Rockies May Not Have Budget Space For Millwood

The Rockies offered Kevin Millwood a guaranteed $1MM prior to acquiring Kevin Slowey at the Winter Meetings, reports Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post.  The Millwood offer included approximately $1MM more in incentives, but the 37-year-old righty sought $3MM guaranteed.  With Slowey having agreed to a $2.75MM salary, Renck says the Rockies have little room in the budget for Millwood.

The Rockies have not ruled out Millwood, but their budget for veteran starting pitching depth doesn't seem to have much flexibility.  It'd be surprising to see Millwood score $3MM guaranteed on the strength of nine big league starts, but he does have baseball's toughest agent in Scott Boras.

The Rockies are not currently pursuing a reunion with free agent lefty Jeff Francis, writes Renck.  As of right now, all projected members of the Rockies' 2012 rotation are under 30.

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  1. thebears1 4 years ago

    You know you’re a mess when you can’t afford Kevin Millwood

  2. I can see Dan Duquette sitting there in his office and stating to his minions inside the Warehouse:
    I am going to show that “Lefty” cat that I can play fast and big and I have the complete financial backing of one Peter Angelos! He will provide the cash and the credit to turn out the lights of “Lefty” and the AL East with this “Starting” rotation.
    Just for good measure Maholm as the 5th starter
    With Kevin Gregg leading the bullpen, I see the Baltimore Orioles as an unstoppable force!
    Who’s with me on this?

    • Steven D 4 years ago

      Make sure you put that rotation in blue and end it with /sarcasm. 

  3. Leonard Washington 4 years ago

    Pretty sure the Orioles are in rebuild mode so relatively cheap signings are the way to go. If a few of those turn into nice trade pieces at the deadline people will certainly change their tune. 

  4. Steven D 4 years ago

    No budget space for Kevin Millwood that earned one million last season? What the heck? 

  5. johnsilver 4 years ago

    I can’t fathom Millwood with a MLB guaranteed deal regardless. Wake would be a better option for any team if he would choose to play somewhere other than Boston. Paul Byrd if he would even un retire is the exact same thing.

    For a GM to give the 75MPH throwing Millwood a guaranteed deal is preposterous without a trick pitch and pin point control. This is not Jamie Moyer or anything , but Kevin fricking Millwood here.

  6. Trushgandor 4 years ago

    Not having budget space for Millwood seems to me to be code for the Rockies not really wanting Millwood back.  Which makes sense to me.  Why would you want a fly ball pitcher in Coors Field?

  7. GearsofTed 4 years ago

    If there’s one team that actually has the audacity to say that they “dont have the budget room for Kevin Milwood,” it would be the Rockies.  Of course

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