Indians Likely To Sign Ryan Spilborghs

Free agent outfielder Ryan Spilborghs is likely to sign with the Indians, Troy Renck of the Denver Post tweets. The Indians are reviewing Spilborghs' medicals, Yahoo's Tim Brown tweets. The Boras Corporation represents the outfielder, who was non-tendered in December.

Spilborghs posted a .210/.283/.305 line in 223 plate appearances for the Rockies in 2011, appearing at all three outfield positions. The 32-year-old has a career .273/.357/.443 line against left-handed pitching and could add balance to Cleveland's lefty-heavy lineup. The Rangers also have some interest in Spilborghs, who has an overall career line of .272/.345/.423.

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  1. Watch out Detroit! That V-Mart situation just got ten times worse!

  2. Not a bad option for the Indians who need solid MLB OF depth and a RH bat. Makes me sad for other Rockies fans though. Stewart, Iannetta, Street, and Smith all traded away for mostly junk (the Stewart trade made sense, others were less exciting). Rox fans losing Spilly would just be another swift kick in the nuts.

    At least he’ll be on my other team.

    • Well, the only player worth anything was Street and he wasn’t exactly a great closer.

      • Smith has a career .360 wOBA, Stewart has upside (though it was time to cut bait), same with Iannetta. Smith and Spilly were fan favorites in Colorado and Spilly when healthy plays solid OF defense at all three spots and knew how to take a walk which has real value.

        • Smith is a good platoon player, but not a starter by any means. Ianetta had some potential, but it doesn’t mean they have value. They are good pick ups for any team, but they aren’t going to get anything back.

          • Thomas Wilson 4 years ago

            Smith was 40th among all OF in PA last year and was 27th in wOBA, Iannetta was in the top 10 Catchers in OPS, OBP and wRC+, Street was an above average closer making 2/3 what Heath Bell will make. 

            If Smith is not a starter then there were only 39 starting OF among the 32 teams in MLB last year.

          • UZR also liked his LF defense, Rox basically gave him away in that trade.

          • Thomas Wilson 4 years ago

            Maybe, depends on what Outman becomes I think you can look at what Apodaca has done with guys like Hammel and DeLaRosa and think that Outman in particular profiles as a mid to back of the rotation starter.

            Moscoso I am less excited about though his numbers after he returned to using his cutter last year are interesting.

          • Thizzie 4 years ago

            Don’t waste your time with logic, Ole’ Tom Cassidy has his own opinions and they are always right. 
            Thoughs of us that watched Spilly and Seth know they are legit. 
            The fact that he says Smith isn’t good enough to start should show his knowledge, Cassidy is a hating son of a gun

          • You are still on me? I think you might swing both ways, buddy. You should get your head checked since you actually take time to post things like this. Pathetic what people like you do. Aren’t you the Nats fan anyway? Good luck with that.

          • Thizzie 4 years ago

            Whatever dude. 
            I’m a Rangers fan and I know some of the guys on the Rockies so I’ve watched them for the last ten years.  That’s why I know Spilly and Smith are pretty good players and know that Street is so soft and weak it’s suprising that he’s still in the game.
            You sure went pretty dark with your reply there Tom, settle down dude and quit hating on guys.

          • jb226 4 years ago

            Small correction: Smith is BEST as a superb platoon player, but he is not so ridiculously awful against lefties that it drags his entire value out of being a starting-caliber player.  I think most teams in baseball would take a .284/.347/.483 line over the course of a season.

            Now if you can find a fourth outfielder who mashes lefties and sit Smith you have absolute beastly production from that spot, but he is still valuable on his own.

  3. dpm21 4 years ago

    Really solid pickup, he had a bad season in 2011, but hopefully he can turn it around and have a good season like in 2009!

  4. Kyle B 4 years ago

    Still waiting for the BIG BAT the Indians are supposed to be picking up… Manny is the last hope anymore.

    • If Manny is our last hope then I’d rather just give up now. Hopefully teams will run him out of baseball by refusing to sign him.

    • dpm21 4 years ago

      Manny is far from our “last hope” if he even qualifies for that. Get Pena!

  5. I hope it’s a Minor league deal…….

    • I hope it’s a ML deal, Spilly is a great option as a 4th OF and can help save some wear and tear on Sizemore this season. It’s a solid pickup

  6. Yes, but we just “spent” Burns and Josh Jody (via waivers) for Aaron Cunningham…..we signed Felix Pie, Fred Lewis and how many 4OF do we need???

    • they’re more MiLB depth options, get put on the 40 man, get called up when something happens

      • Can’t send Cunningham to C-Bus he’s out of Milb options…..In order to roster Spilborghs we we’ll have to remove someone (or maybe the Carmona-Gate we’ll help us to solve the problem)

    • Thizzie 4 years ago

      Good point.  IMO-Spilly is better than Pie and Lewis but Cunningham has some high upside.  Spilly being RH should get him a roster spot and some PT.

  7. Lars Chunks 4 years ago

    Good.  Thinking about the Red Sox being interested in him made me throw up in my mouth.

  8. Odawg8 4 years ago


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