Scott Proctor Signs In Korea

Reliever Scott Proctor signed with Korea's Doosan Bears, reports Dan Kurtz of  The team added Dustin Nippert back in November.

Proctor, 35, pitched for the Braves and Yankees in 2011.  He posted a 7.14 ERA, 6.5 K/9, 6.9 BB/9, 2.5 HR/9, and 31.6% groundball rate in 40 1/3 innings.  Proctor's average fastball velocity was up to 93.8 miles per hour, but it didn't translate into outs.

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13 Comments on "Scott Proctor Signs In Korea"

Brv Rocks
3 years 7 months ago

He better hope that Korean players don’t know how to hit a stick straight fastball.

3 years 7 months ago

The Yankees signed him to eliminate Boston from the playoffs. It worked to that extent.

Jacob Viets
3 years 7 months ago

Best of luck to him hopefully he is able to find the form he had when he was with the Yankees the first time

3 years 7 months ago

Joe Torre wore him out.  I hope he is a success in Korea.

3 years 7 months ago

A direct result of Joe Torre leaving his post with the MLB. He figured the safest bet was to just get as far away as possible just in case.

3 years 7 months ago

My brother was in Korea for work last year and went to a Doosan Bears game. He bought me a hat, but it doesn’t fit on my big ass melon. 

3 years 7 months ago

He’s absolutely worthless. I’m not saying that he’s the sole reason that the Braves missed the playoffs but they did only miss by one game…

3 years 7 months ago

I agree. I’m not sad that he’s gone.

3 years 7 months ago

Now it all makes sense why Joe Torre stepped down from MLB. So now he can go manage Scott Proctor in Korea.

3 years 7 months ago

Manage? I think the word you’re looking for is abuse.

3 years 7 months ago

I’ll never forget the magical season he had for the Braves…

3 years 7 months ago

North Korea, I hope.

3 years 7 months ago

Guy wrecked his shoulder taking the ball every day and he wants to play until they rip the uniform off him.

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