Olney On Free Agents, Yankees, Nationals

The latest from ESPN's Buster Olney

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  1. chris_synan1 4 years ago

    Tim,Espn Boston is reporting the Red Sox are closing in on a short term deal with Hiroki Kuroda is this this true??

    • Written by Bowden, shot down by WEEI.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      That article title is manipulating the punctuation. “Red Sox closing in on Kuroda?”

      It’s like they’re asking us, ARE the Red Sox closing in on Kuroda? I don’t know, are they?

      I hope not. Maybe Yankees can get Oswalt. Definitely stay away from Jackson and all the years he wants.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        I stay away from all these pitchers except for perhaps Kuroda. Even then, I don’t see how he’ll be that much of an improvement over the current rotation, considering the cost. As crazy as it sounds, I’d even give Francis a shot, like 3 times through the rotation type of shot. CC, Nova, AJ (yeah yeah I know he sucks and I’ll stand behind this, he’ll pitch a good season this year) Hughes (another hopeful) and Garcia with Warren and Phelps able and ready. If they sign Kuroda, who gets squeezed from the rotation? I say the Yanks should hold their ground and wait for an ace to come available over the next 12 months and then trade whatever you have too.  

        It’s different for the Sox since they actually need to fill spots in the rotation. Aceves is no sure thing and not that we hope for this, I think we’ll all waiting for his back to give out. It he breaks the ST in the rotation, he’ll could be toasted by the end of May. Bard, well, no ones knows what to expect. Even I’m a bit fascinated to see what the result of that will be. That said, the Sox really do need to starters factoring in depth, which again, is what Aceves is and shouldn’t be looked at as more than long man, 6th/7th starter. It’s probably unfair to consider Warren and Phelps as depth options for the Yanks and not consider Andrew Miller adding depth for the Sox. We’ve seen Miller. He ain’t good, at all, and he’s not getting younger. We haven’t seen much of Warren and Phelps yet. 

    • NYYANKEES 4 years ago

      Buster says that it is not accurate

  2. Dan Mazzaro 4 years ago

    Mmmmm..coffee mold

  3. I enjoy watching Coffey sprint in from the pen

  4. If the Nationals don’t want Coffey, why not Creamer?
    As in George Creamer?

    Also, what in the world are the Orioles doing? Go get Oswalt, Kuroda and Madson!

    Come on Folks! Lets Go!

  5. fgsfsfbbbrd 4 years ago

    Surprised that the Red Sox haven’t been (to our knowledge) active toward Rich Harden. They tried to make a move for him last year. I know he hasn’t been the most durable guy over the past few seasons, but he (when healthy) is a very good pitcher.

  6. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Storen, Clippard, H-Rod, Burnett, Mattheus, Gorzo, Detwiler is good enough for me

  7. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    chances are you are going to post the same thing 5 times hahaha

  8. Fifty_Five 4 years ago

    It shouldn’t be that hard to find a person in the “Todd Coffey mold”

  9. It would be a strong fifth! Plus, wasn’t there a certain team sitting at home with the Orioles after the 2011 regular season was completed? I wonder who that team could be? Didn’t this team spend a lot more as well? All that high priced help and all dressed up and nowhere to go! =P

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