Ryan Braun Tested Positive For Prohibited Substance

5:21pm:  According to a source familiar with the case, Braun's original test for performance-enhancing drugs was "insanely high, the highest ever for anyone who has ever taken a test, twice the level of the highest test ever taken," writes Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News.

3:55pm: Yahoo's Jeff Passan reports (in these five Twitter links) that baseball's new CBA contains a provision stating that if a player tests positive for a banned substance, the drug will be publicly announced. The Players' Union could contest the announcement, as Braun's test was conducted under the old CBA, which prevented that information from becoming public. Experts say that false positives are nearly impossible under the carbon-isotope testing performed by WADA. His source also confirmed that MLB has never lost an arbitration case with PEDs. Ultimately, Passan says it's unlikely Braun's appeal will stand, and we'll probably learn which substance Braun tested for.

SUNDAY, 11:50am: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports hears from a source that Braun tested positive for a prohibited substance, not a performance-enhancing drug (Twitter link). Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was told the same thing, with his source saying there's "never" been a result like this since MLB's drug testing program began.

SATURDAY, 6:46pm: Reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for a performance-enchancing drug, reports Mark Fainaru-Wada and T.J. Quinn of ESPN. YokalSports.com was the first to report the news (on Twitter). Braun is facing a 50-game suspension and is disputing the positive test through arbitration.

"There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan's complete innocence and demonstrate there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program," said a spokesman for Braun in a statement. "While Ryan has impeccable character and no previous history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss it any further, but we are confident he will ultimately be exonerated."

Braun, 28, was tested during the playoffs and notified of the positive result in late-October. Elevated levels of testosterone in Braun's system triggered the positive test, which prompted MLB to ask the testing agency to perform a second test. The second test determined that the testosterone was exogenous, meaning it was produced outside of Braun's body.

Tyler Barnes, a spokesperson for the Brewers, said the team had no knowledge of the positive test and had not yet been contacted by the commissioner's office. Fainaru-Wade and Quinn say that Braun has told those close to him that he did not knowingly take an illegal substance and hopes the arbitration process proves his innocence. No player has ever successfully appealed a positive PED test.

The Brewers signed Braun to a five-year contract extension worth $105MM back in April, which will keep him in Milwaukee through 2020. He led the Brewers to the NL Central crown and took home MVP honors by hitting .332/.397/.597 with 33 homers and 33 steals this past season. It was his fourth 30+ homer season in his five years as a big leaguer.

Guillermo Mota, J.C. Romero, Edinson Volquez, and Manny Ramirez have been suspended 50 games for failed PED tests under MLB's current drug policy.

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  1. Guest 4 years ago

    looks like Reyes just got the all clear for sitting out that last game

  2. LifelongMets 4 years ago

    During the pending suspension will it be Nyjer in LF and Gomez in CF? BrewCrew will really need to have Gomez step it up from his offensive mediocrity.

  3. sergio 4 years ago

    Man-Ram, Palmeiro, F.P. Santangelo, and many, many others didnt “grow 2x bigger”, that is not a reason to believe they were clean

    • LifelongMets 4 years ago

      ARod didn’t look all that much bigger either.

      • heinie_groh 4 years ago

        some folks say arod started doing them in high school. he had the look of a fully mature stud in 10th grade. again, so what.

  4. Lucas Kschischang 4 years ago

    Even before reading the comments my thoughts were, “well at least now the MVP will go to the most deserving player; congrats Matt Kemp!”

  5. heinie_groh 4 years ago

    So what. any ban is a joke. a surgery is performance enhancing, and it carries greater risk than drugs. and where do you draw the line? Aspirin is performance enhancing. It reduces inflammation and pain, and allows you to compete at a higher level than you would have been able to otherwise. Anti inflams allow the joints to work better. How about synthetic vitamins? We all take them. Or how about eating beef or eggs that have been produced with growth hormone and steroids? That would knock off anybody who has eaten at MacDonalds or K Fried.
    We look the other way when law enforcement people and soldiers are roided up. In fact, I hope that the guys who are protecting us are given every performance enhancing drug available.  
    Throw the testing out the window. I want to see how fast a human being can really run. I want to see how far a human being can hit a ball. Pro sports are already a freak show. Those athletes are capable of doing things 99.9% of the rest of the population can only dream about. That will never change. Lets see how far THEIR dreams can take them.

    • orneryfish 4 years ago

      ” I hope that the guys who are protecting us are given every performance enhancing drug available.”

      Who will protect us from THEM ??

    • John 4 years ago

      But aspirin isn’t banned is it

      • heinie_groh 4 years ago

        why isn’t aspirin banned, that’s the point. it is performance enhancing. and it can be dangerous. it can also kill your cat. should athletes be allowed to take a drug that can kill kittens? no. it is as morally wrong as steroids. (which will only make your cat fat.)

  6. KeithLawSucksInStl 4 years ago

    Is that why his eyes are so big?

    • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

      No his father is Italian and his mother is a prairie dog.

    • orneryfish 4 years ago

      They are bugged out like golf balls.

      I’m waiting to see ” Titleist ” in them.

  7. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Artificial brawn.

  8. qudjy1 4 years ago

    As a Dback fan, i am pretty pissed.   He killed us in the playoffs (when the test was failed).    I really think AZ matched up pretty well with STL.

  9. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Everyone is a cheat, even the legends.

  10. drumzalicious 4 years ago


  11. batting1000 4 years ago

    should trade him to yanks so they can complete their collection…

  12. BrandonDbacks 4 years ago

    Dbacks should have won that series vs them!! Revoke the victory and restart the playoffs!! :) I’m kidding, kinda…
    But as a Dbacks fan and Braun fantasy owner, this sucks!!

  13. leachim2 4 years ago

    If it stands he and Manny are back during the same week.

    • LifelongMets 4 years ago

      That is, if anyone ends up adding Manny to their rosters.

      • leachim2 4 years ago

        yeah, but would be very interesting to see

      • orneryfish 4 years ago

        The Mets will, no doubt.

        • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

          Manny getting resigned..Joke and anyone who gets him should be ashamed 

  14.  “I would never do it because if I took steroids, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs.”  -Braun when interviewed about A-Roid.  I can’t believe that he was off by 27 homers on his estimate.  

  15. nestleraisinets 4 years ago

    should have kept the “natural” fat guy…

  16. Kendall Adkins 4 years ago

    Cardinals would be the clear favorites in the Central now, right? Clearly not the Cubs, Astros, Pirates, or Brewers (assuming they don’t sign Fielder and Braun serves the 50 games). Maybe the Reds have a bounce back year, but I don’t think they are good enough top to bottom. 

    • LifelongMets 4 years ago

      Perhaps good years from Arroyo, Bailey, and Volquez, along with a healthy Cueto will aid the Reds. However, they’re going to need less strikeouts from Stubbs if they want their lineup to be effective.

    • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

      Yes sir.. now it increases the chance of the Cards signing Beltran.. they should look at this as an opportunity to lock it up by adding another bat.

      • Kendall Adkins 4 years ago

        I really want Beltran. The way I see it, with a healthy Holliday and Freese, Berkman doing anything slightly similar to what he did last year, and Beltran, our offense will be better than it was last year. 

  17. budman3 4 years ago

    Fielder’s agent probably has a big smile on his face. The price for the Brewers to resign him might have just gone up several million dollars and that in turn might make other teams have to offer more.

    • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

      Maybe drives the price up for the Cubs because he has a better argument.. should effect the Brewers decision.. they cant afford him

    • This may well have priced Prince Fielder right out of Wisconsin…I wonder if St. Louis might want to put a real hurt on Milwaukee, however. Do note that Prince Fielder is 27, and is likely to still get another contract after this.

  18. budman3 4 years ago

    Might make the Reds decide that getting a top of the rotation guy now puts them in a much better position to win the Central.

    • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

      Or they understand they are the Reds and will remain out of contention for another decade or 2 but sure

    • Braun being out likely won’t change their perspective, when the powerhouse Cardinals will be more than enough to over-power the Reds, Cubs, or Brewers.

  19. SixAces 4 years ago

    Braun to hire David Ortiz as a damage control consultant.

  20. RedSox69 4 years ago


  21. Jack Merlino 4 years ago

    C’mon dude, I had respect for you.

  22. DickHarden 4 years ago


  23. Randolph_Knackstedt 4 years ago

    ZERO chance for the Brewers resigning Fielder with Braun out of the lineup. 

  24. Silence 4 years ago

    I feel like this isn’t true yet, until more details are out. I am dissapointed in Braun if it is true, because he spoke against it multiple times and he was becoming a face of the MLB. Now he will be remembered as that guy who cheated (if it’s true)

  25. KaunBlauk 4 years ago

    Can someone please remove all the double posts????

  26. orneryfish 4 years ago

    If anybody in the real world failed a work-related drug test, we would be jobless the minute the company got the results.

    • OklahomaBrave 4 years ago

      Maybe at a comic book store, but not in the real world.

    • FamousGrouse 4 years ago

      We would have no one to staff our hospitals if this were true…

  27. Devon Henry 4 years ago

    If I was an athlete heck i would be using hgh. 162 games a year is ridiculuos to stay healthy thru and live up to the expectations. If it allows me to continue to provide money for me and my family then y not?

    • NomarGarciaparra 4 years ago

      Cause you’ll get caught?…and your wife will not like your shrunken balls…leading to…what’s this family you speak of?

    • OklahomaBrave 4 years ago

      Because its prohibited! There’s something to be said for doing it the right way! Big Mac will never be in the hall because of it. So if it’s all about money then go ahead and destroy your body and the game. Your name won’t be remembered!

  28. baybombers 4 years ago

    this cant be true? ryan is a classy guy?

  29. coolstorybro222 4 years ago

    the story breaks today and everbody jumps on the we hate braun bandwagaon. Now this is a excuse for more people to dump on him for winning the MVP.

    • cacavolante 4 years ago

      i never hated braun. and i never needed another reason to know kemp got robbed of the mvp. even if kemp had been cheating too, he still deserved the mvp over braun.

  30. Guest 4 years ago

    A 50 game suspension is a joke. MLB’s “independent” drug testing is a joke. It’s unbelievable that this sport doesn’t have a legitimate commissioner.

    • daveypinstripes 4 years ago

      You mean like the NBA or NFL? LOL

    • TDKnies 4 years ago

      Losing nearly 1/3 of a season is not a joke.

      • Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 4 years ago

        Yes, 1/3 of a season is a joke. Precisely why so many people cheat, getting caught doesn’t seem so bad when you know you’ll be back on the field in just a few months.

        There’s a reason why American sports are a laughing stock when it comes to dealing with situations such as these.

        It’s like my boss saying to me “Cam, you lied, you cheated and you took millions of dollars in the process. Now, take an extra few months off work and stay at home, then we’ll see you back at the office”.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        Braun will still get paid $4.6M in 2012, proving that you can cheat and still make more than 99 percent of the world. A third of a season is nothing. Two years for first offense — now that might be something.

        What I don’t get is, sure, some players cheat to get their first huge enormous contract — but why cheat after you are set for life? Ego.

  31. OK. Award the MVP to Matt Stairs..now please.

  32. JP27 4 years ago


  33. Frank Drebin 4 years ago

    Next up: Pick who is 1st.

    Jose Bau-cheats-sta

    Albert Ped-jols

    • sourbob 4 years ago

      These are lame, even by the exceedingly low standards of name-mangling jokes.

  34. Well at least people cant argue that Braun only hit all those home runs because he had Prince hitting behind him anymore. He hit them because he cheated.

  35. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    I am not gonna bury the guy before he is dead. Very few times  do the players caught have their reps put out messages like this. His reps message to the media is different from the normally conveyed man with his hand in a cookie jar routine. I’ll judge when I know everything. Even then I am still going to like Braun. 90 percent were on one thing or another so its whatever at this point.

  36. He is innocent.

  37. levendis 4 years ago

    This is unfortunate to see. Alot of people dont realize though that many players take steroids/ HGH for recovery, rather than performance. I know at this point it make no difference, now that we are in a post-steroid era, however it should be noted that anabolic steroids have been in circulation since the 1940s. God knows how many players, HOFers have used it in the past. And not for performance, just to stay on the field. This is a demanding sport, 162 games will break you down by end season. In the past players had to stay on the field, they were playing with 1 year contracts, and not playing would cost them their jobs. I think by the 90s players started abusing it b/c all of the money you can make out of baseball. My argument (not really and argument, more just an assessment of steroids and players) is not pertaining to Braun, b/c he knows the times we live in, knew the consequences of his actions and its flat out unacceptable.

  38. Tom Haudricourt-I just talked to someone familiar with Ryan Braun’s positive drug test and he insisted that the Brewers’ star left fielder will be cleared on the appeal process and that this information never should have come out.

    • cacavolante 4 years ago

      oh well, i guess that settles it.

      • It dosen’t settle anything. Obviously it dosen’t look good for Braun. I was just trying to bring people information from a credible source.

    • JimBaily 4 years ago

      I just talked to someone familiar with Ryan Braun’s positive drug test and he insisted that the Brewers’ star left fielder will be confirmed to have taken massive amounts of HGH and anobolics and it will be confirmed on the appeal process and that he wishes this information never came out.

  39. BoomDizzle 4 years ago

    Steroid Cheat

  40. Chuck Norris 4 years ago

    They need to strip him of his MVP title , because failing to do that will send a wrong message. 

  41. Probably one of the last players I would’ve suspects, definitely going to wait for the full story. Everything about Braun screams acceptional human being to me.

    If this is the case though they better keep a close eye on that whole Brewers team as it seems roids are more of a team effort than anything.

  42. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    I really hope he’s innocent. How could anybody actually like this? This is terrible for baseball

  43. i wonder what “circumstances” could get braun out of this????….nobody has ever won an appeal on these type of matters

    • People are writing that no one has won an appeal. How do you know? Could have been dozens anonymously.

      • tdot32 4 years ago

        there’s a difference between winning an appeal anomously and this.

        • Is the difference that this leaked and the others didn’t leak?
          Or what is the difference? Because you didn’t state the actual difference.

          • tdot32 4 years ago

            it’s fairly obvious that if we are even speaking about this, then it is indeed the fact that it is not anonymous

  44. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    Can’t really blame the guy. If you gave me some steroids and told me I could make 100 million if I used them for a year or two I would do it too… Then when my contract was about to come up again I would re-up on the juice like big poopie, or jacoby elsbury.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      So… you forgive Braun and attack the Red Sox in the same post. Good job on showing bias.

      • Cubs27 4 years ago

        hey, don’t be so hard on him.. at least the post wasn’t written in all caps.

      • BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

        I don’t forgive him, because I don’t really see the problem here? Sorry for attacking the poor little red sox. :(

        lol just kidding I hope that dumpster they play in crumbles this season.

  45. tdot32 4 years ago

    Ryan Braun should write a book called “How to fail a drug test and look completely innocent for Brewers Fans”

  46. Isn’t creatine a PED? something as simple as pre-workout considered a PED?

  47. Fred McCarthy 4 years ago

    Really really hated to see this…even as an Angels fan, Braun is probably my favorite player in the MLB. I never ever thought this would happen and I really hope he didnt do anything intentionally. Sadly, we will never know the truth if he did or not…unless he admits that he did. Just can hope he comes back and continue to play at a high level and can save some reputation.

  48. hilarious.  “They tested him again, and the results were negative.”  Yeah, kinda leaving out a key bit of information there.  WHEN did he retest?  A month later?  When he was actually cycled off?  C’mon.

    • Silence 4 years ago

      He tested himself apparently a week after, probably boned a lot of women to lose his sperm.

    • 55saveslives 4 years ago

      He was tested and retested as positive.  Then he had his “people” do a test which was negative.

  49. LordD99 4 years ago

    Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Roger Clemens, Ryan Braun…another year, another name. 

    Why is anyone ever surprised when a player fails a PED test?  PEDs are here to stay.

    • $6592481 4 years ago

      When did Ortiz fail a test? 

      • vtadave 4 years ago


      • LordD99 4 years ago

        2003.  He was one of the original group of MLB players who tested positive, along with Manny Ramirez (who has since failed two additional times), Sammy Sosa, A-Rod (who unlike others, including Ortiz, at least did admit his usage when caught and didn’t come up with the always popular excuse, “I have no idea how I tested positive.”), Grimsely, Segui, etc. 

        In 2009, Ortiz admitted he was on the list of players who tested positive for PED usage after it was confirmed to him by the MLB Players’ Union.  He held a press conference, suddenly losing the ability to speak English when asked direct questions (similar to Sammy Sosa before Congress) insisting he was innocent and that he would begin an investigation into how he failed.  More than 2 1/2 years later we await the results of his investigation.

        I’m sure he has top people working on it.



  50. The BBWA is a joke – strip him of his MVP title if he’s found guilty of PED use.

    • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

      Unfortunately, voting occurred BEFORE the positive test. However, I completely agree.  Kemp was more deserving anyway.

  51. The BBWA is a joke – strip him of his MVP title if he’s found guilty of PED use.

  52. A Rod’s Contract says hi

  53. lol. Have you ever heard of the withdrawl method? Na, your explaination is much more effective.

  54. lol. Have you ever heard of the withdrawl method? Na, your explaination is much more effective.

  55. Way to take some guy on the internet saying he know’s a guy who know’s another guy who said that Braun asked for another test and passed. Gullable?(sp)

  56. Way to take some guy on the internet saying he know’s a guy who know’s another guy who said that Braun asked for another test and passed. Gullable?(sp)

  57. I disagree. I think it had more to do with Braun making the playoffs and Kemp playing on a team that didnt. This would be the same for Bautista. Clearly deserved to win, but didnt.

    • Wrek305 4 years ago

      That’s the exact reason Votto was MVP in 2010 Pujols had better numbers in Statical catagories but because the Cards didn’t make the playoff and the Reds did, Votto was MVP.

  58. I disagree. I think it had more to do with Braun making the playoffs and Kemp playing on a team that didnt. This would be the same for Bautista. Clearly deserved to win, but didnt.

  59. If Ellsbury and Granderson are 6’1″, I will eat my hat.

  60. they should ban these guys longer, 50 games isn’t enough. 2 years is way better, that’s the way positive tests are handled in most sports in Europe.

    • 3locos 4 years ago

      europe…really europe. who gives a flying f what they do with their inconsiquential sports.

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Because if the Brewers lose Fielder to another team and Braun for 50 games, it doesn’t hurt the fan base that much. If you lose Braun for TWO YEARS and Fielder to another team, you can almost say bye bye to most revenue.

  61. wbminn 4 years ago

    There seems to be plenty of sinless-people, casting stones. 

    • JimBaily 4 years ago

      You don’t have to be “sinless” to cast stones, this punk is a cheat and steals our money with his cheating, we are all more than entitled to call him out on it. 

      • Yount19 4 years ago

        Most are at least a majority of players still cheat. Braun got caught and it sucks for me and the other Brewer fans.  Hope he is innocent but, it doesn’t look very possible at this point.

        When the stuff came out about Bonds, I said Manny should be tested, because the way the ball jumps off his bat.  The ball left Braun’s bat the same way.  There are still a couple of other players who have the same type of effect.  For their fans I hope they don’t get caught.  Maybe there is not a connection, but as a life long player and fan I don’t think this effect is possible without PED’s

        • baseball1010 4 years ago

          A majority of players still cheat? What information or proof do you have or are you just making it up? It’s incredible that someone can cast aspersions so freely. If you have proof give it to MLB so they can clean up baseball. My guess is you have nothing.

          • Yount19 4 years ago

            No proof at all. Just an opinion. I am not making any specific acusations. Maybe I should rephrase. A lot more players haven’t been caught yet, and I hope their fans don’t have to go through the same thing brewer fans are going through.

            I just have seen a pattern of players staying a step ahead of the slow process of developing tests.

            Sorry if you think I was trying to attack other players.  Truth is I would probably do the same thing if I was arrogant ehough to think I could beat the whole system. 

    • burritolikethesun 4 years ago

      Might wanna hit up OWL or something for those hyphen usage rules.

    • FamousGrouse 4 years ago

      Ive never tested positive for synthetic testosterone in my system.
      I hope I never do as well-synthetic testosterone is often used by people recovering from prostate surgery or with testicular problems (think removal).

  62. orangenblackattack 4 years ago

    Guillermo Mota tested positive for PEDs? Say it aint so!

  63. BluMule 4 years ago

    Does that change anything?

    • grownice 4 years ago

      YES lol it could have very well been unintentional, we’ll have to see.

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        How do you unintentionaly smoke Mama Juana? Or anything else for that matter?

        • grownice 4 years ago

           Injesting a supplement that you didnt realize had a banned substance? It’s not that far fetched. There’s clearly more to the story.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            It won’t matter though. Just because you didn’t know, doesn’t mean it’s okay.

          • grownice 4 years ago

             But it does change the , “hes a steroid cheat” part of the story , by quite a large margin.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            He’ll still have the suspension though.

          • grownice 4 years ago

            That remains to be determined, it could alter the punishment.

          • slider32 4 years ago

            You can’t ever be sure he didn’t know.

    • jjs91 4 years ago

      Suspension wise probably not

      • ljbamg 4 years ago

        Yes. MAx of 25 days first time and or a $10,000.00 fine. Look up MLB list of band substances.

  64. wrestlingcritic 4 years ago

    Well, that’s a bit of relief. BTW $100 says it was weed or spice…he just looks like a stoner

    • Fifty_Five 4 years ago

      Out of the two, probably spice. It leaves your system pretty quickly so that could explain the difference in the two tests

    • How does that explain the synthetic testosterone in his system?

      • wrestlingcritic 4 years ago

        Good question. They are saying that it wasn’t PED’s though. We’ll probably find out soon enough.

  65. Prohibit – to forbid by authority

    If it’s prohibited how does that change anything, it’s not allowed by the league, end of story. What was it, pro-hormone? 

  66. ljbamg 4 years ago

    Keep your chin up Ryan!! True fans will stand behind the truth and will wait patiently for it to come forth without judging. Screw the rest of them.

  67. brewersnrays 4 years ago

    i hope its weed

  68. tiger313 4 years ago

    Everyone likes to jump the gun before any real information comes out. Braun would have never taken PEDs. Its absurd that the media has blown this all out of proportion. They have no facts, nothing except he said she said. Whatever he tested positive for, I hope it was for his health or something silly that made him test positive. But to say he needs his MVP taken away and what not before we know anything is just dumb. Wait until the facts come out, then speak your mind. Its not fair to him to receive this criticism. 

    • jaryl612 4 years ago

      “Braun would have never taken PEDs.”  Says Braun’s close friend and confidante????

    • slider32 4 years ago

      One fact is out, Braun tested positive for PEDs.

  69. There should be a difference in punishment between a positive test for PEDs and other non-performance related drugs.  I don’t know if that distinction would be relevant in this case, but smoking the J and injecting Winstrol are entirely different and should not be punished the same.

    • slider32 4 years ago

      What about RED BULL.

    • brewersnrays 4 years ago

      Steroids = 50 game ban
      Stimulants = 25 game ban
      Smoking a J = i don’t remember, did anything even happy to timmy lincecum?

      • slider32 4 years ago

        Steroids- no HOF
        Stimulants- no HOF
        Smoking a J-  no HOF

        Oh wait, many HOFers took amphetamines, and don’t forget Ferguson Jenkins. Bottom line- double standard.

  70. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    We need more details. This sounds similar to what happened to Floyd Landis after the tour de france 5 years ago.

  71. And that’s why “fans” make for terrible jurors.  Fans will believe the best regardless of any test or pile of evidence.

    • BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

      Yeah, we should execute him.

    • verlander 4 years ago

      //Fans will believe the best regardless of any test or pile of evidence.//

      Or worst . . . 

      Plenty of people want to metaphorically (maybe even literally) hang him without any real evidence.

  72. JonBoyd 4 years ago

    It says he tested positive for a prohibitive substance, not a PED. So maybe he just took some drugs at a party and that’s what they found?

  73. Guest 4 years ago

  74. WhiteOwl1972 4 years ago

    Did Ryan go for a drive with Wayne Brady?

  75. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    Really hope its herb.

  76. cbcbcb 4 years ago

    I have seen some people saying coffee has stimulants.  Well, I am pretty sure it doesn’t add synthetic testosterone to your system

  77. slider32 4 years ago

    If baseball is not going to put players who took steriods in the HOF then they better take his MVP away. My feelings is players should be judged by their play on the field and not their drug use. Ron Santo couldn’t hold A- Rod jock as a player. We know some of the players who took steriods or PEDs, but that is just the tip of the ice berg.

  78. coolstorybro222 4 years ago


  79. John McFadin 4 years ago

    I think he really did do something knowingly, but this new quote about the highest ever just screams ‘smear.’  I don’t really know who Teri is, but that sentence just sounds ridiculous.

  80. LifelongMets 4 years ago

    Wow.. highest ever recorded? That does not seem likely, but who knows.

    • Tim Marino 4 years ago

      I would think Fielder would be the highest ever recorded.

    • Flharfh 4 years ago

      This whole case just gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it? Either there is something wrong with the test or Braun was taking Elephant tranquilizers or something

      • Fifty_Five 4 years ago

        He probably just accidently took a trank gun to the jugular ala Frank the Tank

    • Jamie Sayer 4 years ago

      Something seems fishy with that….

    • Bill Lee says hello…now THAT dude was (and probably still is) the ‘highest ever recorded’

  81. Tim Marino 4 years ago

    Stop with the blasting of Braun from both here and other sites. He has not been convicted of anything.

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

    Also, someone has won an appeal. Look at the post at the Disciples of Uecker (An offical ESPN Affilate blog aka Not my blog which I am trying to send you guys too)

    If it turns out that he is guilty, I will be the first person to blast him, but until that save your wrath for guilty steroid users.

    • Tim Marino 4 years ago

      The article is called Ryan Braun’s Situation: A Curious Tweet From Jimmy Rollins
      Google it, I can’t put a link up here, or at least I tried and it hasn’t posted yet. And if it does please forgive my double post.

    • John McFadin 4 years ago

      Innocent until proven guilty is in the court of LAW.  This, however, is the court of public opinion.  And about your other post, I tried posting a link a couple weeks ago that was extremely relevant to the topic and they either ignored it or just don’t approve links.

    • slider32 4 years ago

      If Braun gets off it’s a Selig conspiracy.

  82. Ethan Purdy 4 years ago

    All the people avidly supporting him and yet so many people are quick to jump on the hate train of others who tested positive for these drugs. Double standard much?

    • Tim Marino 4 years ago

      Difference, they were convicted, until Braun (Or anyone else) is I won’t savage him/them.

    • strikethree 4 years ago

      Hard to get a false positive with these kinds of tests. 

      It’s one thing if it was just hearsay but this is an actual test. (which is more reliable than a trial)

      When the chances are 99.99%+ that he did it, what more do you need?

      There’s always time but the forecasts sure don’t look good.

  83. wait_HOWmanyrings 4 years ago

    all the people, you seen the 700 posts on here?

  84. TheHotCorner 4 years ago

    Now they are saying his level was twice that of others who have tested positive.  Will be rather interesting to hear the whole story as that does seem a bit odd.  I kind of wish this story either wasn’t made public until the arbitration case or that all the current information was made public from both sides.  All we can do for a month plus is now sit and wonder. 

    • 3locos 4 years ago

      it shouldnt have been made public. it was **pn’s “reporters” trashing the guy. slowest sports saturday of the year and a east/west large city bias. heck yea they let it out. add to that theyve been hiding the pedophiles in ny and pa for years and needed out from the pressure. burn in heck disney, abc and most importantly E*S*P*N

      • tonyyanksfan 4 years ago

        Don’t shoot the messenger.  It stinks finding out that a player you like used, but in the end, it’s the player’s fault, not the media’s.  I hated finding out that Pettitte used, but that’s just the new world of sports we live in.

  85. Wrek305 4 years ago

    Braun was an a natural talent as they came, as much as I don’t like the guy, I don’t think he took anything. I am sure he’s a good guy unlike A-Rod or Bonds who are complete tools. And A-Rod has been cheating and continues to cheat to this day but he got a slap on the wrist. When he should have been kicked out of baseball.

    Kemp or Pujols should have one and Michael Young was screwed over in the AL, there’s a reason pitchers have the Cy Young and Position players have the MVP, made no sense to give both to Verlander.

    • Dylan 4 years ago

      Have one what?

    • Dylan 4 years ago

      Just to clarify: you believe pitchers are not players?

      It’s not MVPP (Position Players). Position players have the silver slugger and Hank Aaron Awards. Pitchers have the Cy Young. And ALL players of the MLB have MVP.

    • Do you honestly believe Michael Young was the most valuable player in the American League last year?

      • Wrek305 4 years ago

        Yes I really believe that. Look at what he had to go through. And he still produced like nothing had ever happened.

        • All he had to go through? Moving from third to DH and requesting a trade? All the negitive public attention he brought upon himself?

          No sane person would pick Young over Verlander, Bautista, Granderson, Ellsbury, Cabrera, Gonzalez, Cano, or Pedroia

          • Wrek305 4 years ago

            Cabrera had a fluke season he will never repeat those numbers, plus he’s gained a good 75lbs the last 2 yrs and he’s a wife beater he will never be MVP. Pedroia didn’t have near the year Young had.

          • Fluke season? Do you watch baseball? Young’s WAR last year was 2.4. Cabrera’s worst full season WAR was 3.1.
            Plus Pedroia’s war last year was 6.8.

  86. Mike Satalof 4 years ago

    On a side note, I feel like this story and the unfolding of the Albert Pujols signing saga have shown what a truly serious source of baseball news this site has become. Yahoo, ESPN, Deadspin, etc. have not had the constant updates and the consolidation of wide-ranging sources that has become the mark of MLBTR. Big kudos guys, keep it up.

    • Mike Satalof 4 years ago

      And obviously, scooping the D-backs winning the Cody Ransom sweepstakes.

  87. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    He’s an ALIEN!!!!!!

  88. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Maybe he is an alien

  89. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    “insanely high, the highest ever for anyone who has ever taken a test, twice the level of the highest test ever taken,”
    Anyone know what was “insanely high”? His total testosterone levels or the levels of synthetic testosterone in his system? (Or both?)

    • LifelongMets 4 years ago

      I don’t know of any player who achieved the “insanely high levels” plateau, which makes this case all the more weirder.

    • slider32 4 years ago

      Braun has no case, the synthetic testosterone can be flushed from the system in a short amount of time. This is why players would use it.

  90. Matt 4 years ago

    They wouldn’t have beat the Dbacks without his PED use. Don’t get me wrong he is good without them. However, he was hitting the ball much harder and farther in the playoffs. He hit like .500 with 3 HR against the dbacks. The Dbacks lost by 1 run. You can’t tell me that usage didn’t account for that 1 run. They should have to give their first round pick to the Dbacks as the Dbacks would have had a legitimate world series chance.

    • Tim Marino 4 years ago

      That 1 run? They didn’t lose to one run in every game, it is a 5-game series remember? Even if they would have won they wouldn’t beat the Cardinals.

      Enjoy your run in the next few year, but once again he hasn’t found guilty so don’t make accusations:

      1. If they are bad arguments
      2. If they could be false

      • LifelongMets 4 years ago

        Well said. Braun didn’t take part in that rally in the 10th inning that day, that was all CarGomez and Nyjer. In fact, Braun did absolutely nothing after the Diamondbacks tied the game. So I absolutely agree that regardless of what Braun did or did not do illegally, he didn’t cause the end of the 2011 D-Backs.

  91. progmatinee 4 years ago

    Meth is bad.

  92. roberty 4 years ago

    If taking PEDs could make me even a marginally decent baseball player I would do it in a second.  All of this judgement is moronic. 

  93. I don’t believe that Braun did any PEDs, but if they suspect him, then they should test Pujols cus he looks like he takes that crap every day

    • cacavolante 4 years ago

      i dont care what you believe. he tested positive. ill go with that over your opinion.

      • CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

        Then you should also go with the reports that he did NOT test positive for PED’s, but a prohibited substance.  I’ll go with that over initial reports.

        • cacavolante 4 years ago

          whats the difference whether he got caught for a performance enhancing drug or a banned substance that masks it? hes still a cheat.

          • CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

            Show me a report that said it was a masking agent.  And if you need to ask the difference between PED’s and a prohibited substance, then maybe you should learn a little more about the topic, no?    

          • cacavolante 4 years ago

            what exactly do you think this is all about, weed?

          • CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

            I don’t know, but I am not one to jump to conclusions like many of you.  Once it all comes out, I will be ready to make a fair judgement.  If he used a masking agent of some sort, then I will call him out.  But until then, I will hold off.

          • 3locos 4 years ago

            um, pot and many other drugs are banned…but not PEDS.  

          • cacavolante 4 years ago

            um, dont you think if this was about pot we would have heard about it by now?

      • bayareabeast 4 years ago

        and nobody cares what you believe either..

  94. safari_punch 4 years ago

    They’re all cheaters. Braun and whoever helped him with this were just dumb. 

  95. NickinIthaca 4 years ago

    I apologize if someone has already said this, but can we possibly get a new thread to comment on tomorrow?  I’m of the innocent until (absolutely) proven guilty mind, so it would be nice to be able to avoid (re)reading through 900+ comments in order to see what’s new.  Also, sorry for all of the words in (parenthesis)…

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      It’s all good. I’ll take (parentheses) over asterisks* any day!! :p

      (Good idea about the thread, BTW)

    • Chewtoy123 4 years ago

      You can sort comments by “newest first” right up where they start, under the article.

  96. grownice 4 years ago

     Ryan Braun’s Situation: A Curious Tweet From Jimmy Rollins
    Jack Moore December 11, 2011

    We’ve seen plenty of reactions to the news of Ryan Braun’s positive test for a prohibited substance, and with all the confusion
    surrounding the situation, the flurry of reactions and emotions is
    understandable. One of the most recounted facts of the situation so far
    is that no player has ever won his appeal with MLB after a positive test.
    However, lost in a sea of replies was this odd tweet from free agent shortstop Jimmy Rollins:
    The Damn Man @stlcards314 10 Dec 11
    @JimmyRollins11 nobody’s ever had it overturned. Just upsets me that player’s always deny first, then apologize & admit much later.
    Jimmy Rollins ✔
    @stlcards314 never been overturned is “technically” correct. I know of a case that no one will hear about.
    10 Dec 11 Reply

    The tweet is cryptic, as many of the details emerging about the case
    have been. It seems to suggest that there have indeed been times in
    which players have had their cases overturned, but the details aren’t
    available to the public — and understandably so, as these allegations
    would follow players regardless of their validity. Kevin Goldstein of
    Baseball Prospectus offered some confirmation later:
    Jeff Passan ✔
    @JeffPassan 11 Dec 11
    @Kevin_Goldstein Legit as in names, or legit as in everybody is sure there are aliens at Area 51 but nobody’s really seen ’em?
    Kevin Goldstein @Kevin_Goldstein
    @JeffPassan Legit, as in people in front office I trust have told me that cases that never got leaked were turned over.
    11 Dec 11 Reply

    Now, news has come out from the New York Daily News
    that the testosterone levels in the test were by far the highest in any
    sample MLB has ever received. The report also mentions “chain of
    custody issues” surrounding the handling of the sample.
    Basically, if we’ve learned anything from the developments over the
    past 24 hours, it’s that we really know nothing about this situation.
    News continues to trickle out, but at this point we scarcely know more
    solid facts about whether or not Ryan Braun used PEDs than we did before
    the news of the test came out.
    Stay tuned.

  97. $7562574 4 years ago

    synthetic testosterone makes lean and mean muscle that help the bat speeds. it definitely helps players hit long balls while staying small in muscle mass compared to steroid users. there are a few suspects. you know who they are.

  98. JLaw 4 years ago

    So if he weighs the same as a duck… he’s made of wood; and therefore…

  99. cookmeister 4 years ago

    for his cholesterol maybe

  100. angryredmenace 4 years ago

    Low blow

  101. diehardmets 4 years ago

    Ironically enough, cholesterol is also a Steroid according to the classification of organic molecules. 

    An I just now realized how much of a nerd I sound like. Oh well.

  102. grownice 4 years ago

     This will get lots of likes.

  103. CircusFresh 4 years ago

    Hey he is a vegetarian…right?

  104. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    new ”likes” record?

  105. mwagner26 4 years ago

    As someone of Fielder’s size, I lol’d.  +1 Internets to you.

  106. NickinIthaca 4 years ago

    I’m not positive, but this is definitely one of the most liked comments I’ve ever seen on MLBTR…

  107. McCutchenistheTruth 4 years ago

    Cubs? Lol.. It may change if Prince signs there, but if he doesn’t, the Cubs are finishing last or second to last.

    The Astros and them will be competing for the basement.

  108. cubs223425 4 years ago

    Cubs in 2nd? Let’s not get irrational.

    Greinke can hit better than about half the Cubs’ starting lineup.

  109. Andy_B 4 years ago

    LOL, maybe now it might be cubs in 4th, but lets be real Milwaukee’s offense will struggle without braun and fielder but they still have a good rotation, they’ll still take third place. 

    Cubs have absolutely nothing on their team, they aren’t astros bad but they are more than a few pieces away from competing.

  110. WhiteOwl1972 4 years ago

    Prince tested positive for PEZ.

  111. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    There you go St. Louis.. we may have lost Pujols but the Brewers will now lose Fielder and Braun.

  112. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    its the truth, anything with a 2 6 carbon rings and a 5 carbon ring attached to an R functional group can be classified as a lypo-steroid.  Organic Chemistry for the win.

  113. cubsfanraysaddict 4 years ago

    You fixed that w/ the know/now mix-up.

  114. Fstuffup 4 years ago

    Cholesterol and steroids are both lipids

  115. not an anabolic steriod..

  116. MaineSox 4 years ago

    Yes, but unless he is injecting (or otherwise artificially raising) it, it isn’t against MLBs drug policy.

  117. shysox 4 years ago

    CC and Ortiz are enormous cause they like to eat.. not because of roids.

  118. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    you’re right, the PED articles always bring out the trolls

  119. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Yeah and Miguel Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Justin Verlander.

    Everybody that is a superstar

  120. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    Interesting that the only potential position players are guys that played in the NL Central last year……

  121. hardcoreforhardcore 4 years ago

    Unless donuts enhance a pitcher’s performance I think we can take CC off that list.

  122. Andy_B 4 years ago

    as a cards fan I hope he fails

  123. Andy_B 4 years ago

    as a cards fan I hope he fails

  124. bravesdude 4 years ago

    They should .

  125. PWNdroia 4 years ago

    I agree, he’s been buffed since day 1.

  126. diehardmets 4 years ago

    In yet more irony, nerds can’t spell. That’s why we made Spell and Grammar check. 

  127. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Na.. you still have to respect the man… I hope the Angels dont make the playoffs till 2022

  128. bobskube 4 years ago

    Naturally. You stay classy st Louis.

  129. Andrew Ochs 4 years ago

    Yup he fails then they take away the cardinals past two rings. Yup I hope for that

  130. Scott MIller 4 years ago

    Funny how he can come back from a broken wrist in 2 weeks but Braun is on the shelf for haw long with an oblique?  Test Pujols!!

  131. eneff 4 years ago

    Didn’t ortiz test positive?

  132. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    seriously man?… you just went down a few notches on that one

  133. diehardmets 4 years ago

    See, I held back on the full structural analysis too not become a full nerd on a baseball site. 😉

  134. Jay LeBlanc 4 years ago

    PEZ is fantastic vegan chow.

  135. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I agree

  136. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I agree

  137. grownice 4 years ago

     I Know its weird i feel the same way.

  138. He is just as stupid as all the rest of cheaters… what is it about him that makes you think he is smart?

  139. Jay LeBlanc 4 years ago

    My guess would be: inherent racists?

  140. CircusFresh 4 years ago

    Um no, not everyone is an ignorant racist and bragging about your use of the N-bomb is reprehensible.

  141. He’s a Braves fan. Likely from the south. Chipper, just so you know, the rest of America doesn’t refer to black people that way anymore. 

  142. Lucas Kschischang 4 years ago

    A respectable young lad?

  143. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    now you can just pick him up after the draft

  144. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    105 lb ellsbury is somehow above his suspicion

  145. diehardmets 4 years ago

    Indeed not, but a steroid nonetheless. 

  146. BluMule 4 years ago

    Whoa, not needed. Alhough I wanted Kemp anyways.

  147. sam_lammert 4 years ago

    joey bats=jose bautista

  148. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    What? That the Brewers have ugly uniforms?

  149. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    That’s John Kruk and Lance Armstrong. Err well, they both have 1 that is synthetic.

  150. We’re on the same page lol

  151. hardcoreforhardcore 4 years ago

    He did.

  152. MaineSox 4 years ago

    Yes, but that’s not why he’s fat.

  153. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    haha its all good.  I’m a pre-med student, got a little nerd in me.  No shame in that…

  154. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    He went down a few notches for being knowledgable? 

  155. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    Seriously. I though St. Louis had some of the best fans until now…

  156. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    oh Bob…

  157. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Right!! I was thinking Joey Votto

  158. Vossome93 4 years ago

    LMAO. Really? Lol.

  159. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    It’s all hype.

  160. KeithLawSucksInStl 4 years ago

    Take one comment from an idiot on the internet and apply it to all Cardinals fans. That’s classy.

  161. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Well I cant hate on that

  162. dodgerinsteeltown 4 years ago

    and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose….

  163. Not so fast, donuts can have filling.

  164. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    I would think you would test Pujols and Fielder out of the 200

  165. hardcoreforhardcore 4 years ago

    Touche, touche.

  166. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Why are people on his sack right now? He still hasn’t even presented his defense…Who know’s this could end up being false..In my eyes he is innocent until proven guilty..and it should be like this for any case

  167. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    that name kinda gives you away bro

  168. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    It’s his own fault. Intentional or not, baseball players are made fully aware of the substances they cannot put into their body. If he’s not aware of them, then shame on him.

    The rules are the same for everybody.

  169. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Oh.. you’re right.. your comment has changed my mind and Im confident that you have changed the whole worlds thoughts on this… 

    Braun broke the rules bottom line! MLB is not going to release this publicly without knowing that he cheated.. They dont intent to ruin someone’s career and reputation on a hunch 

  170. Daniel Stout 4 years ago

    How can you possibly “guarantee” this. Why do we, as fans, EVER feel like we know someone that we root for. For years I though that Albert Pujols was a high character guy, he proved us at least slightly wrong this week. NO ONE is above this.

  171. dontsleep 4 years ago

    Yep.  We must look at things that are more concrete than a FAILED PED TEST (like stats, growing 2x the size).  Only bust a guy if he has a Bondesque season.  Knowledge.

  172. Actually great news for the Reds,not the  cards.. NO Fielder, no Braun,no Pujols, LOVE IT

  173. grownice 4 years ago

    Its coming from Kemp lovers or fans of other teams that hate the Brewers, most unbiased fans can sit back and wait for the final decision before placing judgement.

  174. Do note that no positive PED test has ever been successfully appealed.

  175. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    I think he means the Marlins.

  176. BluMule 4 years ago


  177. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    So your saying free agency shouldn’t be covered either right?. And it does specifically say MLB, so i guess nothing about minor leaguers too?

  178. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    he mentions losing in his post. You just look like a huge jerk now.

  179. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    Other than his celebrations with Prince which we’ll never see again, I don’t really see any reason to hate him.

  180. Did the Reds even play .500 last year???? uh “NO”. 

  181. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    REDS: No Chance

  182. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    Because we don’t know what he took.

    Regardless, even if he did get “careless with supplements” its his own fault.

  183. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    LMAO, i completely agree!!!

  184. There’s no need. We know the answer.

  185. Can’t even agree with that. For all we know he was taking enhancement pills in other regions of the anatomy. Even still I am rather stunned that this is coming to light so late. Something stinks beyond just the accusation.

  186. sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

    Or some people genuinely want to try and experience the feeling of what it would have been like to be part of an angry mob with torches and pitchforks (and maybe red cloth letters) in the town of Salem back in the 17’th century.

  187. Daniel Stout 4 years ago

    Pujols was a +5 for us last year. While we will not be as good without him, I firmly believe that we can win the NL central. If the Brewers do not resign Fielder and Braun out for 50 days and the Reds being a flash in the pan, we can do this. But, anything can happen. Just look at the 2011 postseason! GO CARDINALS!!!

  188. sam_lammert 4 years ago

    haha thats what i figured

  189. Daniel Stout 4 years ago

    YOU NEVER KNOW! None of these guys are above this. We think we do, but we don’t know these guys.

  190. mickblue66 4 years ago

    Please tell me you aren’t truly that naive??????????????????

  191. I wonder how many seconds before this gets deleted…1…2…oh…there it goes…

  192. grownice 4 years ago

    If he’s exonerated from the charges and serves no suspension , will you still assume that he’s guilty?

  193. jimboslice9 4 years ago

    Ever heard of a false positive?  There’s no way the test is 100% accurate.  May be as close to it as possible, but false positives have to come up at some point.

  194. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    You do know that Braun’s team says that he took a 2nd test and came out negative right?

  195. orneryfish 4 years ago

  196. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    by admitting it 

  197. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    What the truth is that funny to you?

  198. mickblue66 4 years ago

    How is that hilarious? They will be getting back one of the top 3 pitchers in all of baseball that didn’t even make an appearance last year. Berkman will go to first and Craig will now have a full time role in RF. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they signed someone like Beltran since Craig will be out the first month.

    The Cardinals are still the clear favorite to win the NL Central even w/o Albert since Wainwright is coming back and Prince Fielder is leaving (most likely leaving). Now that Braun is out for the first 50, it’s even more obvious they are the favorites. Whether they end up winning the division remains to be seen but they are the favorites currently going into the season w/o question.


    Wainwright, Carpenter, Garcia, Loshe, Westbrook

    is still a very solid lineup and even better rotation I would be very surprised if they didn’t sign or trade for one more player like a Beltran who will help make up for the loss of Albert. Not to mention getting back a perennial cy young canidate in Wainwright vastly improving the rotation

  199. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Does anyone else see the Nyger Morgan, Flavor Flav resemblance?

  200. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Well shows how much you know Brian.. Brewers won the central last year and the Cards won the World Series on a wildcard.. Yes Pujols weakens LAST YEARS team but Wainwright evens it out a bit. Brewers lost Braun for 50 and Fielder is gone.. thats worse than Pujols walking.. Brewers are in bad shape right now.. mentally and talent wise.

  201. We will see.  I mean we are still not finished with the off season and honestly Albert didn’t do that well anyway last year and we still won the world series.  He had one game where he did something in the world series and the rest of the year was pretty absent. 

    We have guys like Allen Craig and Freeze, Holliday, Berkman, and Molina to pull some weight. 

    Plus we have guys in the minor leagues that will come up over the next few years like Kolton Wong, Matt Adams and Shelby Miller.

    Not to mention we have Adam Wainwright back and could be looking for more pitching depth now that Albert is gone.

     I think you are counting your chickens before they hatch, the season hasn’t even started yet and you are counting out the Cardinals, didn’t all the media do the same thing last year.   We will be fine with Albert.  He is slowly declining as we have seen over the last few years and good pitching >>>>> good hitting (expecially for the Cards).

  202. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Whatd he say?

  203. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    if you’re referring to me, look at my screen name and maybe you will figure out where I’m from.

  204. Stl_Great 4 years ago

    I live in St.Louis, and here even the black people call themselves that? Who would have thought..

  205. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    Wait! I thought they were the same guy!?

  206. Fifty_Five 4 years ago

    More like Tyrone Biggums

  207. Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

    I don’t want to repeat it (lest I be banned), but it referred to homosexual acts.

  208. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Also note that this isn’t official and that Braun hasn’t presented his case..And just because odd’s are against him doesn’t mean he did

  209. phee17 4 years ago

    .299 37hr 99rbi.  yeah i don’t think albert did that well last year, either

  210. Well, yeah.  That was a down year and he will be declining over the next 3-5 years even more.

    What were Prince Fielder’s numbers for last year?

  211. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    They lost Braun for 50? when was this official? 

  212. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Not random at all bautista was tested 4 times last year

  213. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Are you seriously that bitter about Braun cheating? You must have him in a keeper league 

  214. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    He is talking about Chipper_is_OLD

  215. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    This isnt a drivers test.

  216. commenter3346 4 years ago

    Taking another test weeks after the first test doesn’t negate the first test. Braun’s team also acknowledged that as well.

  217. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Oh it isn’t? then my bad he is GUILTY! Don’t even bother hearing what he has to say..GUILTY IS PROVEN!

  218. ZZZZZIPPP 4 years ago


  219. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    and without facing Wainwright…

    oh and Fielder could still end in the NL Central, on the cubs…plus its not like Braun is gone all season. 50 games isn’t even a third.

    Just to keep piling on, il go ahead and point out the Reds only have one series against milwaukee in the first 50 games as well. Just pretend he has a mild calf injury and he’ll be back before you know it

  220. bigbird24 4 years ago

    Barry, you look like you have too much of the cream in your cheeks.  Too plump.

  221. Randolph_Knackstedt 4 years ago

    The player is the one that decides to stick needles in their body, and or swallow pills / liquids.

  222. This has nothing to do with his heritage…nor should it be relevant.

  223. A guy named Sandy Koufax was pretty good I think

  224. Jack Merlino 4 years ago

    Yeah really.  Besides, that Goldschmidt kid with Arizona is gonna be an animal once he matures.  Might not be religious, but with that last name, it’s definitely in his blood. Not trying to be racist, btw.

  225. wait_HOWmanyrings 4 years ago

    oh, jokes, jokes, jokes. i have nothing against jewish people.

  226. jimboslice9 4 years ago

    So you’re saying that this test is infallible then?  OTC pregnancy tests aren’t the only tests that can produce false positives.  Almost all medical related tests produce false positives, and any type of PED test could definitely produce a false positive.

  227. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    what are you talking about?  their is even more evidence saying he does come back, even stronger.  Its tommy john surgery fool, not shoulder surgery.  Its not a guarantee, but state facts not what you hope happens.

  228. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    I don’t imagine you have any more proof than the rest of us, chief.

    Perhaps your new handle should be: ” i_gotz_2B_a_homer “

  229. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    It happens to my fellow Philadelphia fans all the time.

    It’s completely ridiculous but it’ll never stop people from doing saying things like that.

  230. MaineSox 4 years ago

    I don’t think any less of Cardinals fans (as a whole) because of it, but there have been tons of those comments on here in the last few days; it’s not just this one.

  231. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    Like MaineSox said, there have been tons of Cards fans being terrible lately. They all seem to be insanely pissed off about this. I know Albert said he wanted to return, but people need to understand this is a business too, and what they want to happen won’t always happen. I honestly hate the Cardinals, but I’ve always heard that St. Louis is a great city for baseball, and every Cards fan I’ve met has been very knowledgable, but every one I’ve heard since Pujols signed in LA has sounded terrible.

  232. MaineSox 4 years ago

    I could be mistaken, but as far as I know steroids don’t help bone heal.

  233. Onetimeaccount 4 years ago

    A false positive twice?

  234. dshires4 4 years ago

    Half the crap at your local GNC would likely yield a positive test.

    You people are absurdly irrational. You all break the speed limit and yet if you get pulled over say, “I did nothing wrong, why’d you pull me over?” Same goes for Braun here: Just because he tested positive doesn’t mean he knowingly and willfully tried to cheat the system, unlike all you people who go 36 in a 35.

    Grow up.

  235. jimboslice9 4 years ago

    On the same sample, sure.  There could be inconsistencies in the urine that was tested that had irregular amounts of testosterone, whereas a different sample taken before the drug could pass out of his system could very well have come up negative.

  236. according to selig pujols has even been tested. is that a lie? or is that the truth lol. they should test right before the season starts, right before or right after the all star break or even during, and a day after the last game of the season. even if the player who fails it is in the playoffs still have to face the penalty for failing it. do these players think their not going to get caught? and after that spill he poured to the press about A-rod a few years ago lol. hypocrit much?

  237. phee17 4 years ago

    if you said “down year” then yes, for pujols i would agree that it was a down year for him. but it is by no means a bad season.

    and fielder was right there with him at .299 38 120

  238. KeithLawSucksInStl 4 years ago

    I suppose the Pujols signing has some people worked up and upset. As for me, I’m like a old school father; I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed (in both Pujols and Braun).

  239. MB923 4 years ago

    Don’t leave out us Yankee fans

  240. I see what you did there!

  241. MB923 4 years ago

    I think so

  242. phee17 4 years ago

    A. Pujols had an OBP of .366 last year.
    B. i would never be a cardinals fan lol

  243. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    I guess I misunderstood your comment. I thought you were saying that Ferrariman went down because of what he was saying about lypo-steroids. My bad.

  244. cacavolante 4 years ago

    yes, im sure major league baseball is just dying to smear their newly crowned nl mvp with false accusations of steroid use.

  245. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    Funny, I heard the same statements when Manny was accused. Long story short, only Brewers fans will trust Braun from now on and every other fan will call him a cheat.

  246. MLB isn’t.  ESPN is.

  247. bucs_lose_again 4 years ago

    Thank you, Mr. Tebow

  248. imachainsaw 4 years ago

    this is a good one, sir.

  249.  If you’re raising your kids to have athletes as role models, you’re a horrible parent.

  250. cacavolante 4 years ago

    he must be innocent because you say he is. what exactly does mlb have to gain by smearing one of its best and most liked players with false ped use accusations anyway? i mean i know according to you, no one other than old washed up players have a reason to use steroids (other than arod, raffy, big mac, sosa- all in their prime) but what evidence do you have to back this up besides capital letters? the caps lock is not a compelling argument… 

  251. cacavolante 4 years ago


  252. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    because espn tested braun for testosterone?

  253. cacavolante 4 years ago

    “post steroid era” do you believe in santa claus too? because they are both figments of your imagination.

  254. True. I am just saying we don’t know all the facts yet. People are to fast to judge.  But he will be called a cheat from now on either way.

  255. cacavolante 4 years ago

    yep they were clearly used more frequently during your so called steroid era. so much so that the nl mvp was caught using them. oh wait…

  256. cacavolante 4 years ago

    look as much as id love to do this all night, i have a job. my point is: steroid cheats won mvp in your “steroid era” now steroid cheats are winning mvp in your “post steroid era” very little has changed. and just because you believe he didnt do anything or had no reason to cheat doesnt mean he didnt. esp. when the evidence so far appears to show he did cheat.

  257. Rabbitov 4 years ago

    “Anyone who knows anything” + “clearly” + caps lock = weak argument. 

  258. Chewtoy123 4 years ago

    Might be better if they aren’t tested on a predictable schedule. It’s very easy to mask the results or cycle off in time if you know when to expect a test. Catch ’em unawares, I always say!

  259. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    “I am just saying we don’t know all the facts yet.”

    Coincidentally that’s exactly what Giants fans said about Bonds. I don’t say this to attack you but frankly at this point you have to prepare yourself for the worst.

  260. Just a quick question, if said person was on another team, wouldn’t you jump to a conclusion? These are the times we live in. Guilty until proven innocent, and even that will have skeptics. He did it. Whether it was weed, PED or any other banned substance. IF you get caught you have to pay.

  261. No. They reported it. Also I believe its done by peeing in a cup. I could be wrong.

  262. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    Ohhh yeeaaah.

    Ya really gotta love it when the devil quotes Jesus!

  263. Chewtoy123 4 years ago

    Poor Cubbies.

  264. I think what Steve is getting at is that this whole story was released much too soon by ESPN when nothing official has been announced/released by MLB. I’m not saying that Braun is innocent, but until something official comes out from MLB, we won’t know anything for certain.

    If the appeal process does fail and Braun is guilty, is there any more hope left in the game of baseball..? =.=

  265. slider32 4 years ago

    We don’t know the facts about the rest of the league either, so let them all in the HOF. Everyone knows this is the steriod era- HGH era. Players have been cheating for 60 years with corked bats, spit balls, vasoline balls, scuffed balls, pine tar, emery boards, amphetamines and so on.

  266. FunkyTime 4 years ago

    Nerds on a statistic driven baseball site?!  I’m shocked, I tell you!

  267. NickinIthaca 4 years ago

    Would he count for a DL spot?  If so I’d think he’d go early to mid-20’s…  At least in a keeper?

  268. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago


  269. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago


  270. NickinIthaca 4 years ago

    Not only is your name awesome, but what you say is true… That’s an enormous contract to have something like this looming over – Manny was really the biggest name since modern testing/penalties, and even he was on a small contract.  I’m a big fan of the concept of someone being innocent until proven guilty, but if it ends up being true he’s going to have to do a lot to make it up over the life of  his contract.

  271. cookmeister 4 years ago

    I’m sure there is a way to find out.  Gotta email Tim and see what he can dig up

  272. its not roids, it was what testosterone.

  273. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    omg^^^ That’s the problem right there.

     Testosterone is a kind of steroid. There are many different types, but they all raise your test levels…..

  274. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    omg^^^ That’s the problem right there.

     Testosterone is a kind of steroid. There are many different types, but they all raise your test levels…..

  275. An old school father would probably throw a back hand before declaring his dissapointment

  276. jjs91 4 years ago

    Look up how often this particular test has garnered false positives, at the cutoff mlb looks for this is very possib.y a false positive. It be useful if the media could clearly state when the b sample was taken.

  277. Yount19 4 years ago

    Anyone who thhinks that PED use has almost been eliminated is nieve!  A lot of players still do it and a few get caught.

    I hope that Braun is innnocent, but I doubt it.  That also means some or maybe most of the best players are taking and haven’t been caught yet!

  278. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Are you suggesting the 1st test was a fluke?

  279. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    This article says it wasn’t but Braun and his team say it was..I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it..But he hasn’t presented his case..So how can you even start to talk smack and start to ruin the guys career when no one has even proved anything yet.. Let the man talk and hear him out before assuming anything..Dam America and there Guilty until proven innocent should be the other way around.

  280. jjs91 4 years ago

    Didnt the baseball guys report him in the first place?

  281. 3locos 4 years ago

    no espn “reported” him. mlb is investigating the situation. he retested clean

  282. jjs91 4 years ago

    And who told braun he tested positive, braun is appealing which means mlb reached what conclusion?

  283. 3locos 4 years ago

    he retested clean and they didnt publish the results of an ongoing investigation that the bums at the four letter network which cost an average of 4.95 a month wether or not you want the station, blurted out to have a big saturday night story. they could have done more research and run the story today but football is on and no one would watch!

  284. The voting took place before he took the test.

  285. 3locos 4 years ago

    they didnt reach one…they are investigating the situation which is why MLB didnt comment the whores of espn reported and found guilty before a conclusion was reached. they called rape

  286. jjs91 4 years ago

    The first part of the test part a is just a trigger you can fail that part and only have 12 percent chance of taking a steroid.

  287. jjs91 4 years ago

    The ratio of t/e is just the first part of the process part B is the second so they have to clarify what they mean when they say he passed test b. You can fail part a and not b. Theres a 12 percent chance that if you failed a you took something

  288. slider32 4 years ago

    MVP should have gone too Kemp anyway, give it to him now!

  289. jjs91 4 years ago

    No i wouldnt

  290. But the point is that MLB is the one that ultimately announced Braun’s positive test.  ESPN would have no source if MLB didn’t release the information.  Thus, it makes no sense to say that MLB is trying to keep a lid on this ordeal when they have already taken it off themselves.

  291. slider32 4 years ago

    That sounds like the NFL test, where your not at the steriod limit. What a joke. Steroids started and continue to be used in the NFL, but nobody cares.

  292. vtadave 4 years ago

    Matters quite a bit actually.

  293. slider32 4 years ago

    Selig will get him out of it, he has ties to the Brewers.

  294. 3locos 4 years ago

    mlb has said no comment and espn patted themselves on the back because their investigative reports uncovered the story..mlb didnt release anything because they dont know what is what. soources inside mlb have said the teststerone levels etal are not true

  295. heinie_groh 4 years ago

    WWE wrestlers can’t hit a baseball. They would however, be able to make a block, or tackle a runner. let’s see, what sport would they be able to play outside of WWE? Probably some kind of sport where players are raised like beef cattle. You may not like it, but the NFL is the most popular sport in America.

  296. cachhubguy 4 years ago

    Sosa never tested positive.

  297. vtadave 4 years ago

    “loose”? Probably not.  He won’t lose it either.

  298. Tim Marino 4 years ago

    My bad, forgot to include explanation.

    If it was really the highest ever recorded he would be a lot bigger, like Fielder.

    Thanks for catching me on that, I hate nonsensical posts.

  299. wait_HOWmanyrings 4 years ago

    we will see indeed… his test was 2 times higher than the next highest drug test

  300. CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

    The problem is that they said it was synthetic testosterone, so it wasn’t his body that produced it.  Either way, something is definitely off with all of this and I hope that it gets cleared 100%.  Shame ESPN has to blurt stuff out without all the evidence.  Way to taint such a great player before all the facts are released.

  301. Tim Marino 4 years ago

    True, it was a bad example, I stand corrected.

  302. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    Braun did have 7 weeks to prepare for this leak so a PR rep may have had a strategy in place. This is big news and reporters are printing basically any rumor that comes up and the information is incomplete.

  303. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    lol an online legend..you should be real proud of that one

  304. cacavolante 4 years ago

    ok guy who makes endless excuses for guy who clearly got caught cheating.

  305. Infield Fly 4 years ago

    Him being white is working against him

    Him having tested positive for a banned substance is what is actually working against him here…just as it did with Manny, for example…who is not white, as you may have noticed….

    Let’s keep our eyes on reality here, shall we?

  306. Tko11 4 years ago

    People are so quick to claim someone or something to be racist. This is a thing that should be examined on a case by case basis. 

  307. NickinIthaca 4 years ago

    I take it you’ve never had a serious girlfriend?  Or hopefully you’re too young to get the joke?

    I normally have a good sarcasm meter (I’m from Upstate NY for goodness sake), but if this is sarcasm, I missed it…

  308. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    no far from it actually

  309. BLEACHER_CREATURD 4 years ago

    I’m actually a Yankee fan so it works out for the best.

  310. es0terik 4 years ago

    To be honest, your joke was as bad as his.

  311. wait_HOWmanyrings 4 years ago

    cmon man, of course it was sarcasm

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