Cafardo On Lowrie, Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Marlins

In today's column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe gives a list of suggestions for the Red Sox's offseason.  As they look for a solution in right field, Cafardo feels that the club should go after Michael Cuddyer with Carlos Beltran as a Plan B.  The BoSox are also looking for a pair of affordable starters and two interesting names that could be had in deals are Joe Saunders of the Diamondbacks and Francisco Liriano of the Twins.  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • There were many scouts and GMs in the Dominican Republic recently and Jed Lowrie came up often as a possible shortstop/third base candidate.  Teams like his offense and are skeptical about his defense, but are more worried about his mental toughness and his ability to play through injury.  The 27-year-old may become a chip for the Red Sox in a deal.
  • The Astros are getting more and more inquiries about the availability of Wandy Rodriguez.  The Red Sox are one of the teams that have asked.
  • Scouts and GMs believe that the Athletics would deal left-hander Gio Gonzalez for the right price.  An NL talent evaluator noted that the 26-year-old would be at the top of a lot of teams' lists.
  • Baseball people we talked to seem to think that if the Marlins are thinking big, Jose Reyes is the most logical signing for them, with Hanley Ramirez shifting over to third.  Cafardo also wonders if the Brewers would explore signing with the likelihood of losing Prince Fielder.
  • Free agent David Ortiz is still very much in play with the Orioles.  O's GM Dan Duquette met with Ortiz’s agent, Fern Cuza, at the GM meetings.
  • Cafardo could envision Jason Varitek backing up Matt Wieters in Baltimore
  • The BoSox have considered former Mets GM Omar Minaya for a front office role, but nothing is official yet.

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  1. If the Brewers miss out on Reyes, I don’t understand why they can’t jump back onto the Fielder market. Both are going to cost close to the same deal, why not just throw 5million/year more then Reyes and have the same team as last year.

    • Fielder is going to cost a lot more than Reyes.

      • If reyes goes for around 5/100 or 6/120 and fielder goes 7/150 it’s not that big a difference

        • Rabbitov 4 years ago

          Anyone who gives Reyes 6/120 deserves everything that will come with that. 

          • I agree, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get it. If Jayson Werth taught us anything, it’s that it only takes one team to overpay and I could see the Marlins being that team.

  2. Dylan 4 years ago

    I wonder if Jed would interest the Phillies…he can play 2B, 3B, and SS. And could go to UTIL role when Galvis is ready.

    • Bleed_Orange 4 years ago

      But what would the Phillies give he Sox for him?  I’m assuming that if the sox move Jed they are going to want him in a package for a major league player

      • Dylan 4 years ago

        Not sure. I think of him A’s a utility player more than an everyday starter, so I don’t know what the value of him would be. He is young, but hasn’t hit for great average, doesn’t steal bases, and is versatile but does not excel at any one position. I would think the Sox would want a SP or RP, but I’m not sure the Phillies have that to give unless you deal guys like Schwimer or DeFratus’ but Id rather keep JDF and trade Schwimer.

      • wait_HOWmanyrings 4 years ago

        (sarcasm) As a sox fan i think we would need to get at least domonic brown, maybe more

    • JohnnyC 4 years ago

      What part of “skeptical about his defense” and “worried about his mental toughness and ability to play through injury” makes Lowrie such an attractive trade candidate?

      • MaineSox 4 years ago

        Offensive potential, versatility, and while his defense is sub-par it isn’t bad (he’s actually shown above average defense at both 2B and 3B, just not SS).

  3. UltimateYankeeFan 4 years ago

    Zack, just one quick questions for you.  In your last bullet point you say: “The Sox have considered former Mets GM Omar Minaya…”  I’m curious and may be I should know this.  But which Sox team?  White or Red?

    • Look at the tags at the bottom of the post.  It says Boston Red Sox.  That is what I usually look for when the team name is vague. :)

      • UltimateYankeeFan 4 years ago

        Thank you and i see Zack added “Bo” to the Sox reference in the last bullet point now.  Again thanks.

      • UltimateYankeeFan 4 years ago

        John, since you were so helpful.  Would it be to much to ask you how I can get a picture next to my sign in name?  I can’t figure it out on this site.  On other sites I have no problem but for some reason here I can’t seem to figure it out.

        • Sure, for me I use a Disqus account.  When I reply to a post I see a link next to my name that says (edit profile).  If you see that, I would click on it and go to the “Avatar” tab.  Should be able to add your own image there.

          • UltimateYankeeFan 4 years ago

            Thanks again.  I’ll try it.

          • UltimateYankeeFan 4 years ago

            John, Thanks.  I got it, finally.

    • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

      Red, as a scout.

  4. jjs91 4 years ago

    It’s strange that teams can’t develop their own lorries or Nunezs I would thought those type of players would be easy to find.

  5. Carfardo has a lot to say today. I think you have been hanging out with Peter Gammons too much Nick! You should talk and hang out with Jerry Remy instead. Remy is a good guy and baseball man!

    Now onto what Nick said. David Ortiz is still in play with the O’s. While it’s an interesting idea. Ortiz would cost too much in salary and draft picks. Nothing delights me there.

    I am even less delighted about Varitek coming to “Charm City”. His bat is too slow as well physically to even play as a back-up. Chris Snyder or Kelly Shoppach. End of discussion!

    Lastly, when the heck did Liriano become available? On the other hand Joe Saunders probable could be had for a box of baseballs.

    • Bleed_Orange 4 years ago

      hahaha well you saved me some typing time because everything I hated about this post you already stated.  Ortiz makes no sense so lets move on.  I’m guessing its either retire or sox for varitek so whats the point of even bringing his name up. (I did become currious if varitek could help the young starters though.)  And I wonder where this package of prospects is coming from for the sox to trade for a starter.  Yes I know they still have some guys left but dont you think they would like to hold on to what left of their system?

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        I wouldn’t take most Boston sportswriters seriously. Half are constantly trying to cause panic, the other half simply say get the highest priced FA or make ridiculous trade proposals.

        I think Tek will make a great pitching coach in the future. So if the Sox don’t re-sign him I’d think some team would want him on their bench.

        Sox have a couple of good prospects in their system. Middlebrooks looks to be a solid third baseman, Bogaerts is young aqnd moved up the ranks fast with solid numbers, Ranaudo has lost some stock but still has middle of the order potential, Lavarnway swung an impressive stick in AAA, Iglesias may never be more than a number 8 hitter but his defense is still considered gold glove material, and Kalish and Reddick could both be average right fielders in the future. Yeah, a good pitcher would mean the farm takes a hit but we had a good draft last year and have a decent amount of potential in the minors.

        • johnsilver 4 years ago

          “I wouldn’t take most Boston sportswriters seriously. Half are constantly
          trying to cause panic, the other half simply say get the highest priced
          FA or make ridiculous trade proposals”

          That explains the sports writers 100%. Now let’s get get with the supposed opinion, news and the rest of the writers and try and explain what is all wrong with them please? IMO.. It starts with the same, exact thing.. sewing panic, basic don’t give a care regarding what they write, other than collecting a pay check and that is what is the problem with the sports writers in the NE area from the major newspapers for the most part.

          Part of it IMO? Globe is easiest to explain.. Owned by the NYT and they are mirror like rubbish. herald? polar opposite and half step better..Not much, like NYP as compared to the NYT.

          For 2 huge cities to have such lousy publications and obvious reasons leading to it is pathetic.

    • JohnnyC 4 years ago

      The Twins turned down a proposal from the Yankees of Ivan Nova and Raniro Pena for Liriano last February, according to Ken Rosenthal. Given the kind of year he had in 2011, I would assume Liriano is eminently available in a trade.

    • mstrchef13 4 years ago

      I think I read that Cuza is Vlad’s agent as well, which would explain why Duquette was meeting with him. While Ortiz would be a nice anchor to the lineup, I don’t think the O’s can take the chance that his production will drop dead before the end of the 2-year contract (minimum) he’ll get from someone is up.

      I agree that Varitek should be a no go. He can’t hit, he can’t throw, he can’t run. If they need a backup catcher that bad that the O’s would even consider Varitek, they should just take a catch-and-throw guy in the Rule 5 draft. Same production for 10% of the price.

      • OrangeCards 4 years ago

        Ortiz will get a 2 year offer from greener pastures, so the O’s would have to go to 3 years at his asking price to land him. Not happening.

        Hopefully DD worked out a handshake deal for a draft pick from Vlad. I don’t know if the 8 million and undying loyalty from Buck was a fair price to pay tho ….

        • I thought that the O’s didn’t offer Vlad arbitration. Therefore no handshake agreement and no pick.

        • z3rogs 4 years ago

          I believe Ortiz wil accept arbitration as he’ll get about as much for one year as he’d get on the open market for two as a FA. In other words I see him getting around 13-15M in arbitration (he made about 12.5M in 2011) and I think the top offer he would get on the open market would be in the 2/14 (7M per year) range. This is partly because of the potential loss of a first round draft pick for the acquiring team.

          The only way I think the above doesn’t happen is if he and the Red Sox agree to something like a two year deal at a slightly lower annual value such as 2/20 (10M per year) in lieu of arbitration.

    • johnsilver 4 years ago

      Figured yourself as an Orioles fan would be less than enthused about Tek being onboard.. However.. as for Cafardo’s rant on him:

      “Cafardo could envision Jason Varitek backing up Matt Wieters in Baltimore”

      Tek backing up anyone other than Salty next year is preferable IMO…

  6. MetsEventually 4 years ago

    Varitek would be a great pick up for the Mets. Has MUCH Knuckleball experience and could mentor Thole, who really needs it. 

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Just so you know, there was a reason why Red Sox fans collectively cringed whenever Tek caught for Wake.

      • OrangeCards 4 years ago

        and it wasn’t his disappearing bat speed act …

    • Pete 4 years ago

      He actually has no knuckleball experience, Wakefield nearly always had a personal catcher.

  7. OrangeCards 4 years ago

    If Wieters still needs mentoring after winning a legitimate Gold Glove, hire a personal coach. 

    We wouldn’t give Palmer 50 mop up innings to coach our young pitchers, so why give the ABs to Varitek so he can teach S-H-J?

  8. Its a tad unlike Nick to get things backwards. He starts writing about Cuddyer and Beltran for Right Field. That issue is so far down on the Cherington’s list of “Things To Do” it isn’t even funny.
    First we need a manager. Why the delay? Squabbling in the Front Office twixt the three stooge-like owners and Cherington? Could be. Would explain a lot.
    In the next breath after announcing the new manager, Cherington needs to announce the re-signing of David Ortiz.
    Then we need to sign either Bell or Madson or some other “top of the line” Closer.
    Then, if there is any justice on Yawkey Way, we trade Beckett, the dopey-ring-leader of the “Three Amigos” and the malcontents. Hopefully Beckett brings us a comparable starter. Or maybe we throw in Iglesias and get two competent starters. Okay. But I can dream.
    Then we need two more effective starters. The only two starters I’d keep are Buchholz and Lester.
    For the bull pen, we keep Bard (even though he’s NOT ready to be our closer, when he’s on, he’s the best set-up guy out there), Aceves, Morales, and, I guess, maybe Wheeler. Add the new closer and up grade the remaining two slots. Personally, I’d like an upgrade over Wheeler, too. Not sure why they offered him arbitration. But, . . .
    After all that is done and we have any money left, or some trade-able prospects, MAYBE we look at Right Field, although I’d just as soon let Reddick and Kalish vie for the job in Spring Training. Cuddyer? No. Beltran? No.

    • Crucisnh 4 years ago

      I tend to agree with you on the relative unimportance of going after a RF-er for the Sox.  The Sox can get by with Reddick and Kalish.  

      That said, I’m personally in no rush to see the Sox re-sign Ortiz at this point in his career. I’d be content to see the Sox hand the job to Lavarnway, with Youk getting some ABs at DH as well.

      I think that the second priority after manager should be pitching.

  9. Boston would have to make a pretty good offer to get Liriano from the Twins. I know he’s not the consistent pitcher he should be, but he is a power pitcher and the only one Minnesota has so he can’t be dealt away for cheap. Honestly, I don’t see the Red Sox as that compatible trade partner for the Twins after they’ve traded away top prospects for Adrian Gonz.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Do you really feel justified in asking for a heavy return or a top 50 prospect for Liriano? He’s only pitched 140 IP once in his 5 years as a full-time starter and just had his second horrible year in the last 3 years. His 75 walks/112 ko’s did nothing to improve his stock either. This being his last year means that if he has another bad season in 2012 then he could become an unranked free agent and leave Minnesota without them receiving any compensation at all.

      The time is NOW for the Twins to move Liriano and just run with the best offer they can get unless they have HONEST reasons to think they can compete next year.

  10. Pete 4 years ago

    I’m not interested in the NFL and I’m so bored today that I analyzed the market for Gio Gonzalez (LONG POST WARNING). After looking at who has players the A’s actually need and who would actually move them for 4 years of Gio, the field looks like this:

    The Jays, Reds, Royals, Marlins & Yankees.

    Seeing as Andrew Bailey is on the market too, a package of them together might be more enticing for all potential trade partners. I mean yeah any team could feasibly offer their best player for Gio & Bailey, like Justin Upton or something, but that’s way too left field (or in Upton’s case, right field?), anyway I think these 5 are the biggest contenders and match up with a trade for Gio. 

    -Jays fans on here want to give up their failed prospects but guys like Gose, D’Arnaud, Hutchison, Molina and funnily enough even Lawrie-Gio straight up make sense *prepares to get yelled at by homer fans who don’t want to hear it even though its a logical match*. I’d say the first 4 names put Gio in Toronto, as does Lawrie by himself, as unlikely as it may seem.

    -The Reds could quite easily assemble a package for Gio, but their front office seems gun shy. Alonso, Grandal, and any two of Hamilton, Frazier, Homer B & Meseraco will most likely send Gio to Cincy.

    -The Royals have all the prospects in the world, but seem hell bent on building the crappiest pitching staff imaginable (Chen? Really?). Gio would easily slot in as their ace and actually get the Royals moving towards hitting their ceiling from having “the greatest farm system in history”, instead of actually losing more games than the A’s (But they’re a “good story” somehow, simply because they didn’t lose 100 games?) Sidebar over, the A’s won’t need any of their higher up pitching prospects, but they certainly would be intrigued by Alex Gordon, S. Perez, Navarro, Cain, Myers, Colon, Starling and any really low level pitching prospect. Gordon and any 2 of those names get Gio, or subtract Gordon, and its 3 of those names and a throw-in not listed.

    -The Marlins also seem intent on throwing their name in the ring for any big name, but have not even come close to being seen as a serious contender for anyone. They have more than enough to get Gio, as stated before Morrison starts the deal, then Yelich and Ozuna are in the package, and the in-need-of-a-change-of-scenery Nolasco rounds it out. Gio-Johnson-Sanchez form a formidable big 3, and Gio’s a local product too, for what its worth. Dominguez, Fernandez & Realmuto might interest the A’s as well. If the fish are serious about Pujols/Fielder/Reyes, they won’t need a guy like Morrison and will also be in win-now mode, thus Yelich/Ozuna become expendable if it means putting Gio in that fruit jello salad colored uniform they have now.

    -Lastly the Yankees. Gio is not as good as Sabathia, but is definitely better than any other SP the Yanks have, being cost-controlled for 4 years probably doesn’t mean much to them, but they do have the means to get him without really hurting their future. Montero would be the first name in the package, and Gardner is a guy the A’s could certainly use, add Betances or Banuelos and we’re seeing Gio in pinstripes. 

    …and now I’m going to pass out. Thanks for reading.

    •  I can see the Yankees making a Phil Hughes, E.Nunez, & C.Curtis for Gio deal.

      Maybe the A’s see in Hughes what the D-Backs saw in Kennedy when they made the deal last season.

      • Pete 4 years ago

        There’s absolutely no way the A’s do not get Montero if Gio becomes a Yankee. If Montero isn’t in the package, Beane is hanging up immediately. Gio is on the verge of stardom and is going to be under team control for FOUR seasons. Phil Hughes is not leading any package for Gio, maybe for Liriano, maybe…

        To compare, 2 years of Shawn Marcum was traded for Brett Lawrie. 4 years of Gio will have to be more than that. Montero, one of the B’s and an OF like Gardner or even Swisher would have to come Oakland’s way.

        • Montero+a B+Gardner/Swisher for Gio? Are you kidding me?

          Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

          • Pete 4 years ago

            Gio is the most valuable SP on the market right now: cost-effective and signed for 4 years of control, name a better option. 

  11. James Kong 4 years ago

    what do you think Farrell for Lowrie? So Blue Jays can have a 2B

  12. Kansas City Royals

    The Royals have been a popular name on the starting pitching trade market this offseason, and they have already pulled the trigger on trading Melky Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants for Jonathan Sanchez.

    There is a surplus of young talent in Kansas City, and outfielder Wil Myers would likely be where any prospect package would begin.

    Add in another top talent such as starting pitcher Mike Montgomery and someone who could contribute immediately like first baseman Clint Robinson (.326 BA, 23 HR, 100 RBI at Triple-A last season) and that may be enough for Gonzalez to be suiting up in Kansas City.

    • Pete 4 years ago

      Clint Robinson is 27 next year and has no MLB experience. Value-wise, he could be traded for someone like Josh Outman straight up, but Gio is a lot more valuable than that.

      I’d go so far to say in terms of MLB success, age, and years locked down, Gio Gonzalez might have the most value out of any available SP, including free agents.

  13. Jeff 4 years ago

    Lowrie for Jurrjens as the base of a deal makes sense, though a bit high-risk for both sides.

    JJ may not pitch that well in Boston, and Lowrie’s an injury risk and turns the Braves IF into Easter Island, but he can move to 3B when Pastornicky or Simmons prove ML-ready at short.

    • Boston’s defense is good for the most part, so thats nice. Jurrjens would be eaten alive in the AL East, Boston knows this. 

  14. qudjy1 4 years ago

    What would AZ want for Saunders?

    • cookmeister 4 years ago

      Hold on to that.  He is probably going to be non-tendered

  15. Ta-Kuan Fuan 4 years ago

    Three (null)’s and you’re out?

  16. WhiteOwl1972 4 years ago

    Candyman!  Candyman!

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