Rockies Notes: Prado, Smith, Figgins, Oswalt

Here's the latest on the Rockies courtesy of The Denver Post's Troy Renck..

  • On Sunday we heard that Martin Prado trade talks between the Rockies and Braves could pick up if the Rockies are willing to include Tim Wheeler or Charlie Blackmon in a deal.  Now it appears that the Rockies aren't willing to do that, but would sign off on a deal to send outfielder Seth Smith and a lower-level prospect.
  • If the Mariners are willing to eat nearly all of Chone Figgins' remaining salary in exchange for a prospect, then the Rockies would be interested.
  • Colorado has expressed interest in Roy Oswalt and even though the Rockies will talk with him, the veteran has enough suitors that the Rockies have to be considered a longshot.

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  1. Bob9988 4 years ago

    “If the Mariners are willing to eat nearly all of Chone Figgins’ remaining salary in exchange for a prospect, then the Rockies would be interested.”

    What kind of prospect?

  2. coolstorybro222 4 years ago


  3. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    I love all the Prado/Jurrjens trade talk because we don’t have to trade them!!! If noone is willing to make the right deal then so what? There’s a spot for each of them next year and both are more than serviceable. Pretty comfortable really.

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      I agree . While we are all on here debating wether or not This guy is worth this or that , the Braves can just say “no thanks” , and walk away . They would have to be given what “they” want for a deal to happen . Someone doesn’t want to do that , then we can just keep our former AS’s . Jurrjens injury was a knee injury , nothing serious and will bounce back . Prado’s career numbers were better than last years numbers playing at a new position . I’d be willing to bet that this next year will be more Prado like .

      So if Wren isn’t given what “he” wants , it ain’t gonna happen . Thank you Rockies , but we’re moving on to another team . Keep in touch if you like .

      • bjsguess 4 years ago

        The problem is that keeping either is not in the best interest of the club. Sure you don’t want to get taken advantage of but moving either is about freeing up money (to spend elsewhere) and getting talent back.

        You can keep both if you want but that will really limit what you can do via FA or through another trade.

    • Prado yes but I’d say that they should be looking to trade Jurriens, he’s at the peak of his value and will continue to get costly, also the braves obviously have lots of arms to replace them

  4. Prado is a much better and more versatile player than Smith and is an everyday player, Smith is a platoon player…no way Id move Prado for him and a low level prospect…no way.

  5. nicksc10 4 years ago

    No deal. I’d rather just keep Prado.

  6. It seems like every team has given Roy Oswalt a call this off-season.

  7. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    The Rockies GM needs to seriously think about how dumb Frank Wren would be to trade Martin Prado for a scrub major leaguer and a scrub minor leaguer.  If he wants a good 2B then he needs to pay up or shut up…..or just sign a scrub from the free agent pool of 2B.

    Prado isn’t a superstar but he is a lot better player than Seth Smith.

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      I think Wren just needs to move on to another team . The Rockies don’t want budge off of anything worth valuable . And we aren’t gonna just give away someone who is so valuable to us without getting something thats gonna help us in return . At this point , we should just look elsewhere .

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Agreed.  I would prefer that they just keep Prado if all they are getting in offers is Seth Smith from the Rockies or Delmon Young from the Tigers. 

        The Braves need to replenish the farm system with more position prospects.  IF they trade Prado it should be for a couple of B+ish prospects at the VERY least.

  8. touchmymonkey 4 years ago

    I can see cubs going for figgins – any chance Seattle would take a flyer on Zambrano if we tossed in another player or a prospect? Looks like seattle is willing to eat the $17MM anyways. BigZ , McNutt and $2MM for Figgins? Worst that can happen is Seattle cuts Zambrano – keeps Mcnutt and saves $1MM

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 4 years ago

      would they do another Milton Bradley carlos silva swap? 

  9. I am telling ya Brian Roberts for Chone Figgins. Do it Dan do it!

    PS I love the media in Baltimore, I really do. They don’t write about interesting trades or possible free agent pick-ups(Yeah,like Paul Maholm counts). No, instead they want to write articles about previewing the uniforms or thoughtful and exciting questions such as “What’s the best MLB hat ever”?

    The only person I am proud of is Don Olsen of Oriole Nation! At least he wrote about
    Norichika Aoki and Cody Ross among others this past week and he gave a thoughtful summary for both players, among others. The only one! I am proud of you!

    I swear Peter Angelos has such a choke hold on the media down there it’s a total joke and a poorly kept secret. Since, I have gotten into Storage Wars on A & E as of late, I will use this analogy. I bet Peter Angelos rents some Giant Warehouse down there and has 100’s of 1000’s of newspapers delivered daily there to keep up subscription numbers. It’s painfully obvious to me that it’s not because of the cutting edge articles that the writers submit for publishing. There’s no way any of those outstanding articles sell Newspapers or get Ads for commercial revenue!

    Oh one other thing Rockies have interest in everyone! Now it’s Chone Figgins, maybe they’ll trade Drew Pomerantz for him LOL! The only one that I haven’t heard them discuss or mention is Chris Capuano, I don’t understand that one! ECB, that was for you =P!

  10. Noah Abrahamson 4 years ago

    I think I’d give up Smith and Wheeler for Prado.  But not Blackmon.

    • Thomas W 4 years ago

      What exactly makes you think Blackmon is going to be so much better than Wheeler?

    • BobbyJohn 4 years ago

      I’d include Blackmon in a heartbeat to get Prado . The Rockies have MANY more options in the outfield than they do on the infield, both on the current roster as well as in their system.

  11. Neil Guzman 4 years ago

    There goes O’Dowd over-valuing the organizations prospects again…and this is exactly why I think the Rockies will continue to be mired in mediocrity with him at the helm…you have to give something to get something…I would have figured that he would know this by now…if all it takes to get Prado is Smith and one of Wheeler and Blackmon then I’m making that deal…figure out how to sweeten the pot a little more to get both Jurrjens and Prado and I’d be happier…but this annual song and dance has gotten old…

  12. harmony55 4 years ago

    How about Chone Figgins and $14 million for Colorado prospect Jordan Pacheco, a nearly 26-year-old catcher who is blocked by Chris Iannetta and Wilin Rosario?

    link to

  13. ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

    When are the Redsox or Yankees going to get involved in the JJ sweepstakes and overpay? 

    • NL_East_Rivalry 4 years ago

      Yankees don’t like Jair and don’t think he’d produce for them.

  14. bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

    Renck just said on twitter that Tigers are pushing hard for Prado…

    What do you know O’Dowd you offer players that are scrubs compared to what your trying to get in return and another team swoops in and says we are willing to talk seriously.

    O’Dowd seems to think deals like this will work every offseason. I wonder if he is the laughing stalk year in and year out at the GM and winter meetings.

    • Neil Guzman 4 years ago

      Bleed, totally agree…he strikes gold with Tulo (and, honestly, lucked out with CarGo) and all of the sudden everything is just as easy…sadly, it is not…and that message, it appears, has gotten lost upon O’Dowd and the Monforts…I get the idea is to turn a profit, but sooner or later a good team, one that can win a title, needs to and should be fielded…relying on the scrap heap year in and year out is no longer a productive and logical way to run your “business”…

  15. bjsguess 4 years ago

    The M’s should have moved Figgins to the Angels last off-season. The team had a need and I’m sure would have been willing to pay $6-7m/season for him. 
    Instead the M’s paid his full freight in 2011, got horrid production, and will now have to eat even more money.

  16. bearsbball11 4 years ago

    The fact that he IS better probably factors into it.

  17. TMG3 4 years ago

    Smith = platoon corner OF with career .750 OPS away from Coors and below average defense. 

  18. Thomas W 4 years ago

    Didn’t you guys just trade Yunel Escobar for an ancient vet with betancourtlike OBP numbers and a couple scrub minor leagers?

  19. Thomas W 4 years ago

    Tago is 19 so they are unlikely to include him, maybe some like the oft injured but super talented Hector Gomez

  20. Colin Christopher 4 years ago

    Let’s not set up Yunel Escobar to be some kind of superhero. If you were playing a game of “I Never” with Yunel, and you said, “I’ve never stayed healthy for more than 135-140 games, I’ve never hit more than 14 HRs, and I’ve never stolen more than 6 bases,” he’d have to raise his hand every single time.

    Tyler Pastornicky and Tim Collins are “scrub minor leaguers?”  Pastornicky only turns 22 in December, and he may be ATL’s starting SS next season. Collins just spent most of the season pitching pretty well in KC’s bullpen. ATL got those two as well as 1-1/2 seasons of mediocre offense and excellent defense from Alex Gonzalez for a guy who acted like a whiny, petulant child in the clubhouse. We’re good.

  21. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    The Escobar trade wasn’t a trade based on talent alone.  It was a trade based on the fact Escobar couldn’t get along with anyone in the clubhouse, including Bobby Cox. 

    Also, as was just stated, Tyler Pastornicky will probably be the Braves starting shortstop by the end of next season.  He is younger than Yunel, is a team oriented player, and he has more power and speed than Yunel.  No, he probably won’t be as good of a player, but he isn’t a scrub either.

  22. Jeff 4 years ago

    Is Pastornicky ends up solid, you could say the Braves came out even in that trade, which would be a shock.

  23. Thomas W 4 years ago

    So is Wren good at picking “scrub minor leaguers” or not if he is then picking through the Rockies minors would be a better option than trying to target a MLB player

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