East Links: Marlins, Votto, Darvish, Cashman

For the first time since 2005, there isn't a single team from either East division in the LCS round. That just means we're going to be hearing a lot more about them during the hot stove season. Here are some East Coast links…

  • Earlier today we heard that the Reds are expected to listen to offers for Joey Votto, and Joe Capozzi of The Palm Beach Post thinks the Marlins may kick the tires (Twitter link). The Fish are expected to make a splash before moving into their new stadium, and Votto would certainly qualify. Click here for Tim Dierkes' Offseason Outlook.
  • Although the Marlins are expected to be quite active this offseason, Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel (via Twitter) doesn't expect them to be in on Yu Darvish as the club isn't terribly active in Asia.
  • No surprise here, but Yankees GM Brian Cashman says that he still wants to return next season, writes Chad Jennings of The Journal News. Cashman's contract expires at the end of the month, and ESPN's Buster Olney hears (on Twitter) that talks about a new contract are going smoothly. A deal could be done by the end of next week.
  • Jennings looked back at the trade deadline and asked if the Yankees missed an opportunity. He says it's easy to say they did in hindsight, but he agrees when Cashman says "I don't see there was any missed opportunity I could have done differently."

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  1. xfipMachine 4 years ago

    Way to go out on a limb, Goldy

  2. Votto to the Jays. Make it happen AA.

    • xthetouristx 4 years ago

      Why would they give up talent when they could get Pujols without giving any up?  It’s not as though the Jays are a small market.

  3. what can the marlins offer? Morrison won’t cut it

    • WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

      Do the Marlins have Pitching prospects? Bc i remember reading some where that the Reds want a Ace Maybe Josh Johnson? When hes is healthy he is a ace.

      • ARodinyourPujols 4 years ago

        The Marlins won’t trade Johnson. They want to make a splash and make their team better and compete in the first year in the new stadium, trading their ace will not make them better. 

        • xthetouristx 4 years ago

          With his health history, maybe they should trade him for some value.

  4. Ethanator99 4 years ago

    Votto for Hanley and Stanton

  5. I, for one Yankee fan, am happy my team didn’t mortgage its future (?again?) for a trade-deadline move that may well have left us worse off, even in the *short* term. Thinking about what was available out there, and what the Yankee needs were, can any among us reasonably speculate that a trade-deadline deal wouldn’t have included Jesus Montero and, on that basis, can we reasonably speculate that the resulting loss of offense wouldn’t have *cost* us games, rather than picking them up for us?

    • Doug Fister coulda come in kinda handy. Even if just to make him not on the Tigers.

      • trading for Fister just to prevent the Tigers to trade for him? That’s obviously as dumb as it gets.

  6. woadude 4 years ago

    Brian Cashman didn’t miss, his team made the playoffs, and everyone knows that at hat point it is the hottest team, not the most expensive, a GM who missed was Theo Epstein going for that damn discount bin again and getting Bedard instead of Fister, I mean Seattle was just giving away one of the most hottest commodities and you take Bedard?

    • slider32 4 years ago

      I agree, that trade by the Tigers made all the other GMs look bad.

  7. Vmmercan 4 years ago

    East news!?!? Stop ruining the World Series!

  8. brandondc 4 years ago

    Votto to the Brewers for Braun… Makes sense for both teams, assuming Fielder is definitely not returning, and frees up a spot for Alonso at 1B

    • Braun>Votto dude, and besides the Reds won’t take on that extension

      • brandondc 4 years ago

        Not necessarily… Votto is a machine with runners on, he just never has anyone on base with Stubbs and the rotating offensively-challenged shortstops batting 1st and 2nd. He didn’t win MVP for nothing. Braun definitely has him in the stolen bases category, but Votto is better defensively.

    • Have you seen Braun’s contract? A straight-up swap makes no sense for the Brewers….

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Votto is owed 2/$30 whereas Braun, while signed to a longer more expensive total contract, can be had for $30 mil over the next 3 years plus a very reasonable 6/$103 after that. Unless the Brewers plan on blowing the team up in the next 2 years and dumping salary then that deal makes no sense for them. They draw well and they are in the playoffs this year. Braun should be the centerpiece of that team for years to come.

    • mikeclyne 4 years ago

      Make it a 3 team trade – NYY Mil Cin
      Yankees get Braun
      Cin gets Montero
      Mil get Votto and Brackman from Yankees

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        disgustingly delusional

        • vtadave 4 years ago

          Yankees fan…what did you expect?

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          Honestly, I don’t know why the Reds would want to move Votto but if they did I have to imagine they want a young pitcher already demonstrating success at the mlb level. To trade him for nothing but prospects sounds like a major step backwards for a team that was in the playoffs last year.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            i think you nailed the rays as a great suitor. votto is strong defensively and has an MVP bat – the only kind they could tolerate paying for

            they need to move shields after 2012 at the latest, and he could lose value if he regresses next season. if they can agree on some auxiliary pieces (an OFer or a SS), i think it’s a great swap both ways

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Ummm…you’re killin’ me dude.

        No way that deal ever happens. Montero, in a perfect world, ends up being the next Votto and that’s far from a guarantee. Why would the Reds make that deal, especially since the thing they need most is pitching? As far as I know, it’s not a salary dump.

        And Brackman can’t be considered a top pitching prospect anymore. If the Brewers were going to move Braun, who they have control over much longer than Votto and is the face of the franchise, then they need more than Votto even though Votto is a better hitter.

  9. bonestock94 4 years ago

    Trading away Votto is completely nuts

    • xthetouristx 4 years ago

      Not really.  It all depends on what is coming back.  The Reds won’t be able to afford him once his current contract expires.  They could have him for two years and then get two draft picks… or get something shiny for him now.  I could see Michael Pineda, Brandon League, and an outfielder getting it done from the Mariners.  Or Ogando, Feliz, and something small getting it done from Texas.  Either of those packages would be better than 2 draft picks unless the Reds plan on going all in next year or the year after.

  10. What on earth could the Marlins offer the Reds? Morrison and/or Sanchez won’t be enough, and they won’t be including Stanton. Hanley’s not going anywhere and the Marlins farm system is in shambles. Don’t see them selling low on Josh Johnson either…..

    The only logical fit here that I see is Stanton and Nolasco for Votto, and I don’t see it happening. The Reds need pitching and the Marlins just don’t have enough of it…..

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      I think Votto to the Rays makes the most sense. Yes, I understand it’s the Rays and $15 mil is a lot for them but it’s a short deal and Votto could be a difference maker for them next year. They have plenty of pitching to spare also and could probably shoot some salary the other way to offset some money.

      Votto for Hellickson and a couple of prospects? Maybe Hellickson and Upton straight up?

      • Slopeboy 4 years ago

        Now that’s a trade that makes sense! Baker might be the manager to reach Upton and get the most out this talented head case.Votto would add the protection that Langoria needs.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        votto for shields and another piece imo. rays won’t give up hellickson in his second year of service time. shields already costs $4M and will need to be traded next year at the latest

        $17M is a helluva lot for the rays to absorb in 2013, but they’ll be clear of upton’s $5M by then and shields’ money too even if he isn’t the one that goes to the red. they could do it

        re-a-lign! re-a-lign!

        • slider32 4 years ago

          The Rays will have to move out of town and that god awful stadium, the fan base stinks.

        • Votto and Volquez for Shields, Brinac and a certain CF.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            why would the reds want a CF? not on their list of needs. not sure they’d want brignac either, but if they did shields+brignac for votto is pretty close to fair value imo

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          I didn’t include Shields simply because he’s a bonafide ace right now whereas Hellboy still has to prove himself.

      • johnsmith4 4 years ago

        Your suggestion isn’t that outlandish.  It will be similar to Rays trading for Rafael Soriano in his final year of his contract.  The short term lowers the risk of having the high salary and the Rays end up with a 1st round pick and supplemental pick at the end of the contract.

  11. baconz11 4 years ago

    if im the mariners, im offering a package centered around pineda…

  12. Andy Mc 4 years ago

    Henderson Alvarez + Jake Marisnick + Drew Hutchison = Joey Votto?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

       + Escobar or Hech.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        gotta be hech from the jays perspective. opening a hole at short to upgrade at 1B doesn’t make a lot of sense

        • johnsmith4 4 years ago

          It sounds like acquiring a top SS is key to Reds…they might insist on Escobar if they are in a “win now” mode

          • Sniderlover 4 years ago

            They can insist all they want, it just won’t happen. Doesn’t make any sense from Jays perspective since it’s much harder to fill the shortstop position than 1st baseman even though Votto has arguably been the best 1st baseman over the past 2 years.

            They seem to need a LF so I think one of Thames or Snider could make sense in the deal. Hech could too since they have a need for a shortstop.

          • Andy Mc 4 years ago

            No way Escobar is going anywhere. In ‘real’ value, he’s close to Votto, IMO. The Reds could be overwhelmed by the Jays. Something like Alvarez + Drabek + Hechavarria + Thames would be very tough to resist. I’m not sure it would be worth it for the Jays, though. Marisnick and Hutchison should be A prospects, that’s why I suggested Alvarez + those two. 

  13. eyedessert 4 years ago

    The way I understand it, the Reds are merely listening; however, make no mistake just about any deal involving Votto and any player(s) the Marlins would be realistically willing to part with would be an absolute steal for the Marlins. I could see the Marlins parting with Gaby and/or Volstad, who can be an effective pitcher when consistently good. 

    • Walt Jocketty would check the calendar and then suggest beinfest seek mental help

  14. John Cabrera 4 years ago


  15. jwsox 4 years ago

    wow a healthy and focused Hanely, votto, stanton, and L-Mo thats a scary 2-3-4-5 or 3-4-5-6 no matter how you order it (probably hanley-votto-stanton-LOMO) scary and potentially amazing…throw in a bounce back form coughlin, and gabby being gabby the Marlins could be nice team

  16. slider32 4 years ago

    Votto to the Jays for Bautista.

  17. baconz11 4 years ago

    yea i would think a mariners offer of like Pineda, trayvon robinson, and alex liddi would get it done…The reds get their big time SP and then a decent lf prospect that actually can play defense…and then they get a solid 3b prospect who is ready to play now with big time power..

  18. People are really underestimating Joey Votto. He’s a beast at hitting for average, taking walks, and hitting for power. Plus he plays a great 1B according to UZR. I know there’s a lot of good hitting first basemen, but he’s one of the 10 best hitters in the game, with 2 years of control left. It’s going to take a huge package.

    • VadaPinson 4 years ago

      3rd best BA with RISP.  .383 I believe.  The only consistent thing, by far…in that lineup.

      He had barely any protection from Bruce…let alone Rolen.

  19. vtadave 4 years ago

    Niese and Fernando Martinez.


    Mets fans

  20. RP0973 4 years ago

    Joey Votto, I like better the idea of have a player like him that Prince Fielder or Pujols,Pujols is 32 years old and he wants a 10 year contract at 30MM lets say 8 Years at 28 or 30MM steal a 40 year old at youngest by the end of the contract that is crazy Fielder is a better option that pujols he’s youngest and will demand less money bud votto is a better player all around,trade Nolasco,Volstad and cougland to get him

  21. VadaPinson 4 years ago

    The Reds would want Shields and Hellickson….maybe a position player, but I do not know who.

    The Reds would probably include Wood or Volquez.  Do not know if Rays would even want them though.

  22. wvredhead93 4 years ago

    Votto won’t be going anywhere. Period.

  23. gunsnascar 4 years ago

    garza for trade for what

  24. BlueCatuli 4 years ago

    I’ve been thinking that for almost 25 years, and my father has been thinking that for almost 60.

  25. WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

    imo, it all depends who is the GM and Manager. In the next couple of years we are going to have some choices, and we need to make the right ones, if B.Jackson pans out we will Have a great opportunity to make some playoff runs. but for right now we just have to wait for a GM….

  26. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Votto is the kind of player that if Pujols didn’t exist we’d be talking about Votto as the top hitter in the game. Problem is in a few years he’s going to be expect to be paid that kind of money which could be in the $25M-$30M range. The Reds have never topped an $81M and even at $90M we’re talking around 30% of their payroll to a single player.

    Right now, Votto’s trade value is at it’s peak an they can get a riddiculous package for him. That’s why it makes sense.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the Reds to trade him. I want them to keep him, pay him, and find a way to compete in the NL Central. But it the long run it might make more sense to see how high the bidding goes. If an unimaginable offer comes, it might be worth it instead of risking getting less when they may have to trade him at the trade deadline in the last year of his deal.

  27. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I think that leaves a major hole in their offense but I think a pitching rich team like the Rays can match up nicely with the Reds.

  28. Jordan King 4 years ago

    Why do the Reds need Lind? The reason they’re listening on Votto is because they have an in-house replacement in Alonso. It’s gonna take more than anyone is offering on here.

  29. Right now, the Reds could bag Nolasco, Morrison and some for Votto. There are deals that could involve BP#4 but then Hanley becomes involved. The Reds rebuttal would be Leake or Wood.

  30. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    the only reason i don’t see the jays getting votto is because i think they can be outbid pretty easily. the reds need a frontline starter and the jays pitching surplus is all in prospect form

    they could compensate by giving up more total young talent, but i don’t think they’ll want to. anthopolous will need to ninja a three-team deal if it’s gonna go down

  31. Votto on the Jays is worth so much more to the team than Pujols.  The team knows that if they build a team around two Canadian superstars in Lawrie and Votto it is marketing gold.

    In fact Votto is worth more to the Jays than any other team in baseball, so I would be shocked if he goes anywhere else.

  32. xthetouristx 4 years ago

    In two years, Votto will be making that much per season.  Are 6+ years of multiple pieces of cheap, cost-controlled talent worth $30m?  Only if that cheap, cost-controlled talent busts.

  33. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing….seems like a top SS is key for Reds.

  34. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    actual marketing gold: winning

  35. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    only if a world series is won*

  36. xthetouristx 4 years ago

    But wouldn’t it be easier to be a sustained winner by keeping the young talent while shoring up a position, while spending a measly extra $30m over two years?  I’m sure with a market like Toronto, a move like that would not break the bank.  A middle of the order featuring Bautista, Pujols, and Lawrie would definitely be the most (or at least one of the close-to-the-top) potent 3-5’s in all of baseball.  And in that stadium?  On a team where Pujols can get a few days off in the field as he ages and still hit?  It seems like the perfect match to me.

  37. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    not advocating a votto trade, just pointing out that the great equalizer for moves that otherwise have a poor ROI is a world series win

    if i’m the jays, i don’t trade votto unless i can work out a very sweet deal somehow. the farm system surplus ought to be exchanged to strengthen a weakness (pitching) rather than strengthen a strength (offense)

    if they do go get votto, it will mean they absolutely must sign at least one of darvish and wilson, and probably trade for another starter as well. you can’t acquire that guy and then waste another year of bautista’s prime preparing to contend

  38. xthetouristx 4 years ago

    True, I guess.  And that $30m over two years’ difference would be the difference between a Wilson/Darvish and not a Wilson/Darvish.

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