Draft/Int’l Spending Cap Discussed In CBA Talks

A hard slotting system for the amateur draft is no longer the main issue holding up a new collective bargaining agreement, a source tells Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus (Twitter link).  Still being discussed, however, are caps on both overall draft spending and for international signings.

Negotiations over the slotting system were thought to be the last obstacle to a new deal between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association.  Bud Selig has been vocal about limiting draft bonuses as a way of ensuring that richer teams don't have an advantage in selecting amateur players, while the MLBPA has been equally adamant about retaining amateur players' ability to negotiate the best possible contracts.  It has been reported by Buster Olney that MLB could yield on this issue since the league doesn't want to enter protracted labor negotiations.

A "draft cap" would have to be quite high for the MLBPA to consider anything that would limit player salaries.  A compromise could be an adjustable cap based on draft order, which Goldstein reports is also being discussed.  Teams with poor records and high first-round choices would have more money to sign their picks, whereas successful teams picking near the bottom of the first round would have a smaller draft cap under which to operate.

SI.com's Melissa Segura reported earlier today that an international signing cap could be in the range of $2-$2.5MM, though it wasn't certain if this total was for all international signings or just for those from the Dominican Republic.