Cafardo On Gonzalez, Rays, Davis, Ortiz

The Cubs and Red Sox are after managers that will take a lot of input from their front offices, writes Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe.  In fact, the two teams have quite a bit of overlap on their lists.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals will also be looking for their next skipper and it'll be interesting to see what type of manager they look for.  Cafardo writes that the important thing for the new managers in any of these cities is that they know the ground rules from the start.  Here's more from Cafardo's Sunday column..

  • A's lefty Gio Gonzalez remains a viable trade option for many teams, including the Red Sox and Marlins.  Meanwhile, the Athletics probably aren’t ready to contend.  The club appears to be buying time until they can build a new stadium in the San Jose area.  Until then, they may be in the mode of developing players and dealing them for players who might emerge a few years from now.
  • When all is said and done, the Rays are expected to be willing to deal right-hander Wade Davis this offseason.  A major league source says that while Tampa Bay will listen on James Shields, Davis is the pitcher they will likely end up dealing for an outfielder or a catcher.
  • Free agent David Ortiz seemed upset that the Red Sox did not re-sign him during the exclusivity period, but it made no sense for the club to do so with the veteran's limited options.  While Ortiz wants a three-year deal, the BoSox can wait and survey the market before committing to a multiyear deal for the 36-year-old hitter.
  • Red Sox assistant GM Allard Baird removed himself from the Orioles GM search this week and Cafardo wouldn't be shocked to hear of a new title for him within the Sox organization.
  • Cafardo envisions Tim Bogar winding up with a significant role with either the Cubs or Red Sox.
  • Former Rangers and Red Sox skipper Kevin Kennedy says that he enjoys his broadcast career but he sometimes gets the itch to return to the dugout.  Kennedy says that he would even consider being a bench coach.
  • Larry Bowa, currently working as an analyst for MLB Network, also has aspirations of managing in the majors again.

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