Latest On Astros’ GM Search: Friedman, Geivett

Former Astros GM Tim Purpura will be named the Rangers' farm director, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. For details on who might be the Astros' next GM, keep reading…

  • Cardinals vice president of player procurement Jeff Luhnow has interviewed for the job, reports's Brian McTaggart (on Twitter).
  • White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn and Kim Ng of MLB turned down the opportunity to interview for the Astros GM job, according to Jon Heyman of (on Twitter).
  • The Astros will do "whatever it takes" to obtain Andrew Friedman of the Rays, according to Jon Heyman of However, Friedman's friends don't expect him to leave Tampa Bay.
  • Rockies assistant GM Bill Geivett is interviewing for the Astros' GM job today,'s Brian McTaggart reports. “I’m very excited to be here and it’s a great organization and a great city and everybody knows a great state,” Geivett said. “I’m very excited and we’ll see how it goes today.”

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  1. Blanketsburg 4 years ago

    If the Astros want to be bold, they should go with Kim Ng. Though they’re rebuilding mode, so they should go with someone with more experience. Friedman would be quite the acquisition/steal.

    • tmengd 4 years ago

      she turned them down thursday along with hahn. white sox asst gm. he was not going anywhere and she didnt want to rebuild. i really think alot of these people think they are second choice to friedman, which is true lol. maybe the astros will get. lucky and get him

  2. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Too bad John Hart isn’t available. They should offer Friedman a 5 year deal, make him the highest paid GM in baseball and give him total autonomy during that time. Maybe that would sway him?

    • Kevin McCaul 4 years ago

      Smacks of desperation, doesn’t it?

      • If there’s a team desperate to make a statement about turning around the direction of the organization, it’s the Astros.

  3. Cheeseballs 4 years ago

    Texas? A great state? Pshh. One of the worst I’ve been to.

    • Now now…no need to be jealous!

    • Coming from some dude with the moniker “Cheeseballs”, I’m hardly offended.

    • monty4aloha 4 years ago

      I don’t agree… I guess you must have not spent time in the Austin area… Every state has undesirable areas including here.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        austin is fantastic

      • Casor_Greener 4 years ago

        Don’t even respond to the dude.  He probably got knocked out at a dive bar for running off at the mouth when he came to visit.

  4. Shu13 4 years ago

    The Astros “will do whatever it takes” to get Friedman? Does that include bringing him on against his free will?

    • People are such haters. Are you a Rays fan? How many games did you attend last year? 1 or 2?

      • Paul Shailor 4 years ago

        Good response, totally addressed him in an intellgient manner! All hes saying is friedman might not wanna go and they woudl still make him…geez.

        • Ouch the intelligence card? Excuse me, you should check your spelling before you question someones intellectual level.

          I’m sick and tired of fans writing off the Houston Astros like the job is worthless and nobody would ever dream of becoming GM there.

          You can defend Shu13 all you want, but everyone knows he is just bitter Friedman wanted nothing to do the Angels. Even with the resources that would be at his disposal.

          • Shu13 4 years ago

            I have no problem at all that he didn’t want to come to Anaheim….

            You sure sound bitter though…..I never said the Stros are worthless and nobody would dream of being the GM but many teams tried to pry him away from TB unsuccessfully and he said no thanks….yet now he doesn’t even respond…TO ME that is what people do when they just as soon have a story just disappear on its own…

      • Shu13 4 years ago

        I am not a Rays fan…I’m an Angels fan and Paul Shailor understood what I meant…
        Considering Friedman has refused to even address or respond to them tells me he could care less about having anything to do w/ the Astros…

        Bartman…accept the fact that he doesn’t want to be the Astros GM or Pres or whatever they will throw at him to get him at any cost….don’t you find it odd that he won’t address the question and Ng and Hann both said NOPE we dont’ care for an interview?

        • A bitter Angels fan?

          • Shu13 4 years ago

            Nope…doesn’t bother me one bit he didn’t want to come to Anaheim….

          • Onetimeaccount 4 years ago

            I hear ya Shu. Sammy’s response to your initial post was something you expect from a 6th grader and it was obvious you were joking anyways.

          • Onetimeaccount 4 years ago

            I hear ya Shu. Sammy’s response to your initial post was something you expect from a 6th grader and it was obvious you were joking anyways.

        • Jealous much? Just to clear the air I’m an Astros fan. Anyways Friedman “refusing” to address doesn’t mean he’s not interested, if he wasn’t interested he would’ve rejected the interview proposal like he did with the Angels straight up plus…Why would he want to be the GM of the Angels (no ties or connections to go there and waste his time)? Haha. And if you knew anything about Friedman, he doesn’t address the media about ANYTHING; no trade rumors, etc. He is still weighing his options. 

          • Shu13 4 years ago

            Not at all bitter….It would have been nice to have him in Anaheim but I can careless that he decided to stay w/ TB or not make the move…

            B/C he has said nothing TO ME sounds more like disinterest then weighing options….

          • Onetimeaccount 4 years ago

            In fairness, Friedman wouldnt discuss anything to the media, but it doesnt mean he’s still weighing his options either.

    • stroh 4 years ago

      Against his free will?   His team is the Astros.   He grew up rooting for them, attended tons of their games, and he stated back in 2008 that his dream would be to one day be the GM of the Astros.   Believe me, you don’t know what you are talking about.   

  5. I just hope there is an official answer soon from Andrew Friedman. Whether he unveils it himself publicly (doubtful) or through the media.

  6. hallwagner 4 years ago

    too bad omar minaya is already taken….

  7. Don’t leave Luhnow!

    • stroh 4 years ago

      In the unlikely event that Friedman does not come to the Astros, I would consider it an honor as an Astros fan if they pick Luhnow.   There is no competitor that Astros fans admire than the Cardinals.   The Cardinals have a class organization, and I am sure that Luhnow would bring that same class to the Astros.  

  8. Don’t leave Luhnow!

  9. stroh 4 years ago

    Andrew Friedman is simply waiting for the winter meetings to conclude so that he fullfils his obligations to the Rays with respect to trades and free agent signings.   He is carrying out his duties, so that he leaves on good terms.   He will interview for the Astros GM job after the winter meetings.    The Astros are busy interviewing good candidates like Geivett and Luhnow who have no such obligations at this time, and present good fallback options.   Mark my word, Andrew Friedman will be the next GM of the Houston Astros.   He is a lifelong Astros fan, who still has not gotten over the 1986 loss to the Mets in the NLCS.   He wants to come back to Houston and restore the Astros to the type of team they were in 1994-2008 when they had 13 winning seasons, 6 NL playoff appearances and 1 World Series appearance, and do even better. 

  10. Friedman has mentioned in the past about a desire to work for Houston, but you have to wonder how excited he would be to start from scratch when he as a pretty good thing going in Tampa.  It seems like a great challenge that a hometown GM would enjoy, but this isn’t as easy as an XBOX game.  I know I would do anything to get him here, and I’m sure Crane feels the same way.  What will Friedman need to clinch the deal? Hometown? More fans? Bigger budget? Unlimited resources?Money? Power? Women? My left nut?…Sold.

    • stroh 4 years ago

      Staying in Tampa will NOT advance his career.    Think about it – he comes back to Houston, takes on a rebuilding job, and in 5 years or so the Astros are contenders and once again drawing 3 million a game.   What do you think his market value will be in that scenario vs. staying in Tampa in a small market situation where they struggle to even draw what the Astros drew in 2011 as a last place team.

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