White Sox Notes: Danks, Sale, Ramirez

The White Sox have many appealing trade chips, including Carlos Quentin and Gavin Floyd, so GM Kenny Williams will likely be fielding all kinds of inquiries in Dallas at next week's Winter Meetings. Here's the latest on the White Sox…

  • The White Sox haven’t offered John Danks a long-term deal recently, according to Doug Padilla of ESPNChicago.com. The White Sox were rebuffed not too long ago and are now more likely to trade the left-hander, according to Padilla. However, the team hasn’t given up on working out a new contract with Danks.
  • Teams have asked the White Sox about Chris Sale and Alexei Ramirez, but the price for either player would be "sky-high," according to Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com (Twitter link).
  • White Sox manager Robin Ventura told reporters, including Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, that he's like to get 30 starts out of both Danks and Floyd while playing Quentin in right field on a regular basis (Twitter link). However, the new manager realizes it may not work out that way in 2012.

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  1. chris is not for sale

  2. Danks is gonna look nice in a Texas Uni…

    • Gonna cost you Profar plus more. 

      • vtadave 4 years ago

        1 year of Danks would not cost Profar AND more. It wouldn’t even cost Profar.

      • Adam Sager 4 years ago

        I wish, but I doubt that.  I would just love to get either Derek Holland or Martin Perez to start.  But I’m not sure if that would happen.  I would love Leonys Martin though.

        • The White Sox aren’t even going to sniff Martin Perez or Jurickson Profar. The only person on that team even remotely worth trading for is Konerko.
          Again, Why in the world would we want Danks when he’d be the worst starter in our rotation? He’s not better than Holland, or Feliz, or Ogando, or Harrison, or Lewis….

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Lewis? Really?

          • Yea, really.

          • Adam Sager 4 years ago

            You couldn’t be more wrong about that.  First of all you haven’t seen Feliz in the rotation for how long?  It is the same for the Sox with Sale.  Danks is better than all the guys you said.

  3. Why in the world the would the Sox trade Sale? I could see Alexi, as we have Escobar in AAA, but Sale, really?

  4. Trevor Caesar 4 years ago

    If Q is in right – is Dayan in left?

  5. baseballdude 4 years ago

    Danks is a solid player and should get a nice contract werever he goes or if he stays in chicago.

  6. HerbertAnchovy 4 years ago

    I got a laugh out of the typo “that he’s like to get 30 starts out of both Danks and Floyd”

    Sounds like a teenage girl.

  7. Tony DiQuattro 4 years ago

    What kind of comment is that out of Ventura? Does he think that knowing you should have a rotation of 5 pitchers to start every 5 days qualifies you to be a manager?

    • slidingintobase 4 years ago

      I think the implication is simply that he would like to have them both starting with the team and to be there all season (ie. team is in contention all year).

  8. cbcbcb 4 years ago

    I wonder if the Phillies would have a shot at Ramirez

  9. Apologies if this has already been asked but is this the paid version of Disqus that Tim mentioned in a chat a while back?

    • Not sure… but to be honest I’m not really feeling it. I guess it’s like Facebook though… in 2 weeks I’ll forget what the old one even looked like haha

  10. DT Flush234 4 years ago

    How about this trade from the Cardinals. Adams if we sign Albert, Blair, Kelly and a PTBNL for Sale and cash.

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      PTBNL = Shelby Miller or Zack Cox and maybe that works.

  11. Adam Sager 4 years ago

    Sale and Ramirez are going nowhere.  I would love if Danks came back and stayed with the Sox.  He and Sale at the top of the rotation for the next 5 years or so would be awesome.  Ramirez is one of the top SS in the league.  And he is just getting better.  I think Floyd, Quentin and Thornton will all be traded this winter.

    Floyd to the Reds
    Quentin to the Braves
    Thornton to the Rangers

  12. Jacob Viets 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but is Ken Williams going insane? The White Sox are in no way getting old. The only people I can think of are Matt Thornton, A.J. Pierzenski, and Paul Konerko now that Buerhle’s gone. That doesn’t represent a need to rebuild at all. It just shows that they have a couple positions that they need more depth at. If they can hold onto their pieces besides Buerhle and maybe a Thornton trade, they can be contenders in 2012. The only things I can see going wrong with the team they have right now is injury and Ventura sucking as a manager.

    • Antonio Nicarelli 4 years ago

      You can’t see Dunn going wrong again?  In my mind, if he does not lose 25 lbs, his 2012 will be as dismal as 2011.  Can’t you see Rios going wrong again?  Yes, you could bench him, but then you have an unproven outfielder in whoever plays with Viciedo and DeAza.  I’m still hoping we go ahead and trade Danks, then use the $$ to resign Buehrle.

  13. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    Alexeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  14. NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

    If I was the White Sox I would consider trading both. The fact is that they have a very weak farm system and Ramirez and Sale can both net some high-end prospects. Ultimately I don’t think they’ll deal Sale but Alexei should most definitely be dealt

    • lug 4 years ago

      This true to a certain degree with ARam but with Sale he is exactly the type of player the Sox would want to trade for now.  Young, controllable, cheap and awesome.  You don’t trade exactly what you are looking for.  With that said every player on the planet ever has a price and if some team went out of its mind then yeah he (Sale) COULD be dealt.

  15. HARRISON ROSE 4 years ago

    No reason to trade Sale, he’s been in the league 1+years. he was drafted in 2010 for christ sakes, what will you get back that is better than him?? Alexei would yield a nice return because of his team friendly contract and his high caliber abilities. If I am Kenny Williams, my main goal should be to try and find someone to take Rios, even if he has to eat some money. The money that the sox could save from Rios would be enough to resign 2 of TCQ/Danks/Floyd. I think people underestimate how much Quentin likes playing in Chicago, this was the first place he was given a real chance to show his abilities. Plus Peavy is most likely off the books after 2012 (which is about a $20 MM savings or so). You guys have brought up some good points that this team does not really need to rebuild, after 2012 they lose a lot of big contracts and its not like their team is old by any stretch. 

  16. Adam Sager 4 years ago

    The White Sox should build around Alexei and Viciedo on offense, Sale in the rotation and Santos and Reed in the bullpen.

    If they can trade off some money then go out and resign Danks, that would be the best option.  Sale and Danks at the top of the rotation has a chance to be very good.  If they can get a SP that is ML ready for Quentin, that would fit in the rotation.  Peavy is there for another year and Humber showed he can pitch in the majors.

    • Antonio Nicarelli 4 years ago

      Alexei needs to add another facet to his offensive game.  He MIGHT hit 25 hr, but then he might not get close (like 2011).  He MIGHT steal 30 bases, but he has not shown it consistently.  He MIGHT hit .300, but he is just as likely to hit .260.  All that to say he is not yet a 1/2/3 hitter, and may never be.  So if you can get a fortune for him, and you already have a replacement, then it is at least worth considering.

  17. chee1rs 4 years ago

    Alexei …. ha

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