Angels Sign Jorge Cantu To Minor League Deal

The Angels have signed Jorge Cantu to a minor league contract, reports Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times (Twitter link).  Jon Heyman of reported earlier today that the two sides were close to an agreement.

Cantu, who turns 30 on January 30, posted a .194/.232/.285 slash line in 155 plate appearances for the Padres last season before being released and finishing the year with the Rockies' Triple-A affiliate in Colorado Springs.  Cantu has played mostly first and third base in his Major League career and is still capable of playing second on a limited basis. 

Cantu isn't far removed from a very productive stint with the Marlins (a .283/.336/.462 line and 45 homers in 2008-09) and gives the Angels a more powerful option at third than incumbent Alberto Callaspo.  Cantu could also provide backup for Albert Pujols at first, given that Mark Trumbo is still recovering from a stress fracture in his foot and Kendrys Morales' health is a question mark after missing the last season and a half.

DiGiovanna also reports that the Angels have signed Doug Deeds to a minor league contract.  Deeds is still looking for his first cup of coffee in the Majors after posting a career .843 OPS in 3722 minor league plate appearances in the Twins, Cubs, D'Backs and Rangers organizations.

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  1. Gunner65 4 years ago

    Some competition for Pujols (smirk)

  2. Hard to imagine Trumbo/Morales will be on the team much longer…

    • Bschube34 4 years ago

      its cantu not fielder

    • And the headache continues to grow.


      He’s an insurance policy in case:

      A) Trumbo’s foot doesn’t heal in time for spring training, rendering him unable to get the necessary reps at third base.

      B) Aybar/Kendrick/Callaspo/Izturis suffer an injury (2 of them get injured every single year)

      C) Callaspo (or even Izturis, though it would surprise me) gets moved for bullpen help.

      Izturis is the ONLY healthy infield reserve currently on the roster. This move was about depth, and depth only. If Trumbo’s foot doesn’t heal, Cantu probably makes the opening day roster. If it does, Cantu starts the season at AAA Salt Lake.

  3. Rusty_Arcadia 4 years ago

    And there you have it… AAA depth. 

  4. pujols better watch out!

  5. thebigbangdito 4 years ago

    really people…. this signing does not mean ANYONE is moving… its a minor league deal.   See how he does during spring training.. if good maybe he makes roster as a bench/backup player… if he doesnt, you have AAA depth incase someone get injured (izy/aybar/kendry/collaps)

  6. Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

    What team couldn’t use a fourth first basemen?

    • Throughout his career he’s been used predominantly as a 2B/3B.

      Isn’t it fun when sarcasm blows up in your face?

      • Jeff Westcott 4 years ago

        What’s your point? What’s blown-up in my face? The post specifically referenced Cantu’s potential use as a back-up to Pujols in the event that Trumbo and Morales are not healthy opening day. That fact (and that fact alone) provided the hook for my joke. I accept that you don’t think my joke funny, but to claim that it’s ill-informed is pretty lame.

      • When he was here in Texas, all he did was backup 1st base. No ss or 2b.

        • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

          Is he in Texas? I believe he is in Socal now where Izzy and Alberto get injured at least once every year..And who knows kid might find magic and come back

  7. coreif 4 years ago

    Look for Cantu to win the starting 1B job for the Angels this spring.

  8. Tom R 4 years ago

    Does anybody else think that this could be a precursor for moving Bobby Abreu?  Trumbo is a backup corner outfielder and definitely more valuable to the team than Abreu.  Abreu’s contract is prohibitive to other teams but I think it is much more likely that he is dealt rather than Morales or Trumbo.   

    • PushDown 4 years ago

      That’s every Angel fan’s wish. One problem though, I don’t think any team would take Abreu, and even if they do, the Angels would probably have to pay so much they might as well keep him.

  9. In 30 games with Colorado Springs, Cantu hit .280.  I live in here in Co. Springs and saw this guy a few times last year, and it looked to me like he couldn’t hit his way out of a paper bag.  

  10. anyone else knows he’s currently injured?

  11. PushDown 4 years ago

    Low-risk, high-reward move. He may end up being a steal, or he may be this year’s Russel Branyan. But it’s only a minor-league deal for someone who COULD provide us with power from the hot corner, so good move.

  12. EpiphanyinBaltimore 4 years ago

    I’d really like to see the Tigers go after Callapso. 

  13. Bschube34 4 years ago

    dont know why it posted 4 times

  14. Rusty_Arcadia 4 years ago

    He’s a RH hitter.

  15. To hammer the point home for those that seem to think a guy who hit .194 last year and was DFA’d by the PADRES and was JUST signed to a minor league deal somehow spells the end for Trumbo/Morales. 

    THINK people, THINK.

  16. Rusty_Arcadia 4 years ago

    Ah, ok… I see it both ways now. Thanks for the clarification!

  17. Couldn’t agree more. 

    30 HR guys don’t exactly grow on trees and the Angels have two of them that are controllable and cheap (Trumbo more so than Morales on both accounts). And yet, people seem to think there’s some pressing urge to ship one of them out for cheap. It just makes zero sense.

    I agree, Trumbo should start at AAA. Let’s be honest, the third base experiment may take awhile considering he’s not the most agile person in the world. 

    Worst case scenario is he spends the entire year down there, hopefully develops a better eye at the plate and draws a few more walks, and competes for the third base job in 2013 or even RF, depending whether or not Hunter comes back (word is he’s willing to take an extremely team friendly discount to stay on a team of this caliber but it’s just a rumor at this juncture).

    The depth is incredible. It’s good knowing that if, heaven forbid, Pujols goes down for a period of time or if Morales isn’t healthy enough to DH that we have a 30HR/80-90RBI guy waiting to step in.

  18. SalaryCapPlease 4 years ago

    Trumbo will not stay in AAA for an entire year next year….not after a runner-up ROY.

  19. Tim 4 years ago

    Thanks bro, for saving me the headache by explaining everything you just said…Right on the money.

  20. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    If Morales comes back than he is DH..If Trumbo can’t play 3rd..WHERE do you put him? LF but if Wells is doing bad i doubt Mike has the balls to put Trumbo over Wells

  21. Can you show me the rule that prevents doing this?

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