENSE NOT PITCHING!

  22. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    I hope they want to get rid of Martin then the Angels should be in on that!

  23. Lyndsay Thompson 4 years ago

    Why in the hell is Bogar getting promoted??? he sucks at 3rd! send him back to 1st or fire him!

  24. jmcbosox 4 years ago

    careful what you wish for…

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