Largest Remaining Arbitration Cases

When the offseason started, there were approximately 196 arbitration-eligible players left unsigned. The vast majority of those players have since agreed to contracts for 2012 (and beyond in some cases), but a number of high profile players remain unsigned. With some help from our Arbitration Tracker, here are the unsigned arbitration-eligible players asking their teams for at least $5MM next season…

  • David Ortiz filed for $16.5MM, the Red Sox countered with $12.65MM.
  • Matt Garza filed for $12.5MM, the Cubs countered with $7.95MM.
  • Mike Napoli filed for $11.5MM, the Rangers countered with $8.3MM.
  • Jeremy Guthrie filed for $10.25MM, the Orioles countered with $7.25MM.
  • Clayton Kershaw filed for $10MM, the Dodgers countered with $6.5MM.
  • Shaun Marcum filed for $8.7MM, the Brewers countered with $6.75MM.
  • Anibal Sanchez filed for $8MM, the Marlins countered with $6.9MM.
  • Nelson Cruz filed for $7.5MM, the Rangers countered with $5.5MM.
  • Adam Jones filed for $7.4MM, the Orioles countered with $5MM.
  • Miguel Montero filed for $6.8MM, the Diamondbacks countered with $5.4MM.
  • John Lannan filed for $5.7MM, the Nationals countered with $5MM.
  • Alex Gordon filed for $5.45MM, the Royals countered with $4.15MM.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera filed for $5.2MM, the Indians countered with $3.75MM.

Garza, Napoli, Kershaw, Jones, Montero, and Gordon and prime candidates for a multi-year extension that buys out both arbitration and free agent years. Hearings will begin next month, though agreements of any size can be reached at any time.

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