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Ryan Zimmerman is two years away from free agency, but the Nationals already know what it will take to keep the third baseman in place long-term, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports. Zimmerman and his representatives at CAA have informed the team of the exact extension terms he would accept.

It was reported last week that the Nationals and Zimmerman are discussing a contract extension. Talks are fluid and an agreement is within reach, according to Rosenthal’s sources. 

Zimmerman is set to earn $12MM in 2012 and $14MM in 2013 on his current contract. If he doesn't sign an extension, he'll become eligible for free agency after the 2013 campaign. The 27-year-old posted a .289/.355/.443 line with 12 home runs in 440 plate appearances in 2011. He was sidelined with an abdominal injury last year — the second time in four years that he has missed substantial time due to injury.

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7 Comments on "Latest On Ryan Zimmerman"

3 years 7 months ago

I’m it has to be bigger than the deal Werth got.

3 years 7 months ago

Their best best is to tack on 5 years to his current deal and pay him a little more this year to save in the long run. 7/125 sounds about right to me.

3 years 7 months ago

I think something like 8 years/160 would be a decent middle ground..20 million per would be a pretty good price during his prime years (while he’s healthy).  The last few might be a slight overpay but its still a a decent deal imho.

3 years 7 months ago

I would love to know the terms he’d accept. Any discount to stay in the “hometown”?

3 years 7 months ago

Good move getting this done early. The Nationals are steadily building a larger fanbase and he has stepped (or perhaps he’s been placed up) as the face of the organization. Securing that he’ll be around should be a top priority.

But then, what to do about Rendon…

3 years 7 months ago

Assuming he pans out? Move Espinosa back to his natural position at SS and let him play 2B. Or if they don’t sign Fielder move Zimmerman to first, thus eliminating the throwing errors, and leave Rendon at third.

3 years 7 months ago

Figuring an extension is costing around 20m/yr, you got to wonder if he’d be worth it as a 1b though. If his career sees the same kind of spike Chipper Jones’ did, then yeah, but if he simply stays the same (.288/.355/.479 – 120 ops+) I would have real reservations putting him at 1b considering the figure at hand and a good not great bat thus far.

Seems like their best bet of getting value from all their pieces is if Rendon takes to 2b. I’d feel much better giving a 150m extension to Zimmerman penciling him in at 3b. Too bad the crystal ball doesn’t give a glimpse of not only his future production, but also how much he plays.