NL West Rumors: Saunders, Overbay, Headley

One round of NL West notes wasn't enough for today, so let's do it again:

  • The Diamondbacks have extended a contract offer to Joe Saunders, and it appears to be for two years, tweets Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic. GM Kevin Towers says other teams have inquired about Saunders, and that the D'Backs intend to either trade him or sign him to a new deal, rather than go to arbitration (Twitter link).
  • Steve Gilbert of says (on Twitter) the Diamondbacks expect to hear tonight whether Lyle Overbay will accept their one-year offer.
  • The Diamondbacks have agreed to terms with Joe Martinez, who will be added to the 40-man roster, tweet Piecoro.
  •'s Corey Brock (Twitter link) says the Padres are asking for "the moon" for Chase Headley. They could move him, but it will cost a lot if they do.
  • The Padres are looking at Andrew Bailey and several free agent arms to replace Heath Bell, according to Dan Hayes of the North County Times (via Twitter). Hayes adds that the team isn't willing to commit more than two years to any free agent arm (Twitter link).
  • The Rockies' waiver claim of Jamie Hoffmann increases the probability of Ryan Spilborghs being non-tendered, tweets Jerry Crasnick of

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  1. bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

    Don’t see Hoffmann doing much more than Spilly but will come at a cheaper price.

  2. Beatofficer 4 years ago

    I liked Joe Martinez, wish he would’ve been able to pitch well after he got hit in the face.

  3. Why would a team thats rebuilding (and doing a fine job of it) look at the over-priced Bailey? SD has done a heck of a job in building up that strong farm, why give some of it away on a closer when you have Frieri & Gregerson in-house? And your house is a place where seemingly any average pitcher can put up good numbers in? Seems like a really awful fit between Oak+SD. Oakland’s going to want a lot for Bailey, and SD isn’t competing yet so it makes no sense.

    That said, Bailey for Headley gets done as soon as SD makes the offer.

    • Ohhhplease 4 years ago

      Gregerson and Frieri are not sure things in the pen.  Both have had rough patches in the last year, and neither have proven durable.  That said, I think there are some names that could be potential arms in the Pads system, Bass, Bracht, Quackenbush all have proven themselves in the minors, and could be great fits in the big league pen.

      I agree 100% that Bailey makes no sense for the Pads.

      • padresfuture 4 years ago

        Bailey makes a lot of sense for the Padres if you don’t have to give up a “core” piece. I would dangle guys like Simon Castro and James Darnell if Oakland was interested. Castro has been passed up by Kelly, Erlin, and Wieland. Darnell may end being a spare part if Headley is extended, Gyorko gets called up, or depending on what the Padres do with RF. Both would be top 10 prospects on several major league farm systems.

        • daveypinstripes 4 years ago

          Kelly and Castro are pitching themselves out of top prospect status right now, but giving up even them for a closer is insane for the reasons cited above. Ridiculous. Frank Francisco is an all-star at PETCO. No prospects to give up. But you know what, trading the farm away for a player like Bailey would fit Byrnes MO.

          • padresfuture 4 years ago

            Kelly has done just fine. He has better stuff than Erlin, Castro, and Wieland. If the A’s offered Bailey straight up for Castro I would take it. Castro is surplus right now.

          • daveypinstripes 4 years ago

            What about Kelly’s performance makes u believe he’s fine? You can talk stuff all day but if performance doesn’t catch up he’s a 6th inning bp arm. And Castro is more than surplus. He rebounded at the end of last year. Slumps happen with pitchers. See Bumgarner.

            And the A’s don’t want Castro by himself. They apparently want Jaff, Darnell and an arm in Triple-A. Castro? At the deadline last year they wanted Martin Perez from TEX. To get Bailey Pads would have to pony up. And they are the last team that should be doing that, esp. with all of the bp options on the market that can be had for relatively cheap.

          • Beersy 4 years ago

            I agree with you in that trading any prospects for Bailey would be silly.  The Padres aren’t going to contend for at least 2 years and should just stay the course.  Francisco is one reliever I would like the Padres to grab as an 8th inning guy or the closer depending on who else they sign.

            I disagree that Kelly has pitched his way out of prospect status.  Last year was only his 2nd full season as a pitcher.  Most high school pitchers need at least 3-4 years in the minors to mature, Kelly still has time.

    • padresfuture 4 years ago

      The Padres apparantly don’t see anyone in house as a viable candidate for 8th or 9th inning. The Padres are certainly going to ask for more than a relief pitcher for Headley. The Padres are probably asking for Choice and Bailey, if Headley is being asked for by Oakland. For those that tend to sensationalize and ignore context… I said “asking”.

      Why do I have the feeling the Padres are going to spend $14m of the $25-$30m available to spend on mediocre relief pitchers that would not perform necessarily any better than viable in house candidates? I hope not. This team needs legit hitting. Designate $5m for relief and spend the rest on hitting and wrapping up core players to longer term contracts…. i.e. Maybin, Latos, Hundley, and Stauffer.

      • Beersy 4 years ago

        I wonder how a Headley and Decker for Bailey and Choice offer would go over?  Headley and Bailey are both players that their “new” teams need now and Decker and Choice would seem to fit the mold of players that their “new” teams have been focusing on as of late.

  4. Beachbummer 4 years ago

    Rays fan here. Would Sam Fuld, Tim Beckham and player x get either of these guys? (Bailey or Headley). What would it take to get one of these guys? Who would player x be? Is it someone like Alex Cobb (on the high end) or a lesser prospect? What is Beckham worth? As a Rays fan i’m not sure but i see decent value in him.

    • AirmanSD 4 years ago

      If the Rays are willing to move Beckham, then the Padres would listen to that kind of an offer alright. He is what the Padres most seek, a player with upside that actually might be able to handle SS.

      But not likely a match. Headley is a 3B and I believe the Rays might just maybe have the position called for.

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