Top Bidder For Darvish To Be Announced Tonight

10:04pm: A Darvish announcement of some sort appears to be coming in about ten minutes, according to Shi Davidi of (on Twitter)

8:42pm: MLB won't announce which team won the bidding until Nippon announces that it accepted the bid (assuming the team accepts), Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News clarifies (on Twitter).  The Fighters do not know the identity of the team that won the bid.

6:15pm: The Fighters have "definitely" decided to accept the winning bid, Danny Knobler of tweets.

4:04pm: No firm time is set for the announcement, according to Morosi (Twitter links).  He notes that MLB officials are still waiting for word from Darvish's team and adds that it's just 7am in Japan.

7:40am: The Nippon Ham Fighters will announce their acceptance of the high bidder and the winning team for Yu Darvish tonight, tweets Danny Knobler of CBS Sports, referencing agent Don Nomura.  Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports notes that the announcement will be around 7-8pm central time.  Rumors so far suggest the Blue Jays or Rangers won the bid at an amount exceeding $51MM.

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  1. Japanson 4 years ago

    Nippon Ham Fighters calender was relased yesterday andit contains a picture of Darvish. That means he stays at Nippon ham.

    • omega369 4 years ago


    • Ray Koenig 4 years ago

      The Ham Fighters already said they’d accept the highest bid.

      • DickHarden 4 years ago

        And apparently won’t say who that is.

        • omega369 4 years ago

          Dick, it is not polite in Japan to ‘hurry-up’ stuff. It shows disrespect to the club and the player.

  2. Just a note: There are 6,371,773 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area.

  3. Congratulations to the Jays, if this is true:
    “Kevin Gray
    Breaking: Announcement has been delayed… It’s coming. Blue Jays won the bid for Yu Darvish.”Even as a Yankees fan, I think this a great move for not only the league, but should make AL matchups more interesting next season.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

      Saw that too. Anthopoulos is supposed to hold a press conference.. 30 minutes ago haha.

    • blurnandez 4 years ago

      How the heck could the beat writer for the New Hampshire Fishercats have any insider information? 

  4. start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

    She pays more on her daily trip to a fast food restaurant than the Fighters will be getting in a posting fee for Darvish.

  5. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Jon Paul Morosi is a liar.

  6. DickHarden 4 years ago

    I see white smoke!!

  7. Idk, I suck at jokes.

  8. Antiks 4 years ago

    I wish they would just announce the winner already so the Canadians can go back to watching HGTV and leave the discussing of baseball to people who know the game. 

    • DickHarden 4 years ago

      That was colder than Canada.

    • JP Legault 4 years ago

      I wish they would just announce the winner already so the Americans can go back to doing their drive-by shootings and leave the discussing of baseball to people who know the game.

      • Antiks 4 years ago

        At least make it funny.

      • BRAVO! BRAVO! ………go watch some hockey or something…

      • DickHarden 4 years ago

        At least humans are deadly game. Only wimps hunt maple trees.

      • I wish they would just announce the winner already so the Americans can go back to eating their Big Macs and getting fat and leave the discussing of baseball to people who know the game.     

        • Hey, leave Big Macs out of this bro…

        • DickHarden 4 years ago

          I wish they would just announce the winner already so the Canadians go back to riding our coattails and leave the discussing of baseball to people who know the game.     

    • wheww… now we`re offended

    • blurnandez 4 years ago

      lol…easy there, sweetheart.

    • omega369 4 years ago

      One word: Votto. Another? Walker. Still Another? Jenkins. And many more.

      • JP Legault 4 years ago

        You are expecting an American to know that? They couldn’t even point out their neighbour state on a map!

  9. LanceKlein 4 years ago


  10. LanceKlein 4 years ago

    Its getting really hard to read your comment.

  11. PattySajak 4 years ago

    Bumblebee Tuna?

    • omega369 4 years ago

      Patty, go away … you can see below, this is an intelligent conversation. :-)

  12. We should have a battle royal between Americans and their guns vs. a Canadian mob.

  13. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Blame Canada!

    • omega369 4 years ago

      Yeah Canada…….the hope of the future for the USA …….. think: resources.
      Oh yeah, and ideas about setting up a ‘just and caring society’. It is time America. Go Bruins!

      • PattySajak 4 years ago

        Wheres the line to sign up for a sub prime mortgage I can’t afford?

  14. Its not a good comeback if you use it more than once on one thread.

  15. Hal Jordan 4 years ago

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the mystery team is Houston.

    The Houston Rockets

  16. DickHarden 4 years ago

    We’ll give you back Jim Carrey and Pam Anderson if we can have Yu.

  17. Kinger 4 years ago

    So when’s this getting announced, so it can finally be over with lol…

  18. DickHarden 4 years ago

    That’s because everyone likes BJ’s.

  19. Runtime 4 years ago


  20. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago


  21. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    Hmmm….Shi Dvidi from Rogers Sportnet reports announcement coming in minutes…Doesn’t Rogers own Blue Jays?

  22. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago


  23. DT Flush234 4 years ago

    The Texas Rangers have won the posting auction of Japanese right-hander
    Yu Darvish with a record $51.7M bid, sources tell Yahoo! Sports.

  24. DickHarden 4 years ago


  25. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Hopefully he loses them the World Series.

  26. Guest 4 years ago

    Yu darkish says HE will choose his team, not YU!

  27. tdot32 4 years ago

    yeah, i made the mistake and immediately corrected it. you do know “because we capitalize” is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard right?

  28. baybombers 4 years ago

    hahaha he is 100% right, you claiming hes elite already is strange, no facts to back it up. Dont care if he dominated japanese hitters

  29. BooJays33 4 years ago

    it takes a big man/woman to admit their mistake so you have my respect on that.

  30. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Blue and teal.

  31. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    What’s the joke? I think it’s the people who have obviously never followed the posting system before that come on here and act like the winning team should already be announced.

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t post. Or just show how much you don’t know.

  32. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Well, they said they would announce it over an hour ago, so…

  33. PattySajak 4 years ago

    Dicky Bud, go sit down and have a pint yea?

  34. DickHarden 4 years ago

    So it’s like cry wolf? Now’s the part were we ignore them, right?

  35. But he’s funny:(

  36. Exactly why im not stressing over it, it looks like the BJ’s won.

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