Brewers, Reds Interested In Octavio Dotel

5:43pm:'s Jesse Sanchez adds the Reds to the list of teams who are interested in Dotel, noting that the righty's representatives have met with the Tigers and Brewers already.

10:44am: The Cardinals and Brewers are very interested in Octavio Dotel, the 38-year-old reliever told Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportesLosAngeles (link in Spanish).  Dotel confirmed the Tigers and Mets are also interested.  Dotel hopes to return to the Cardinals, and has a one-year offer in hand from them.  Dotel told Rojas he'd like to get two years, or at least one year at an adequate salary (thanks to Nick Collias for translating).  

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  1. Well, that is one way in which Ryan Braun would never have to face him.

  2. Would much rather see Hawkins or Saito come back than Dotel.

  3. Mike 4 years ago


  4. Jdobb 4 years ago

    Dotel wants to be a Cardinal. Dotel is going to sign this week and Furcall will sign after Albert signs. Allen Craig will get a shot at 2nd base in Spring training and if not Shoemaker will play 2nd base and if not Craig will be 4th outfielder. 

    • JohnOrpheus 4 years ago

      Mo has made it clear the 2nd base experiments are over. Craig will be more than a 4th outfielder, as I have a feeling he will be part of a platoon with an aging Lance Berkman. Skip, hopefully, will not be tendered a contract. I would like to see Kelly Johnson manning second. Much better than any other option.

      • Jdobb 4 years ago

        With all due respect Skip is a great option as a 4th outfielder and if we can get Allen Craig as a everyday player 2nd base is our only option. The guy was a SS until he was drafted and then was a 3rd baseman in the minors until he came to majors.

        • adieuordie 4 years ago

          Skip Schumaker is a terrible 4th outfielder. He doesn’t have the range to play center or the bat to play the corners.
          Allen Craig was moved to the outfield for a reason. He was a terrible third baseman. Second base is harder to play than third base. Do the math.

          • Jdobb 4 years ago

            Did you really say Skip cant play centerfield and is a terrbible outfielder? Get out of your moms basement.

          • adieuordie 4 years ago

            I said, “Skip Schumaker is a terrible 4th outfielder. He doesn’t have the range to play center or the bat to play the corners.”

            I’m right. You’re wrong. Deal with it.

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